Wego Trade is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Cryptocurrency has suddenly burst into our lives and has already managed to become not only a means of payment, but also an asset that can be traded along with securities, gold, and oil. BUT, those who rely on stable, and even more so passive earnings on cryptocurrency will most likely be disappointed. Because the value of this asset is subject to strong volatility. And those who claim otherwise are most likely scammers. So, for example, the newly minted Wego Trade platform offers unlimited passive income on cryptocurrency. It is about them that we will talk today.

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Wego Trade. General information.

Broker's main website:


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WeGo Reviews
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Site analysis

The broker's website is in English. It has an attractive, colorful design, but at the same time it is uninformative, and some texts contain errors.

Sites such as wego Trade a priori cannot belong to serious brokers, because legal companies have the same detailed websites that are designed for serious investors.

We immediately drew attention to the fact that the menu does not have a separate page with licenses and registration data. The only document of the office is posted directly on the main page. We will talk about it separately a little later. In the meantime, let's analyze the basic information on the site.

The menu on the main page has the following sections:

  • "About company";
  • answers to basic questions;
  • cooperation rules;
  • Contact details;
  • button to register/login to the investor's personal account.

Next comes a colorful picture with a beautiful, but, in essence, delusional explanation of the scheme of work and earnings on the platform. The broker does not provide any confirmation or even screenshots of its activities. Next - a call to action - to make a deposit. After that, the developers poured some more water on profitable investments in cryptocurrency.

Further, the company indicates the main advantages of cooperation with Wego Trade. The license with the button "Check the company" is also stuck there. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to the website of the United Kingdom of Great Britain Companies Registry, where you can read information about the registration of the company and the people included in it.

Scrolling down the main page of Wego Trade further, we see a “fork” of prices for service packages, denominated from 20 to 50,000 USD.

Referral program, statistics and payouts

One of the "chips" of Wego Trade is the presence of a referral program with a depth of up to the 5th level. That is, among other things, it is also a financial pyramid. In this way, the sharashka has secured for itself a large number of positive reviews from the same lovers of easy money on other people's money. After all, no investment is required to participate in the affiliate program.

Below are investment statistics. And, even assuming that the published figures are true, the result is not so rosy mathematics:

  • at the time of writing the review, Wego Trade has been operating for 53 days;
  • the total number of users reached 5317 people;
  • the volume of investments, if rounded, is equal to 3,631,960 c.u.
  • the total amount of withdrawal that the company paid out to its customers is 1,829,534 c.u.

We make a simple calculation: 1,829,534 (paid funds) divided by 5317 (number of users). It turns out that for the entire time the average amount of payments is equal to 344 USD. on the nose. We divide this amount by 53 working days and get 6.5 USD. per person per day.

Moreover, if we carry out the same calculation with the amount of money invested in the platform, it turns out that the return on investment will have to wait a very long time, and given that the project is illegal and can “collapse” at any moment, it is obvious that such a game is likely to will be at the same gate.

Under the statistics, we see a very clumsily laid out financial table, which may not be displayed correctly on some devices. It provides information about the latest deposits and payments. But, even looking at these figures, we understand that the income of traders on Wego Trade is meager.

WeGo Reviews
WeGo financial table

In the basement, logos of popular cryptocurrencies are published, from the sale of which the broker allegedly pays users interest. Below are companies involved in cybersecurity and providing reliable protection of the Wego Trade resource from DDos attacks and hacking.

Expertise of legal information, Wego Trade licenses

Let's go back to talking about the broker's company registration certificate, which shines like a medal on the chest right on the home page of the Wego Trade website.

After going to the website of the UK Register of Organizations, we see that Wego Trade was registered in August 2021. At the same time, the platform, as the broker himself states in its statistics, has been operating since July. It turns out that the company worked illegally for a month.

The organization includes 1 person - a native of Ukraine Onishchenko V.A. The authorized capital of the company is equal to (attention!) 1 pound sterling.

WeGo Reviews

WeGo State Register data

WEGO Reviews

WeGo State Register Data 

The question of whether there is a Wego Trade office at the specified address in London disappears by itself. Because it is unlikely that an organization with an authorized capital of £1 could even rent a cellar in the capital of Great Britain.

