GlobalOption is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Today's guest of our program positions itself as a successful trading platform that provides its clients with many benefits and bonuses. However, as Russian folk wisdom says, trust, but verify. In this review, we will consider the GlobalOption broker, analyze its website, services provided and draw the appropriate conclusions.

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GlobalOption. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

GlobalOption Reviews
GlobalOption Whois

Site analysis

The website of the GlobalOption company is a cheap one-pager, riveted in the first available constructor. Checking the cost of the web resource only confirmed this fact. The service estimated the efforts of this organization at 22 rubles.

GlobalOption Reviews

The developers did not even bother to make a normal menu. On the top panel, we see only the login, registration and language switching windows. To see other tabs, you need to scroll to the very bottom of the page. It is worth noting that the site supports work both in English and in Russian. However, some sections are not translated.

The bottom menu bar contains the following tabs:

  • login;
  • registration;
  • types of trading accounts;
  • about Us;
  • contacts;
  • frequently asked Questions;
  • conditions;
  • payment policy;
  • Privacy Policy.

GlobalOption Reviews

Not surprisingly, the most important tabs that contain at least some useful information about this organization do not adapt to Russian. The information content of the site is at an extremely low level. The broker only talks about his advantages. Even in the description of the company there is not a single word about legal regulation, experience, cooperation with other major platforms. Some laudatory odes.

Expertise of legal information, GlobalOption licenses

Analysis of the site using the Whois service gave us absolutely nothing (screen at the beginning of the article). No information at all. Perhaps someone was able to clean up unwanted facts or somehow block the collection of information. Looking at the web archive, we were able to find out that the domain is 7.5 years old, with the last save being in 2018 when the domain was listed for sale.

GlobalOption Reviews

There is simply no information on any licenses and legal regulation of their activities on the GlobalOption website. The only thing that these comrades deigned to prescribe is the policy of payment and confidentiality. At the same time, these tabs and all the information in them, for some reason, is not translated into Russian. It was easy for us to use an interpreter. All the information contained in these sections boils down to one thing - the organizers are trying to relieve themselves of responsibility for their actions and the operation of the platform as much as possible.

In the contact details, the broker left a Russian phone number, email and an incomprehensible address. As expected, attempts to call the specified number were unsuccessful. It is either blocked or never existed. The search for an organization by address also ended in failure. According to Google and Yandex maps, such a place simply does not exist. Of course, maybe this is just a ridiculous mistake. Since the company indicates that its office is in Cyprus, let's look at the trade registers of the republic. Of course, no one has ever heard of GlobalOption there.

GlobalOption Reviews
GlobalOption state registry data

The platform website is adapted for Russian-speaking users. This means that the company operates in the wide expanses of the Russian Federation. As you know, no organization can engage in financial activities without registering with the Central Bank of the country. But there is no information about GlobalOption in its registries either.

GlobalOption Reviews
GlobalOption CBRF

Features of the work of the company GlobalOption. Tools and conditions for traders

GlobalOption supports stocks, forex, options and cryptocurrencies. Experienced traders are offered FX margin trading, beginners - options trading. At the same time, everyone can get training or hone their skills on demo accounts. Among its key advantages, the company highlights the following parameters:

  • no delays in the performance of any operations;
  • protection against a negative balance, that is, you will not be driven into debt;
  • different levels of leverage depending on the account type;
  • zero swap fee.

The broker offers a choice of several types of trading accounts, each of which has its own advantages:

  • Basic: $0 - $250;
  • Start: $251 - $1,000;
  • Silver: $1.001 - $5.000;
  • Gold: $5,001 - $15,000;
  • Platinum: $15.001 - $50.000;
  • VIP: $50,001+.

GlobalOption Reviews

It goes without saying that the more money the user is ready to upload into the system, the more “buns” he will receive.

On the main page in the "Deposits and Withdrawals" section, many of the most famous and popular electronic settlement systems are drawn. But when we registered with this organization and went to the balance replenishment tab, we saw that it was possible to replenish an account only through a cryptocurrency wallet by scanning some incomprehensible QR codes.

GlobalOption even has its own mobile app. Features and benefits of working with it are described on the main page of the site. We decided to check how the company's application works, but could not find it. No phone program with a similar name exists.

Real customer reviews of GlobalOption

We managed to find quite a lot of information about the GlobalOption broker. We even received positive reviews of this site. Most likely, they were bought by the creators of the scam project to attract naive traders. But, whatever one may say, there is much more negative information. If you search, you can also find entire reviews that, like us, expose such scammers. Here is one of the testimonials from a real person who has tried all the “advantages” of working with GlobalOption in practice.

GlobalOption Reviews
GlobalOption Reviews

If you have been scammed by GlobalOption, tell your story in the comments below this article. Perhaps it is you who can save someone from fraudulent divorces.

Scheme of cheating GlobalOption users

Modern scammers do not even try to come up with something new, they all use the same maximally trivial scheme. It is surprising that with such great opportunities in the search for information, scammers manage to find their audience.

GlobalOption works according to a well-established algorithm. Through positive reviews, advertising, emails, or even cheeky phone calls, they find customers. Usually these are people who have nothing to do with trading and who want to earn easy money or beginners who have not had enough time to get acquainted with the industry.

By promises that are in no way connected with the real state of affairs, customers are convinced of the resource's performance. This office even offers training for beginners with a trial account, work in which is sure to end in success. After users put money into a real account, they really make a profit, the numbers grow quite quickly. But as soon as it comes to withdrawing funds, a lot of problems immediately begin. Either they ask to pay some kind of insurance or commission, or they refer to technical problems, or they stupidly ignore any attempts to communicate. The result of this whole story is the same - the money remains with the scammers.


After conducting a detailed analysis of the GlobalOption broker, we were able to identify the following signs of fraudulent activity:

  • the presence of negative reviews and reviews;
  • false information on the site;
  • lack of licenses and legal regulation;
  • fake company address;
  • disclaiming responsibility to customers;
  • incorrect data for feedback.

There is nothing to think about, contacting these swindlers is more expensive for yourself. The only ones who can earn in this situation are only the organizers of the project. Whatever you are promised, do not fall for the dirty tricks of scammers.

If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of GlobalOption, Cryptopool, which we talked about last time, or other black brokers, we are ready to help you return your lost money. Fill out a special form at the beginning of the article. In the shortest possible time, we will send you step-by-step illustrated instructions to the specified contacts.

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