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Multifunctional trading, individual conditions for a trading account and minimum spreads - this whole holiday is offered by RLTI-Group, which positions itself as a reliable, licensed broker. This is exactly what we will check in our review.

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RLTI group. General information

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

RLTI-Group reviews scammer
RLTI Group Whois

Site analysis

The RLTI-Group website is an obscenely primitive resource that we met at Naira and other similar heroes of our past reviews. A standard structure, with a “header”, a bunch of blocks with benefits, a 3-step registration, and a classic set of regulators from which the broker allegedly received a license.

The site menu looks the same as other “scam brokers”:

  • market overview;
  • trading conditions, with a "fork" of tariff plans, an online calculator, registration instructions;
  • about the company, including accreditations and licenses;
  • Contact details;
  • selection of the page display language.

Nearby are the familiar login/registration buttons.

In the header, under the line (drop-down list) of the menu, there is a slider with the main advantages, which is supplemented by the following block with the heading “Why RLTI-Group”. Next, the latest economic news is published (as if this could protect the trader from scammers), and then the broker again sings laudatory odes to himself.

Below you will find instructions on how to start trading and information on account types. At the end, the broker posted the logos of eminent companies - payment systems and international enterprises that are supposedly his partners.

In the footer, the office publishes information that all its activities comply with the requirements of the regulators of Belize, the International Financial Services Commission, including the Republic of Belarus, as well as Mauritius. Next, the menu and information that the site is protected by the SSL protocol are duplicated.

The broker did not bother to publish on its website any documentary evidence of the legitimacy of its actions. All textual information seems to be copied from another site and does not carry any semantic load. Continuous successful success, reliability and professionalism. All this causes not just a feeling of deja vu, but already a steady feeling that we are again being led by the nose. We will try to prove the opposite in the next chapter.

Expertise of legal information, RLTI-Group licenses

Let's start with the address. The office invites guests to London. But Google does not know such an address. There is house number 62, but with number 63 - a misfire.

RLTI-Group reviews scammer
RLTI-Group google maps

And in the official registry of the United Kingdom, there is no data on the RLTI-Group.

RLTI-Group reviews scammer
RLTI-Group State Register data

The office also publishes its phone number. However, his check showed that it was just a bunch of numbers.

RLTI-Group reviews scammer

Thus, the only way to contact the company is by mail. But we wouldn't do it. Most likely, scammers collect users' personal data for the purpose of their further use for various scams or resale to the same crooks. Moreover, no intelligible letters, especially if you have already had the imprudence to make a deposit, you will not wait for them.

We were also confused by the age of the domain on which the site of our friends “lives” (see the first screen). Despite the fact that the office positions itself as a reliable service provider, with a weekly turnover of $35 million, 4 years of experience, and 195 thousand open trading accounts, the actual time the project has existed on the network (last updated on August 25, 2021) has nothing to do with these numbers.

This is already enough to close the page of the pseudo-broker RLTI-Group with peace of mind and go about your business. But we will still check at least some of the licenses that these insolent people cite on all pages of their resource.

RLTI-Group reviews scammer
RLTI-Group licenses
RLTI-Group reviews scammer
RLTI-Group licenses

And now, dessert. Since the Russian language for displaying pages provides that the broker is aimed at working with users from the Russian Federation and the CIS, he had to receive an appropriate document for the right to work with our citizens at the Central Bank. However, we did not find any data about this broker in the database of the domestic regulator.

RLTI-Group reviews scammer

Q.E.D. We are dealing with anonymous scammers that will be impossible for you or law enforcement to find.

Features of the RLTI-Group company. Tools and conditions for traders

For their "Pinocchio" RLTI-Group clients are offered a whole set of "goodies" that are designed to make trading the most convenient and profitable:

  • minimum spreads;
  • liquid financial instruments;
  • the opportunity to start trading with only 150 USD;
  • high accuracy quotes from independent financial centers;
  • fast execution of orders in fractions of seconds;
  • flexible margin of transactions;
  • round the clock access;
  • multilingual technical support;
  • high level of data protection;
  • transparent activity through cooperation with regulators and financial commissions.

To get started, the trader is invited to go through a simple and quick registration, after which you need to replenish the deposit and you can dive headlong into the magical world of high earnings without leaving your home.

You can enter the market with RLTI-Group by creating a trading account. The minimum investment amount, as already mentioned, starts from 150 USD. But only by making the maximum deposit, you will be able to access all the services - deposit insurance, 24/7 support, huge leverage, etc. The cost of a VIP package of services is from 10 thousand USD.

But given the information that we received during our review, we would not have invested a single cent in this project.

Real customer reviews RLTI-Group

In view of the completely “green” age of the RLTI-Group company, we were unable to find real comments about their activities on the Internet. But the analysis of legal information, verification of licenses and the age of the office speaks louder than a thousand reviews.

If you were deceived by RLTI-Group - leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Scheme of deceiving RLTI-Group users

The RLTI-Group deception scheme is not much different from similar scam projects. Although we were not able to find out for certain how the office breeds its victims, we can assume that the approximate algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • search for potential victims in social networks, on thematic forums, by sending spam;
  • manipulative actions in order to "dissolve" an investor who has fallen on the hook to replenish the deposit;
  • drawing indicators, trading balance, the requirement to pay additional insurance and commissions in order to extract even more money from the trader;
  • account blocking or the disappearance of the company from the Internet as soon as the user tries to withdraw his money.

All this is a long-proven method of deceiving newcomers to the financial markets, who seek to earn big money as soon as possible and do nothing at the same time. And no matter how many revealing reviews we write, there are still those who regularly fall into such traps.


We found the following signs of fraudulent organizations on the RLTI-Group website:

  • lack of reliable legal information, registration;
  • false data on licenses of regulators, lack of permission from the Central Bank of Russia;
  • primitive, non-informative resource;
  • excessive leverage, misleading the user;
  • mismatch of data on the period of existence of the company with the real state of affairs.

Our conclusion is unequivocal and merciless: feel free to close the RLTI-Group website and forget about such projects forever. They will bring you nothing but disappointment, wasted money and time.

If you have been deceived by RLTI-Group or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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