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Today we will get acquainted with an innovative trading platform called BRONZE. The broker appears to be an international company that is a subsidiary of a major cryptocurrency bank. But in the history of this organization, we found a number of facts that cause a lot of doubts. What is BRONZE really like: a successful broker or just another scam project?

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BRONZE. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

BRONZE reviews scam
BRONZE Trustorg

Site analysis

At first glance it might seem that the BRONZE website looks quite good. But only people who are far from web design and the world of trading can think like that. The resource of such a large and successful company looks, to put it mildly, unpresentable, in simple words - miserable. Analysis of the cost of the site only confirms this fact.

BRONZE reviews scam
BRONZE website rating

After carefully reviewing all sections of the web resource, we, unexpectedly for ourselves, realized that the hero of our review is an exact copy of the Trend Broker scam. Almost everything is the same for these two companies: pictures, history of appearance and formation, license, address, etc. Apparently these scam projects have one owner.

BRONZE reviews scam

The mere fact that our friend is a clone of a fraudulent organization should be enough to never contact him again, but we will continue our analysis so as not to leave anyone in doubt. As for the informative component of the BRONZE website, it is also at a very low level. The web resource and all the information that it provides are designed for only one thing - to quickly get the client to deposit money into the account.

Expertise of legal information, BRONZE licenses

BRONZE claims to be a subsidiary of BTC BANQUE LTD Corporation. After we checked BTC BANQUE LTD against the UK government registries, we managed to find out a number of facts. Let's start with the fact that such a company really exists. We could not reliably find out whether the corporation is currently functioning, as it has overdue updating the profile. But it definitely became clear that the BRONZE broker has nothing in common with BTC BANQUE LTD.

BRONZE reviews scam
BRONZE UK State Register

The scammers use someone else's legal data. They stupidly provided the address and other information from the history of the once large investment bank. Our swindlers, of course, do not have any licenses. We are dealing with anonymous breeders, whose activities are not regulated or controlled by anyone.

As for “long-term” experience, successful traders, numerous advantages, BRONZE's large investment volume, all these tales are quickly dispelled after checking the organization by Whois. As it turned out, the site of our friends appeared only 10 days ago.

BRONZE reviews scam

Another feature that clearly betrays the fraudulent orientation of BRONZE is the “internationality” and “multilingualism” of their web resource. According to history, the platform works with traders from all over the world and supports at least 7 languages. Let's try to switch from Russian, say, to French, and see how the information in the investment plans offered on the site changes. It's funny, but no matter what language you set, you will always be offered a payment in rubles.

BRONZE reviews scam

It turns out that the BRONZE platform is designed only for Russian-speaking users. Therefore, for its activity to be considered legal, it must be registered with the Central Bank. There is no organization with a similar name in its registries.

BRONZE reviews scam

As contacts, the broker leaves only a feedback form and the email address of the administration. It is impossible to get in direct contact with scammers. This was done on purpose to leave as little information about yourself as possible and quickly disappear at the right time.

Features of the work of the BRONZE company. Tools and conditions for traders

BRONZE is an international trader. Engaged in investments in cryptocurrency, stock and commodity markets. The history of the company began in 2012. Among its competitive advantages, the organization highlights.

  1. Safety. Each deposit is reliably insured. The insurance fund is $100 million.
  2. Support. 24/7 support service is ready to quickly and professionally resolve any issue.
  3. Risks. By investing your finances, you can forget about any risks.
  4. Traders. The team includes more than 100 experienced traders. Their work experience is from 3 to 20 years, they are well versed in the intricacies of the exchange.
  5. Payouts. Partners of the company receive daily interest payments depending on the type of project, and automatic return of the deposit body to the balance.
  6. Profit. Income is generated through intraday trades using the basics of scalping, the exclusion of program transactions and rigorous analysis.

The broker offers its clients a choice of 8 investment plans. The more money the user invests, the higher the income he receives. The minimum deposit is only 10 rubles, the maximum starts from 15,000 rubles. Interest is calculated every day and ranges from 145% to 300%. Such huge numbers are a sure sign of fraud. No company could afford to pay such high interest every day, otherwise it would have lost money.

BRONZE reviews scam

Also, our scammers offer a wide referral program. A five-level reward system allows investors to earn money by referring friends and acquaintances to the clutches of crooks. A generous affiliate program directly encourages customers to work as scammers. However, it is far from a fact that this thankless work will be paid. By the way, there is no regulatory documentation on the site. Under what conditions cooperation takes place is unknown.

Real customer reviews BRONZE

Due to the fact that the BRONZE project appeared on the market only 10 days ago, there is practically no mention of it on the net. But even in such a short time, the crooks managed to produce many victims. We were able to find some real reviews, which once again confirm the illegal activities of our hero.

BRONZE reviews scam
BRONZE reviews

If you have become victims of BRONZE scams, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

BRONZE user cheating scheme

The crooks from BRONZE do not bother much and work according to the good old scam scheme. Due to their relatively young age, the site of their office is not ranked by search engines. Therefore, they search for customers mainly through advertising and social networks. Sometimes, using stolen contact details, scammers lure those who want to get rich with the help of phone calls.

They hang noodles on naive traders, promise them mountains of gold and help in all endeavors. As soon as the victim goes to the site and starts reading all the tales of success, she loses her head and agrees to the first deposit.

Here, if you believe the reviews of real BRONZE customers, a happy future ends without even starting. Since the percentage is dripping every day, funds from the balance can be withdrawn in a day. But as soon as it comes to the withdrawal of money, some problems immediately begin. Application without response hangs for days on end. The technical support service does not answer, no one is interested in your problems. You will no longer see your blood.

Sites like our scammers do not operate for long. As soon as a large number of deceived users are recruited, and negative reviews pour in, the project is curtailed and after a while it opens under a different name.


The fact that BRONZE is another one-day scammer became clear as soon as we went to his website. Lohobroker give out the following signs:

  • the presence of a scam clone;
  • cheap template site;
  • false information;
  • lack of legal regulation;
  • use of other people's legal data;
  • lack of normal contact;
  • the presence of negative reviews.

Be careful! Do not invest money in the pockets of scammers on your own! To check any organization, you do not need any special knowledge. Take ten minutes to learn at least something about who you want to trust with your finances.

If you are a victim of BRONZE, Ulf Ltd or other black brokers, and want to return your hard-earned money - leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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