Naira is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

In our review, we will take a look at Naira, an innovative cloud mining platform. The company appeared on the market quite recently, so it did not have time to light up on the Internet. Today we will consider in detail all aspects of the platform's activities and give the appropriate verdict.

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Naira. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

Naira reviews scammer
Naira Trustorg verification

Site analysis

The official website of the Naira company is presented by a simple one-pager. You can easily create such a resource in any free constructor. For such a successful platform as the broker positions itself, the design and content of the page is at a very mediocre level. You can verify this by analyzing the cost of the site.

Naira reviews scammer
Naira score website

Navigation through a one-page resource occurs using the top menu bar, which is represented by the following sections:

  • capabilities;
  • partners;
  • calculator;
  • statistics;
  • FAQ;
  • support.

The company appears to be an international platform, therefore it supports work in 10 different languages, including Russian.

The broker provides a minimum of information to its clients. Of all the sections, only one contains more or less useful information and talks about the organization's certification. All other blocks are created only to praise the company and attract the attention of newcomers.

Expertise of legal information, Naira licenses

First of all, we note that Naira appeared only 5 days ago. The company does not hide this fact. You can see the corresponding window immediately below the first block of the site. But then a completely natural question arises. How did the broker manage to gather more than 20 thousand clients in such a short time? At the same time, his web resource is simply not ranked by the search engine due to his too young age. The only references that we could find about this office are advertisements on thematic forums. Most likely, such a figure is named to inspire confidence among potential customers.

Naira reviews scammer

Naira claims to be a certified company and is regulated under the laws of the United Kingdom. The site provides a link to the official state portal. Just to clarify, the UK is a well-known offshore zone, which is famous for its low taxes and easy business registration. Although our friends provide a kind of "official" license, it is not a fact that it really belongs to them. All data on the UK State Portal is publicly available. The creators of Naira could simply take someone else's legal information and, based on it, create their own success story.

Naira reviews scammer
Naira state registry data

In addition, if this platform provides its services to Russian-speaking users and operates on the territory of the Russian Federation, it must be registered with the Central Bank. Otherwise, its activities in Russia will be considered illegal. As expected, there is not a single mention of this office in the registers of the main domestic regulator.

Naira reviews scammer
Naira CBR

As for an “honest” platform that is ready to help its clients in all matters, our broker leaves too few communication channels. There are only two ways to get in touch with the company: send an email to the technical support email address or fill out a feedback form and wait for a response to your mail. Lack of direct communication is a clear sign of fraud. After all, it is much easier for crooks to hide and avoid unnecessary questions.

Features of the work of Naira. Tools and conditions for traders

Naira is an innovative cloud mining platform with a wide range of hardware options. The company offers investors favorable conditions for cooperation:

  • use of secure HTTPS protocols;
  • $3 bonus for each client;
  • instant accrual of profit;
  • the ability to withdraw dividends at any time;
  • official registration in the United Kingdom.

Users are offered 8 investment plans to choose from. The minimum input capital is $5, the maximum deposit starts from $50,000. Depending on the size of the deposit, the daily interest varies from 0.5% to 4%. In a month, a client can earn 15-120% from his deposit. Minimum withdrawal amount:

  • Bitcoin 0.001 BTC
  • Bitcoin Cash 0.01 BCH
  • Dogecoin 15 DOGE;
  • Ethereum 0.01 ETH;
  • Ethereum Classic 0.5ETC;
  • Litecoin 0.1 LTC;
  • dollar 5 US dollars;
  • Coin5USDC;
  • Ripple 10XRP.

Naira reviews scammer

Naira provides a profitable affiliate program. By inviting your friends and acquaintances to the company, you receive referral deductions in the amount of 15% from the first level and 5% from the second level. You can see information about referral deductions in your personal account in real time. But there is no official confirmation that you will really get something for the given “suckers”.

Also on the broker's website there is a convenient calculator for calculating the possible benefits that no one except the creators of the project will ever receive. It works very simply, you enter the amount you are willing to invest and find out how much you will earn per day, week and month. This calculator was created only to blur the eyes of inexperienced beginners or people far from the world of trading.

Real customer reviews Naira

Naira exists only 5 days. Our broker even practically does not rank in search engines. There can be no talk of any information on the network. All that we managed to find was advertising posts on several thematic forums created to search for naive "Pinocchio". Although this office has existed for less than a week, “successful traders” have already begun to appear, who have been helped by our platform to get rich. Here is a review from one of the lucky ones.

Naira reviews scammer
Naira Reviews

If you fell into the mousetrap of Naira crooks, tell us about it in the comments below the article. Your message can save hundreds of traders from losing money.

Naira user fraud scheme

Like all such one-day brokers, Naira uses a simple and uncommon divorce scheme to deceive users.

With the help of advertising on forums, social networks, instant messengers, and sometimes phone calls, a scam project is looking for its customers. Victims are processed according to a special script, which is compiled by experienced psychologists. Fraudsters use various promises to lure people to their site. The platform is designed for beginners or generally financially illiterate people. Seeing confirmation of the words of scammers on the site, the victims melt and decide on the first deposit with high interest.

After a while, the client's balance increases and, as he was promised on the site, he decides to withdraw money "at any convenient time." This is where the main action of our comedy takes place. The application hangs, but funds are not withdrawn from the balance. A sensitive technical support service simply will not respond. There are no other contacts with scammers. It’s good if the user had the brains to make a minimal contribution to test the platform, but there are also individuals who are ready to immediately pour in thousands of dollars.


The Naira project appeared quite recently. Not surprisingly, we were unable to collect much information about him. But even despite such a young age, the company in many ways resembles hundreds of other fraudulent projects. Registration on the official portal of the UK, which this office praises at every opportunity, does not mean anything. We do not recommend trusting the Naira fake broker, as there is a high chance of losing your money. Let's stop this scam project at its source together!

If you are a victim of Naira or other black brokers, please leave your contacts in a special form at the beginning of the review. We will try to help you recover your lost funds.

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