CryptoPool is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

For a long time we have not considered investment projects in which, unlike, for example, Ring Financial Limited, where you need to trade in real time, offer to receive passive dividends from your investments. Today we will consider an interesting offer from CryptoPool. You create an investment account, replenish your account and receive points, which you then exchange for prizes and gifts. However, the "horse" interest on deposit profits and several other red flags that we found on the site made us doubt that we are dealing with a decent company. Let's figure it out together.

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CryptoPool. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

CryptoPool reviews
CryptoPool Whois

Site analysis

The website of the CryptoPool project has a more interesting template than the standard “lohobrokers”. The design looks fresh and, despite the crooked layout, gives the impression of a quality resource. Despite the simplicity of the scheme divorce work, the company was not too lazy to create an image of a reliable investment service provider and created a multi-page website instead of a regular landing page.

The site menu includes the following sections:

  • about company;
  • instructions for getting started and receiving additional bonuses to the account;
  • answers to frequently asked questions;
  • rules for the provision of services (client-user agreement).

In a separate block, the registration and login buttons are highlighted, which accompany you all the time while you scroll down the page.

Under the menu is a call to earn every minute without any effort, as well as statistics on the number "Pinocchio" investors registered in the system and the amount of investments / payments. It is noteworthy that the amount of payments is half lower than the amount of investment. And if you connect simple arithmetic, then you can calculate that on average, 723 rubles were paid for one long nose, which does not at all fit with the grid of investment proposals provided below.

Under the grid of price tags for deposits, there is an income calculator where you can calculate your profit based on the invested funds.

The following is information about the affiliate program, the latest real-time deposits / payments and the benefits of working with The office claims that they have managed to create an asset management program that allows you to completely bypass risks and quickly increase capital. And at the same time, the investor does not need to delve into the intricacies of the stock markets. Simply open a deposit and a team of experienced CryptoPool bees will do all the work for you.

At the bottom, the logos of eminent payment systems and cryptocurrencies that the company works with flicker like a slider.

This is followed by a feedback form and a footer with contact details in the form of an address and email. At the very bottom, a link to the client-user agreement is duplicated in small print.

Expertise of legal information, CryptoPool licenses

The scarce information on the CryptoPool website forced us to conduct a detailed review of the project.

The domain on which the site is installed was created in September 2021 (see the first screen). And this is already a big red marker, which marks all unreliable financial institutions.

Any experienced investor knows that you shouldn't invest in a company that has been on the market for less than a year.

By connecting Google-maps to the analysis, we also found that a Turkish restaurant is located at the legal address indicated by CryptoPool. No investment companies were heard there.

CryptoPool reviews
CryptoPool google-maps

Naturally, there is no data about CryptoPool in the British public register of companies.

CryptoPool reviews
CryptoPool state registry data

A company with a similar name was liquidated back in 2019. Therefore, we conclude that we have a typical illegal immigrant who has neither registration nor licenses.

This "cake" is crowned with a cherry in the form of the lack of a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation - a document giving the right to work with investors from Russia and other CIS countries.

CryptoPool reviews
CryptoPool CBRF

Features of the CryptoPool company. Instruments and conditions for investors

The office claims that they managed to create an asset management program that allows you to completely bypass risks and quickly increase capital. And at the same time, the investor does not need to delve into the intricacies of the stock markets. Simply open a deposit and a team of experienced CryptoPool bees will do all the work for you.

Working with CryptoPool, you get the following features:

  • unlimited income from investment and affiliate programs;
  • lack of risks;
  • free schedule;
  • high profit.

The company positions itself as a provider of special earning conditions for those who want to receive high passive income without investments.

For users, CryptoPool offers a huge grid of "tariff plans" built on the principle - the more you put, the higher the profit.

The minimum investment amount is 100 rubles. The maximum is 7000. The minimum profit that you, according to the office, can get is 200% in 72 hours. Maximum - 5000 for 100 hours. Thus, if you invest 10,000 in a project, you will receive 500,000 at the end.

Referral system, CryptoPool has a depth of 4 levels. With it, you get up to 20% from each referred user. In this way, the office is trying to provide itself with laudatory odes that various blochers who earn on affiliate programs like to write.

Real testimonials from CryptoPool customers

Despite the fact that the office does not provide normal contact details, registration documents, or other evidence of its turbo-professional activity, there are people who still believe in the miracles of seeing 21000% in 4 days. This is evidenced by the negative reviews left by the thrown "Pinocchio" on the network.

CryptoPool reviews
CryptoPool reviews
CryptoPool reviews
CryptoPool reviews

People, be smarter! Nobody will work at a loss. The higher the percentage of profit offered by a financial company, the higher the chance that you are facing a scammer.

If you have become victims of CryptoPool scams, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Scheme of cheating CryptoPool users

Such investment traps are created solely to collect money from inexperienced investors who see such offers for the first time. After you deposit your money into the account of such a project, you will not receive a penny from there. This applies to both your funds and the promised dividends.


We found the following violations on the CryptoPool website, indicating that the company is engaged in illegal activities in the field of investment and other financial services:

  • false/incomplete contact information;
  • short period of work;
  • lack of state registration;
  • lack of licenses from regulators, including the Central Bank of Russia;
  • negative feedback about the company's activities;
  • misleading customers with information about unnaturally high profits.

The conclusion suggests itself - as long as there is demand, and those who believe in the magic button "loot" - there will be an offer like CryptoPool with the highest percentages that we have ever seen. It’s a pity, of course, that this is a typical hype project that is aimed at deceiving inexperienced users, but not at making you rich. Lost nerves, time, money - this is the right place. But for a profit, you need to turn to legal offices.

If you have become a victim of CryptoPool or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, fill out the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated action plan that will save your situation.

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