And most importantly, the last tab "Details" offers the service of ordering a certificate, which will contain information about the company and its good reputation. To do this, you need to provide:

  • the address where the certificate should be delivered (in England or any other state);
  • the name and other information about the company to be registered;
  • bank card number for payment.

And that's it. It turns out that any sharashka office can get such a beautiful certificate. This is confirmed by well-known information that England is one of the most popular offshore zones, where scammers can register their office for a penny directly via the Internet. In addition, all information about UK companies is freely available and anyone can post it on their website as confirmation of legal activity.

Raises questions and the section on the rules of cooperation, it is also the User Agreement. All points are stated on behalf of an anonymous author, without mentioning a broker. There are very few positions. But on the other hand, there is a clause that describes force majeure in which the client may lose his contribution.

There is no information on the site about the license, certification of the regulator, which any broker must pass without fail. There is no adequate contact information, except for links to telegrams and e-mail.

And the cherry on this awkward cake is the lack of a license from the Central Bank of Russia.

WeGo Reviews
CBR data

Only one conclusion follows from this - the project does not have the right to offer its services to citizens of the Russian Federation and the CIS. Therefore, you can safely close the “lohobroker” tab of Wego Trade and go about your business.

Features of the work of the Wego Trade company. Tools and conditions for traders

The company claims that it is looking for new profitable coins, which it sells at the moment when they reach a high price. Such a legend is used by some other HYIP projects or the so-called middle percentages that offer easy enrichment on mining.

Wego Trade gives its clients the following benefits:

  • simple and fast registration;
  • instant payouts;
  • high cybersecurity;
  • round the clock support;
  • income up to 3.6% from the deposit amount daily (depending on the selected package);

To start receiving daily passive income, you just need to make a deposit with a minimum threshold of 20 USD. The rest experienced swindlers experts will do it for you.

The main worrying aspect is that it is possible to deposit money to the Wego Trade account only in cryptocurrency and through dubious channels. This is due only to the fact that serious financial companies simply refuse to work with such charlatans.

Real customer reviews of Wego Trade

Another unpleasant moment in this whole story is that there are practically no real reviews about Wego Trade in RuNet. There is only one reason for this - the presence of a referral program, whose participants can allegedly earn up to 3% from deposits of attracted users. People, in particular the owners of all kinds of blogs about making money on the Internet, shamelessly lie in the hope of easy money.

The second reason for the lack of negative feedback is that the system is still paying pennies to its unfortunate traders.

There is truth and those users who are attentive to details and can expose charlatans for seemingly insignificant moments.

Here is an example of such a review:

WeGo Reviews
WeGo Reviews

The vast majority sing laudatory odes to Wego Trade charlatans, make detailed instructions on how to register on the scoundrel platform, talk about how to work and earn money. But none of them gives any reliable evidence of payments of fabulous sums. Some, of course, manage to draw account statements, but this has nothing to do with reality.

If you have been the victim of a scam Wego Trade - leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money or a debt hole.

Wego Trade User Fraud Scheme

The work of the “pseudo-broker” Wego Trade is based on the old scheme of all financial pyramids. Platform participants make deposits, from which they receive a tiny percentage. There is actually no declared search for coins and trading in them. It's just that users' money moves from one pocket to another.

But the saddest thing about this system is that it is doomed to bankruptcy, like any pyramid scheme. After more users register in the system than the office can handle, it will burst. Even now, payments are stretched over time, and the system works in debt, which will increase with each new registration. The process will be accelerated and due to the referral program. Therefore, very soon everyone who does not have time to withdraw their money will lose it forever.


An attempt to make money on financial pyramids is the same scam, only veiled as solvent and serious organizations. You do not need to waste time on this, as well as on black brokers, like Fleebitthat we talked about last time. By investing in Wego Trade, you can lose them forever, at best, getting three kopecks.

If you are a victim Wego Trade or other black brokers, and want to get your hard-earned money back - leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article and we will send you a detailed, illustrated plan for getting out of this situation.

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