EXCBC - SCAM or real broker? Reviews

With the advent of the popularity of trading, a huge number of different companies began to appear on the market, which offer their clients the best trading conditions, and also promise fast and stable earnings. In the process of the appearance of such offices on the market, it has become much more difficult to choose the ideal option for yourself, not only because of their diversity, but also due to the fact that most of the companies currently operating are arrogant and prudent scammers whose sites are not capable of bringing profit to their customers, but rather, on the contrary, aimed at ruining them.

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This review will be just about one of these services, whose activities simply cannot be called reliable and high-quality due to all the shortcomings that the hero of our today's article has, namely a company called EXCBC.

EXCBC is an international broker whose activities allegedly spread over the years that he spent on the market to dozens of countries, thanks to which many foreign clients were able to join the platform of this office without any problems.
EXCBC presents to its customers just a huge list of services that it has on its platform, namely:

  • the ability to work with currency anywhere and at any time, due to the absence of any framework, as well as restrictions;
  • ensuring the maximum level of security and safety of invested funds of users, using the most technologically advanced and up-to-date security systems;
  • the ability to instantly exchange the desired currency or cryptocurrency without additional commissions and payments;
  • providing round-the-clock expert support to all clients in need;
  • the presence of a personal online wallet, which will reduce the risk of hacking and merging existing funds;
  • the opportunity not only to exchange and buy, but also to store their assets without having to pay huge commissions for this.

It is difficult to argue that the trading conditions presented above are quite promising and comfortable for users, but there is no evidence that they are executed by the office, as well as the fact that everything that this service has promised is the truth, which is worth believing.

Firstly, doubts about the reliability and usefulness of cooperation with the presented office are caused by reviews about the EXCBC broker, which are quite enough to draw solid conclusions proving that EXCBC is a scammer and a scam that is quite dangerous to trust, especially for your wallet. So, many users mention several really significant shortcomings of the site that this service provides, and these are: systematic failures in the platform, which do not allow you to exchange currency in a quality and timely manner, permanent promotions and draws that do not make any sense, since they do not bring any benefit traders, but only squeeze the last funds out of them, and clients have repeatedly complained about the negligent support service, which was almost always unavailable and only in extremely rare cases could answer.

Secondly, the legality of this office also remains in doubt, despite all its persistent attempts to convince clients otherwise, due to the lack of relevant documents, namely a license or a certificate that would prove the regulation of EXCBC activities and that it has passed check for fraud and is quite safe for further cooperation.

EXCBC office does not withdraw money, uses rather dubious evidence that it can be trusted and that it is a successful and influential service in the market, and also has more than substantial evidence of its fraudulent intentions presented in reviews of EXCBC activities - all this confirms our beliefs about it and only once again makes it clear how important it is to check such companies before starting cooperation, because with the current situation on the market, it is quite easy to meet another scammer and swindler in the likeness of the hero of our today's article.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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