FobTrust is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

The popularity of trading is growing exponentially. Because more and more people want to receive passive income, providing a financial cushion for their lives. Some of the traders have already become experienced users. But many are just entering this market and are easily deceived. And the number of scammers is increasing as the popularity of this type of income grows.

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Today we will talk about the FobTrust broker, conduct a detailed analysis of the site and the work of the company, present the feedback of traders and draw a conclusion on whether it is worth investing money in this organization.

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FobTrust.General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

FobTrust Reviews
Fob trust analysis

According to the portal, you can also find out that there is another site on the specified IP:

Site analysis

The resource template is standard, without any design "chips", which indicates that the customer did not spend much on its layout.

The menu includes sections describing the markets for currencies, metals, consumer goods, and cryptocurrencies. By going to the section, you can read basic information about the features of a particular asset, look at the price chart, read about the advantages of trading with FobTrust.

Other sections include trading conditions, information about the company (in particular, licenses and accreditations with a list of various regulators), contact details. There is also a registration button on the portal.

The header describes the main advantages of trading on FobTrust. Below is a more detailed explanation of why you should connect your life in the financial field with this particular platform.

Following is a brief instruction on registration, which includes three standard steps.

  1. Filling out an application on the site.
  2. Making a deposit.
  3. Authorization in your personal account with a selected set of options for online trading.

The company offers three registration packages, with deposits of 150, 1000 and 10000 USD. Depending on the package chosen, the set of tools that will be made available to the trader also depends.

Registration, according to the broker, is as simple as possible and can even be done from a smartphone.

At the end, favorable trading conditions on FobTrust are again given, world news and a “cellar” with contact details, information about licensing and regulators, information that the site is protected by SSL protocol (obviously, in order to further insinuate the trust of potential victims clients).

Expertise of legal information, licenses

Broker FobTrust proudly declares that it has been successfully developing on the market for the 4th year already and literally from the first year of operation, more than 40 thousand users have already been able to achieve financial independence. In total, according to the team, they have attracted more than 300 thousand traders to the project and at the same time regularly improve the conditions for trading by increasing the number of partners, among which there are also influential liquidity providers.

We check the FobTrust data on the website of the State Register of Companies of Cyprus, where the broker is allegedly registered and voila:

FobTrust Reviews
FobTrust data of the Register of Companies

They are not in the database of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation either. This indicates that Runet users are absolutely not protected from the actions of FobTrust, which, by the way, can do whatever they want.

The first thing we noticed when we skimmed through the main page was the license number written in the footer. It is the same as that of VouDeal, which you can read about at link. And this means that either this is one of the brokers of a large fraudulent group, or the specified number is fake, or both.

We go further and find that the office indicates false terms of activity. According to the data obtained from the Whois service, the broker has only been around for a couple of months. Until that moment, there was a completely different site on this domain. And the new owners simply bought it out, as is usually the case when the former admin does not renew the rights to the registered domain.


FobTrust Reviews
FobTrust Whois Data


The fact that FobTrust is a one-day company is also indicated by the fact that there are no reviews about them on the network dating back to summer 2021. But the first rule of an experienced trader who does not want to "drain" his budget into the pockets of scammers is that you should not contact offices that have been in existence for less than a year.

When you go to the “About the company, licenses and accreditations” section, you can read a huge number of beautiful words about how great they are, what heights a trader working on their platform can achieve. But there is not a word about licensing, specific documents, figures, backed up by real information.

Features of the company. Tools and conditions for traders

To attract customers, the broker points to the following advantages:

  • work 24/7 from anywhere in the world;
  • a large number of functions and ease of use of the platform;
  • high speed of order execution without pauses, slippages (requotes) and delays when a trader tries to close a deal on sharp price fluctuations;
  • huge leverage;
  • access to technical and graphical analysis tools;
  • the ability to trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals, raw materials and other profitable assets;
  • three packages of access to the platform for beginners and experienced traders, the ability to start trading with minimal investment;
  • 24/7 expert support;
  • development of trading conditions and software solutions, taking into account the requirements and wishes of real participants in the financial market.

Such conditions clearly indicate how much FobTrust is trying to get closer to its customers, ingratiating themselves with them and instilling an idea of how reliable the service is, despite the fact that they are actually scammers. Proof of this are the reviews of real customers who have become victims of rogues who profit from deceiving people, driving them into debt and loans.

Real FobTrust customer reviews

We have collected actual FobTrust reviews that have been published recently. Users repeatedly mention unprofessionalism and negligent attitude towards customers, ignoring calls and requests immediately after the money is deposited on the platform.

Before the broker gets the money, the support service sympathetically and attentively “sells” their brokerage services, telling in detail how to register and transfer your hard-earned in their pocket for a deposit.

Also, traders complained about the poor performance of the site, constant problems, bugs, failures in functions, up to the lack of access to the toolbar and other sections of the resource.


FobTrust Reviews


FobTrust Reviews


FobTrust Reviews
FobTrust Reviews


If you have become victims of FobTrust scams, leave comments below this article.

FobTrust user fraud scheme

The FobTrust client “divorce” scheme is as old as the world. The black broker puts pressure on the desire for quick profit for inexperienced traders who are just starting to trade, promising to lead them into the world of the financial market by the hand. But after paying for the package to access the platform, this "explorer" disappears from the radar.

Everything that a trader sees on his screen is nothing more than animation. There can be no talk of any real transactions, and even more so of the withdrawal of real money on FobTrust.


As follows from the above, FobTrust are old scammers. Most likely, they constantly change their addresses as soon as they collect a sufficient number of negative reviews from the deceived Pinocchio. At the same time, the script of the movie remains unchanged. The broker fills the head of inexperienced users with empty promises of easy enrichment, pulling colossal amounts of money out of them. And, as soon as a trader pays a deposit to enter the market, it is drained: they block or simply ignore all appeals and complaints.

There are clear signs of fraud on the face - the lack of reliable legal information and a license, evidence of control of activities by a well-known and certified regulator.

Therefore, if you do not want to lose your money, we do not recommend investing in trading on FobTrust.

If you have become a victim of black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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