TrigonTrade is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

No matter how many revealing reviews are written, no matter how many calls to check brokers before trusting them with your money sound, the modern market is full of fraudulent projects that consistently find their “clients”. Today we will talk about the relatively new investment platform TrigonTrade and see why you should not trust this office.

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Trigontrade. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

TrigonTrade reviews scam
Whois verification

Site analysis

TrigonTrade has a primitive and monotonous site, riveted according to a simple template, like Trederowhich we talked about last time. The web resource supports work in two languages - Russian and English. The quality of the page design leaves much to be desired. Checking the cost of the site only confirms this fact.

TrigonTrade reviews scam
TrigonTrade site valuation

The platform consists of several sections:

  • about Us;
  • trading platform;
  • tools;
  • compliance;
  • contact.

The content of all pages is very poor. There are grammatical errors in many sentences, mainly case agreement. It feels like all the information is copied from some English-language resource and stupidly translated by Google translator. At the same time, the poor information contained in the listed sections does not give any clear idea about the activities of the organization.

Expertise of legal information, TrigonTrade licenses

The contact information of the office contains the address, Russian phone number, technical support mail and feedback form. It’s not even worth trying to get in touch with these comrades through the feedback form and mail - you won’t wait for an answer, but provide the scammers with your personal data. The specified address is located in Estonia, and the office of a large investment bank with a similar name, Trigon Capital, is registered at it. Most likely, the crooks copied the contacts of the official organization and even took a similar name for themselves in order to confuse their customers. We did not find any other common links between these two companies.

TrigonTrade reviews scam
TrigonTrade contact verification

TrigonTrade does not provide traders with any official documents or permissions to conduct financial activities. But, as we understood from the contact details, our friends are registered in Estonia, which means they must be listed among other financial companies in the country. But there is not a single organization with a similar name in the trade registers.

TrigonTrade reviews scam

Since the TrigonTrade website is adapted to work in Russian, the company provides its services in the territory of the Russian Federation. Therefore, it, like any other financial company, must be registered with the Central Bank. We do not observe this either, which means that the activities of this office can be considered illegal.

TrigonTrade reviews scam
TrigonTrade register of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

The hero of today's review does not indicate his age anywhere. When talking about themselves, TrigonTrade names a lot of facts that indicate that the company has been operating on the market for a long time. For example, they say they were one of the first forex brokers to start trading CFDs on commodities, indices and stocks. CFD contracts have been around for over 20 years. Checking this office by Whois (screenshot at the beginning of the review) says something completely different. The platform domain was created on 08/12/2021. It stood empty for some time. And on 10/11/2021 our friends were born. In less than two weeks, they are already claiming years of experience.

Particularly noteworthy is the section of the TrigonTrade website with the crooked title "Compliance". Here you can read the user agreement, KYC and AML policies. All information resembles a poor-quality translation. Many of the points in the wording contradict themselves. Also, if you look closely and read all the provisions in detail, you can see that with their help the broker tries to relieve himself of all responsibility for any illegal actions and give himself the authority to create any arbitrariness without restrictions.

TrigonTrade reviews scam

Features of TrigonTrade. Tools and conditions for traders

TrigonTrade calls its main mission the creation of opportunities for confident trading on their platform. Their main focus is on continuous improvement and expansion of their offerings. The company allows you to work with CFD contracts for commodities, indices and stocks. In addition, all users are given access to lucrative cryptocurrency markets.

As a TrigonTrade client, you get a wide range of trading platforms and more opportunities to trade with the most favorable conditions. Support representatives are available 24/5 in the user's native language and ready to help with any issues. After the first deposit, you will be assigned a personal manager who will help you in training and inform you on all market issues.

Committed to continuous development, TrigonTrade offers traders new concepts to learn and professional exclusive free videos, articles, signals. The organization also regularly hosts educational webinars in several languages.

All the facts listed by these comrades are too general. The information provided is practically confirmed. The broker does not provide information about account deposits, withdrawals, leverage, or trading accounts. That is, from all the data presented on the TrigonTrade website, we did not notice anything useful.

Real customer reviews TrigonTrade

There is no mention of our broker on the Internet. This fact should not be surprising, since the platform was created less than two weeks ago, but should make you wary and think a little. The only piece of information we found that featured TrigonTrade was seen on a news site. It testifies that the company with this name is a major investment platform and a partner of Kaspineft. Perhaps we are talking about some completely different organization, we could not find more reliable information. There are simply no other mentions of TrigonTrade on the web. At the end of that incomprehensible article, we saw only one real review that accurately characterizes the activities of our friends.

TrigonTrade reviews scam
TrigonTrade Reviews

If you have become victims of TrigonTrade scams, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from the thoughtless loss of money.

TrigonTrade User Fraud Scheme

Such brokers swindle clients for money according to a very simple and understandable scheme. Fraudsters use various shadow services to collect contact details of different people and get in direct contact with them. Potential victims are searched on social networks and on thematic resources.

With the help of spam mailings, messages in instant messengers or phone calls, crooks hang noodles on the ears of naive investors. Such a divorce is designed for inexperienced, financially illiterate people who want easy money. They are promised a large income and full support in all endeavors from professionals.

As soon as the client makes the first deposit, he can be shown pictures with fake transactions and an increase in the account. It continues to be processed while it pours money into the system. Here the user can understand that he is being deceived or simply want to withdraw the earned funds. On the platform, some problems immediately begin. Technical support does not answer or feeds breakfast. Alternatively, the trader will simply be banned and his account blocked. And this is an even better denouement of the story. In the worst case, while interacting with the victim, scammers can find out their payment details or other personal information using various methods. With its help, the user can begin to blackmail, steal his money, or even hang a loan on him.


Despite the fact that TrigonTrade appeared on the market quite recently and there is practically no information about their activities, this office does not inspire any confidence. During the analysis of this sharaga, we were able to identify many signs inherent in fraudulent projects:

  • cheap one-type web resource;
  • false and crooked information on the site;
  • lack of licenses and permits to conduct financial activities;
  • the platform exists less than two weeks;
  • The user agreement raises many questions.

We advise you to stay as far away from this project as possible and even more so not to trust it with your funds.

If you have lost your money as a result of the illegal activities of TrigonTrade or other black brokers, and you want to return your hard-earned money, we are ready to help you. Leave your mail in a special form at the beginning of the review. We will send you step-by-step instructions with a plan of action.

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