Ulf Ltd is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Favorable trading conditions, wide trading opportunities, compliance with international standards of reliable financial regulators, as well as prompt processing of orders and reduced commissions. All this is promised to us by a broker from Germany, Ulf Ltd. Well, let's see how this company has tried to become a reliable partner for traders in the financial markets. And in the end, we will conclude whether it is worth trusting her.

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Ulf Ltd. General information

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

Ulf Ltd reviews scam
Ulf Ltd Whois

Site analysis

The Ulf Ltd website has a hackneyed, hackneyed and already rather boring template that they hang on their resources TrigonTrade and others like them. It includes building blocks where the company tries in every possible way to prove that you should give your money to it.

The site menu includes sections that we have almost memorized by heart:

  • market overview;
  • trading conditions, it is also an overview of account types with the ability to calculate your profit in an online calculator and read the instructions for starting trading;
  • "about us", including accreditations and licenses;
  • Contact details.

Next to the menu block there is a button for selecting the language for displaying pages, as well as a transition to the registration section and entering a personal account.

The header of the main page contains a slider with the main advantages of cooperation with Ulf Ltd. There is also a "Start Trading" button.

Under the header is another block typical of scammers with additional benefits that, in fact, duplicate what was said in the header, but in different words.

Following are the latest economic news and again the benefits of working with the company.

Below is a 3-step getting started guide, under which an overview of deposit packages is published.

The main menu is duplicated in the footer. In the same place, the broker indicates his licenses from the three most famous regulators, as well as the registration address. We will dwell on this point in more detail in the next chapter.

Expertise of legal information, licenses Ulf Ltd

The registered office of Ulf Ltd indicates Im Neuenheimer Feld, 69120 Heidelberg. Like the heroes of some of our previous reviews, Ulf Ltd forgot to include the house number. Or rather, they did not do this, so that no one would find them there and could not file a lawsuit in case of problems.

Ulf Ltd reviews scam
Ulf Ltd google maps

Going to the “about the company” section, we see a beautiful, but, unfortunately, purely decorative counter of Ulf Ltd achievements, which has nothing to do with reality. Why? To understand this, you just need to rewind to the beginning of the article and look at the Whois verification screen. The date of the last update is exactly the date the project was created. And this is August 2021. Up to this point, the domain was just empty.

Ulf Ltd reviews scam
Ulf Ltd web archive

Therefore, the legend that the office has existed for 4 years does not fit in with the real state of affairs. And, of course, it is unlikely that in less than 2 months such a scam could attract 35,000 customers and even more so reach a daily turnover of $ 250 million.

Now it's time to check the licenses, information about which can be seen in the footer of the main and any other page of the site. The office cites the three most famous regulators from which it allegedly obtained a license. These are the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the International Financial Services Commission and a similar organization in the Republic of Mauritius. We ran through all the given document numbers in the databases of regulators and got the following results.

Ulf Ltd reviews scam
Ulf Ltd licenses
Ulf Ltd reviews scam
Ulf Ltd licenses
Ulf Ltd reviews scam
Ulf Ltd licenses

In the "Licenses and Accreditations" section, the broker mentions several more reputable regulators, however, we are more than sure that there is no data about Ulf Ltd in their registries either.

Since the option to translate pages into other languages involves the use of the platform by Russian-speaking users, it is advisable to check for a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. But here comes the misfire.

Ulf Ltd reviews scam
Ulf Ltd CBRF

Features of the work of the company Ulf Ltd. Tools and conditions for traders

Despite the fact that an experienced trader can see with the naked eye who is trying to cheat him for money, Ulf Ltd assures everyone that by cooperating with her, you can get:

  • fast processing of account transactions;
  • work with a broker whose activity is regulated by international standards;
  • various tariff plans;
  • honest, 24/7 service;
  • various ways of depositing/withdrawing money;
  • a wide range of analytical tools;
  • assistance in choosing a trading strategy;
  • the ability to work from anywhere in the world and on different devices;
  • minimum commissions;
  • comprehensive professional support.

The only true information that we managed to isolate from the pages of the Ulf Ltd website is the possibility of quick registration. Indeed, why pull the cat by the tail if the office is interested in getting your money.

To start working with the Ulf Ltd platform, you need to go through only three steps - filling out an application, replenishing a trading account, entering the trading terminal.

Traders are offered several deposit packages to choose from, each of which includes a set of services, the completeness of which depends on the amount of funds invested.

The minimum possible deposit is 150 USD. For this, the broker gives you a leverage of 1:100 and instant execution of orders.

For experienced traders, the minimum deposit is $1,000, with a leverage of 1:500 and many additional options.

The maximum tariff involves the introduction of 10,000 USD. In this case, the trader receives a full range of available services.

However, we would not recommend investing even 1 ruble in this project. And if the analysis of legal information is not enough for you, look into the next chapter and everything will become very clear to you.

Real customer reviews Ulf Ltd

Although the company Ulf Ltd exists only for the third month, during its "work" it managed to collect a huge amount of negativity in its address. Below are screenshots of several reviews that we found on the Internet.

Ulf Ltd reviews scam
Ulf Ltd Reviews
Ulf Ltd reviews scam
Ulf Ltd Reviews
Ulf Ltd reviews scam
Ulf Ltd Reviews
Ulf Ltd reviews scam
Ulf Ltd Reviews
Ulf Ltd reviews scam
Ulf Ltd Reviews
Ulf Ltd reviews scam
Ulf Ltd Reviews

If you have become victims of Ulf Ltd scammers, share your story under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Ulf Ltd User Fraud Scheme

Despite the fact that every scammer tries to present himself as an absolutely unprecedented project, their client divorce scheme is far from unique.

Lohobrokers look for their victims on thematic forums, resources dedicated to finding a job, dating sites. Scammers also buy out bases of phone numbers, contacts in social networks and instant messengers.

Next, a legend is composed about successful success and the magic “loot” button, which is told to financially illiterate, gullible users. After the victim gets to the site, they are promoted by all sorts of methods for money. For example, they may offer to trade on a demo account, where, of course, the trading balance will grow rapidly. But in order to withdraw the earned money, you will need to deposit real money.

As soon as an investor opens his first deposit, with a wave of a magic wand, a positive balance quickly turns into zero. Moreover, such sites often collect personal data, allegedly in order to verify the user. After that, it costs nothing for fraudsters to write off the balance from your cards or electronic wallets, or even worse - to open a loan for you.

In any case, working with such desks, you risk not only not earning anything, but also getting into a debt hole.


On the Ulf Ltd website, we found the following signs of fraudulent companies:

  • implausible information about the legal address;
  • lack of registration in state databases, licenses of regulators, including the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • non-informative, non-unique site;
  • the presence of a large number of negative reviews;
  • false information about the time of existence of the company and other data misleading users.

Summing up, let's say one thing - if your time is precious to you and you do not light the fireplace with 100 dollar bills, pass by Ulf Ltd and other similar offices. Working with them will not bring you any pleasure or profit.

If you have become a victim of Ulf Ltd or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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