Kiplar is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Today, Kiplar came to our review. The broker provides good conditions for Forex trading, high-quality service and many competitive advantages. All these opportunities may be of interest to market participants. But before investing in this platform, you should understand everything in more detail.

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Kiplar. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

Kiplar reviews scam
Kiplar verification by Trustorg

Site analysis

The Kiplar site is the most trivial and low-quality resource, made according to a simple template. This is not surprising, because its main task is to lure as many naive traders as possible. Analysis of the site showed that its cost is minimal, that is, a little more than nothing. This fact demonstrates the real "care" of the broker about their clients.

Kiplar reviews scam
Kiplar resource cost

The official website of the organization consists of 4 simple pages. Their design and decoration are at a very mediocre level. They feature primitive tests and boring pictures. On the main page, which is, as it were, the face of the company, we can see:

  • promises of big earnings and the most favorable conditions for cooperation;
  • numerous advantages of the platform;
  • information about the trading terminal.

After we looked through all the sections of the site in detail, we got the feeling that no one is working on it. For example, the news block contains very few articles that are updated, probably once every 3 months. But only on the main page, our friends managed to stick as many as 6 six registration icons. At the same time, really useful information, for example, about the size of commissions, deposit and withdrawal rules, etc., is not provided to users.

The organizers of this project did not even bother to come up with a story of the appearance and formation of their company on the market. For some reason, this information is kept secret from us.

Almost all of the organization's clients are completely green newcomers. Traders who have at least minimal experience or are familiar with the work of worthy brokerage sites bypass our friend in the tenth way.

Expertise of legal information, Kiplar licenses

After checking the Kiplar website for Whois, we found out that it was created on 03/30/2020. However, the first mentions of the platform date back only to the beginning of 2021. The real experience of the broker is a little over a year.

Kiplar reviews scam
Kiplar Whois

For communication, the office leaves an international format number, e-mail, legal address and a feedback form. It is simply impossible to get through to someone on a fake phone. Attempts to verify the location of the company also ended in failure. The specified address does not exist. There is nothing surprising in the fact that scammers hide their real data, because it is much easier for them to avoid responsibility.

Kiplar reviews scam
Kiplar Google Maps

If you want to contact the broker via mail or a feedback form, please note that this way these scammers can easily get your personal data. Then do not be surprised by calls with persistent offers of "profitable" investments.

Kiplar does not provide any information about licenses and legal regulation of its activities. The only legally useful information is in the most appropriate place, namely in the footer of the company's website. For some reason, unlike other data, they are written in English. They indicate that the platform is registered in the well-known offshore zone of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under the number 25797BC2020. It is impossible to verify this information, since the island state does not provide any public information about its wards.

Hundreds of scammers register in this territory for a few simple reasons. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines does not impose any special requirements for doing business and does not ask unnecessary questions about its activities. In addition, companies registered in this state are exempt from paying taxes for 25 years.

Kiplar reviews scam

Features of the work of Kiplar. Tools and conditions for traders

The organization provides access to margin trading in various asset classes: currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, raw materials and energy, precious metals, stocks and stock indices. The firm's main goal is to provide customers with the best experience with a huge variety of features, including execution transparency, flexible leverage and better pricing.

All trading operations are carried out on the well-known MetaTrader 5 platform. There is both a computer and a mobile version of the application. If you believe the reviews, the phone program often slows down and freezes. Signals go wrong, lag compared to real time. It turns out that even if there is some kind of trading activity, the money still merges.

Kiplar offers all its clients a choice of several trading accounts:

  1. Student. The minimum deposit is 250$. The user gets access to all terminals, training center, price notifications, no commission fees.
  2. Advanced. Entrance capital starts from 2500$. Additionally, there is a personal account manager, the creation of an individual trading strategy.
  3. Specialist. The minimum investment is 25000$. In addition to the above privileges, the client is provided with exclusive market analytics.
  4. Professional - from 100000$. A trader, among other "goodies", is allowed to use hedging in trading.
  5. The minimum deposit is not specified, but it should definitely be significantly higher than the previous profile. The client has full access to all services and opportunities.

At the same time, the maximum leverage is the same for any tariff and is 1:400. The same can be said about micro-lots 0.01.

Real customer testimonials from Kiplar

There is a lot of different information about Kiplar on the net. The crooks are well prepared and bought a bunch of positive reviews and whole reviews. All of them follow the same pattern and often contradict themselves. All such comments are painfully laudatory.

Kiplar reviews scam

There are far fewer negative reviews. Apparently, scammers quickly clean them up. But it is messages with negative ratings that are most similar to the comments of real users. All of them indicate that Kiplar is a scam project that does not withdraw money.

Kiplar reviews scam
Kiplar Reviews

If you have been the victim of misconduct by crooks Kiplar, tell your story in the comments below this article. Your experience can prevent the loss of other users' funds.

Kiplar User Fraud Scheme

Kiplar deals with the simplest scam, which is designed for those who do not understand anything about trading at all. The company finds new "customers" mainly through purchased reviews and reviews that sing laudatory odes to it. Also, crooks actively use social networks and phone calls. Users are processed by experienced scammers who study the victims well and know what to put pressure on.

With stories about mountains of gold, which in practice only the creators of the project have, "green" traders are persuaded to go to the site. After the client makes the first deposit, the story can develop in different ways. If he throws a large enough amount, he can be drained immediately. Although even the minimum entry of $ 250 is not lying on the road. Another schedule is also possible. The client's account will grow, but when he wants to make a withdrawal, all sorts of commissions and additional payments will be demanded from him. Any story has one end: investors will be swindled for money in full, and they will not see more of their funds.


After analyzing the work of Kiplar, we can draw the only conclusion - the broker is a scammer. Many facts point to this:

  • cheap web resource;
  • false information on the site;
  • purchased positive comments;
  • negative reviews;
  • non-existent legal address;
  • registration in an offshore zone;
  • lack of license and legal regulation.

We categorically do not recommend cooperating with the surveyed office. Good luck to everyone and see you next time!

If you have been scammed by Kiplar or other black brokers and have lost your hard-earned money, don't despair, all is not lost. Fill out the contact form at the beginning of the review. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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