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Trading opens up endless opportunities for earning with the prospect of switching to passive income. But only if you trust trusted companies with your investments, and don’t “enter” on empty promises of “easy money”.

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Today we will talk about the FLEEBIT broker and whether you should trust him with your finances.

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FLEEBIT. General information.

Broker's main website:




Trustorg rating:


Fleebit Reviews
Fleebit evaluation by Trustorg service

According to the resource, another domain is registered on the specified IP address:


Site analysis

The FLEEBIT web resource is typical, inconspicuous in design. It speaks about penny investments of the customer of such imposition. Although users may be pleasantly surprised that the developer diligently translated the site's pages into several languages, including Russian.

At the top of the main page, we see a menu that includes sections:

  • markets that you can work with (currencies, precious metals, stocks, indices, crypto, etc.);
  • terms of trade;
  • information about the broker, including data on accreditation and license;
  • Contact Information;
  • choice of site language;
  • sign up/login button.

Below the menu is a carousel that presents the main benefits of working with FLEEBIT. Further, information is again given on why you need to choose this particular broker for trading. This is followed by a section with the latest economic news, on which you can make quotes forecasts. Below is a brief instruction on how to create a trading account + a call to action - the registration button.

If you still have not been led by the loud promises of the golden mountains, you will receive a control shot in the head. These are additional benefits that certainly leave no doubt about the honesty of FLEEBIT's intentions.

At the end, a "fork" of three package solutions for entering the market is presented. In the footer of the site, under the duplicated menu, there are contacts, data of regulators, license numbers and an indication that the site is protected by an SSL certificate.

It is worth saying that FLEEBIT, unlike other one-day brokers (for example, FobTrust, which you can read about here) tried to create maximum customer loyalty by indicating reliable independent regulators who make sure that the broker behaves well and does not deceive anyone. Also in the “About the Company” section, you can see a loud statement that all transactions on the platform are carried out according to quotes from leading liquidity providers and even see a photo of the license, which was allegedly issued in June 2018. In order to find out whether this information is true, we have done a thorough examination.

Expertise of legal information, FLEEBIT licenses

The FLEEBIT team claims to have been on the financial market since 2018. During this time, they managed to expand their presence to more than 70 countries of the world and become the main guide to the world of financial independence for more than 200 thousand users.

But is it really so?

According to the Whois check, the domain on which the FLEEBIT platform is now located was indeed registered in 2018. But until 2021, when the last update took place, it hosted the site of a design company that developed web resources.

Fleebit Reviews
Fleebit Whois rating

Separately, it is worth mentioning the legal address of the office. There is simply no such place on planet Earth.


Fleebit Reviews
Fleebit search on Google Maps


Fleebit Reviews
Fleebit address on Yandex

The Client Agreement also raises a question, in which paragraph No. 38 states that all disputes between the parties to the agreement are resolved on the territory of the Republic of Vanatu. What relation this country has to the FLEEBIT broker remains a mystery.

And, of course, the issue of licenses. FLEEBIT has three of them, which is designed for naive beginners. At the same time, none of the supervisory authorities would issue a license to an office registered at a non-existent address.

Features of the FLEEBIT company. Tools and conditions for traders

The broker demonstrates with all his might the desire to create a positive impression with his clients. For traders, the following benefits are provided:

  • more than 150 trading instruments;
  • minimum spreads and commissions;
  • the ability to trade on world markets using any trading strategy;
  • security of transactions is controlled by the world's largest regulators;
  • instant execution of orders;
  • platform development using the latest technologies, taking into account the growing needs of traders;
  • support 24/7.

You can get into trading with a minimum deposit of 150 USD. It provides a modest set of options for trading, which is suitable for novice traders. The next package involves making a deposit of 1000 USD. The maximum "platinum" set of features will cost $10,000.

The proposed working conditions, of course, will not leave indifferent anyone who encounters the financial market for the first time. But experienced players who have been studying our portal for a long time, such "buns" will alert.

Any trader would love to have minimal spreads, wide leverage, 24/7 support and 0% deposit and withdrawal fees. But the fact that FLEEBIT's actions are fraudulent is evidenced by numerous reviews of deceived users.

Real FLEEBIT customer reviews

For a relatively short period of existence, the office managed to order a lot of positive reviews that can be found in Runet. But trusting them is the same as waiting for a money tree in the Field of Miracles.

Below are testimonials from real users who unanimously express the opposite opinion to the laudatory odes written for FLEEBIT.

Fleebit Reviews


Fleebit Reviews


Fleebit Reviews
Fleebit Reviews

Many former FLEEBIT customers complained that after making a deposit, polite employees began to be rude or simply silent. Before registration, managers give jagged, standard explanations about licenses and withdrawal of money, each time avoiding clear answers to the questions posed. At the same time, even the minimum set of functions, which, by the way, costs as much as half the salary of many of our citizens, works with constant failures. It becomes absolutely impossible to trade adequately in such conditions and it remains only to watch how your account is reset to zero.

Another point is the obsessive actions of mentors. They can continue to lure out money, even after zeroing the deposit, putting pressure on your natural desire to "recoup". For example, you may be promised that the largest deal in the world is waiting for you soon and you will be able to return your money and even earn money. Or you may be “sold” additional services, insurance, training, etc.

If you have become victims of FLEEBIT scams, leave comments under this article. Maybe it is your review that will help someone not to get money.

FLEEBIT user fraud scheme

The algorithm of the broker's actions is primitive, but working as long as they live in the world "pinocchio» people dreaming of easy money.

Fraudsters are looking for potential victims investors in social networks, using targeted and other types of advertising, hide behind well-known companies (Tinkoff, etc.), promising profitable cooperation and training.

Another option is to get to know each other in personal messages on social networks or on websites and tell a “true” story about earning money and getting rich. After that, a person who believes the legend of a fake who has gained confidence falls into the hands of experienced swindlers.

FLEEBIT promises mountains of gold, comprehensive support, expert advice, but in fact, they shamelessly rub themselves into trust and drain your budget into their pocket. You will be "drawn" fake charts to show losing trades that will reset your balance faster than you can say the word "trading". Technical support will ignore any requests and complaints. Mentors will begin to offer to make new contributions. Lots of options. But having deposited your money on the FLEEBIT deposit, you can rest. You won't see them again.


From the foregoing, it follows that FLEEBIT is not a broker at all, but financial swindlers who swindle large sums of money from honest citizens who do not yet understand anything about the operation of the exchange. There are obvious signs of fraud:

  • "fake" license and non-existent registration address;
  • text content, primitive design, identical to other scams in the field of financial trading (serious companies that have been operating for several years cannot have such poor resources);
  • false statistics about an audience of thousands of wealthy traders.

One piece of advice: if you somehow ended up on fleebit.com, just run!

If you have already become a victim of FLEEBIT or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take in your situation.

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