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World All Trade was founded to provide online trading services in financial markets around the world. The main task of the organization is customer orientation, support, both online and offline through a network of offices. Fresh giving, but hard to believe. In our review, we will take a closer look at the activities of World All Trade and find out how much their statements correspond to reality.

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World All Trade. General information

Broker's main website:

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World All Trade Reviews
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Site analysis

Unlike most similar offices, World All Trade has a quite decent and thoughtful website. The web resource is adapted for several languages, including Russian. The menu is located on the top panel and consists of the following blocks, each of which is further divided into several items:

  • about the exchanges;
  • Services;
  • platforms;
  • partnership;
  • bonuses;
  • news.

Immediately below the menu is a large window in which the button to open an account is located. Pictures in this window change from time to time. On them, the positive qualities of the company are diluted with pathos quotes from successful people. So to speak - the psychology of success.

If you scroll down, we can see even more detailed descriptions of the benefits of this organization and several work windows that contain information about the latest changes in various types of assets. It also tells about trading tools and the most modern approaches and solutions in the field of trading.

The result of the analysis of the site is very transparent - enticing, but not informative. There is practically no really useful information and facts that can be verified. Even in the company description section, it only says that the worldwide exchange was founded to provide online trading services in the global financial markets, and not a word more.

Expertise of legal information, World All Trade licenses

Let's start with contact details. They simply don't exist. All that these comrades have left for communication with them is a feedback form, which is also designed only to collect customer data, and e-mail. No address, no phone numbers. This should already lead to some thought.

According to the classics, we break through the site by Whois and the web archive. Here, too, it is not possible to collect almost no useful information. Perhaps our friends are blocking the collection of data about themselves. All we could find out is the age of registration of the site. And it is 5 months. The fact that World All Trade was registered in July 2021 is confirmed by other online sources. Now it’s a logical question: how did a company that has existed for less than six months manage to achieve such high results and find partners around the world?

World All Trade Reviews
World All Trade domain verification

Unlike many other "brokers", this one managed to prescribe information about its license and legal regulation. According to World-All-Trade, it cooperates with the European Financial Markets Commission. The organization's website has a whole section dedicated to this regulator, which talks about its reliability. Scans of the license itself are given.

World All Trade Reviews
World All Trade license

All this is good, but there is one big BUT. The EUFMC regulator itself is a fraudulent site, which is often used by various scam projects to cover up their activities. It has nothing to do with the London Stock Exchange, as the crooks claim, nor with any financial activity at all. There is more than enough evidence for this. A bunch of negative reviews and revelations.

World All Trade Reviews
World All Trade Reviews

I would like to pay special attention to such sections of the World All Trade website as:

  • client agreement;
  • risk notification;
  • privacy policy;
  • refund policy;
  • AML policy;
  • KYC policy.

Here our broker was also not too lazy and prescribed everything in great detail. But, if you carefully scroll through all these offers, it immediately becomes clear that they are one complete fiction and are directed as much as possible against the client. Most of their points boil down to the fact that it is the users who are responsible for any problems and malfunctions, and the company reserves the right to do what it wants.

Features of the World All Trade company. Tools and conditions for traders

To attract and retain traders on their platform, World All Trade offers many competitive advantages:

  • customer focus;
  • innovative approach to Forex trading;
  • focus on results;
  • unique services and products;
  • an extremely wide range of investment instruments.

That is, they do not promise or tell anything specific, but everything looks beautiful. You can work on the service with such assets: currencies, stock indices, cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals, agricultural products, oil and gas. In theory, each of these areas requires a separate special permit, which this office does not have.

World All Trade Reviews

The minimum amount that can be deposited on the platform is $250. Clients are offered a choice of several types of accounts, each of which has its own characteristics:

  • Entry: 250$ minimum deposit;
  • Standard: 5,000$ minimum deposit;
  • Premium: 10,000$ minimum deposit;
  • VIP: 50,000$ minimum deposit.

World All Trade Reviews

Also, all users are offered an affiliate program. You can either attract new users simply via the Internet, or open a real office for legal entities. True, there is no specific information about the rates and percentages for the affiliate program. Perhaps this issue is discussed personally with the organizers

World All Trade Reviews

For newly registered clients, there is a welcome bonus that can be used for trading and then converted into real money. There are other goodies, but in order to get them, you need to fulfill certain conditions.

World All Trade Reviews

It also offers all users to try their hand at a demo account. It should be noted here that no operations on the site can be performed without leaving at least some information about yourself. This is done in order not to lose a potential client later and with the help of calls or other types of messages to force him to invest his money.

Real customer reviews World All Trade

Despite the fact that World All Trade has existed for only 5 months, there is more than enough information about this organization on the Internet. One can meet both laudatory odes and rational assessments. Let's start with positive reviews. Most of them are on the website of the company itself. All of them rate the activity of the platform at 4 and 5 stars. Well, if you don’t praise yourself, no one will. There is no doubt that they were all written according to the same template and most likely by one person.

World All Trade Reviews
World All Trade Reviews

You need to look for more sober assessments on third-party platforms. There are several reviews about World All Trade that, like ours, take a fair look at the broker. And everyone agrees on one thing - this office is a scammer. Here is one of the reviews of a real person who has experienced in his own skin all the “advantages” of working with this site.

World All Trade Reviews
World All Trade Reviews

If you have become victims of World All Trade scams, do not remain indifferent. Share your story in the comments at the end of the review. Perhaps you will find help or save those who have not yet fallen for the tricks of scammers.

World All Trade User Fraud Scheme

There is nothing new in the World All Trade cheating scheme - the good old classics. The cheaters promise their victims such tempting prospects that it is difficult for unprepared users to refuse.

In general, it all starts with a PR company. Scammers buy ads, pay for positive reviews, and maintain pages on social networks. Everywhere they talk about success, they show rich people who supposedly made money with their help.

These comrades let in all possible methods of persuasion so that the client leaves at least some contact information about himself. Then skillful manipulators begin to process it, taking into account all the information received.

One has only to succumb to their pleas and invest even a small amount, as the swindlers themselves, under the pretext of help, will begin to manage your account. Profits will rise sharply. And then it comes to withdrawals. Let's say right away - this fairy tale will not have a happy ending. The crooks will not let you withdraw a cent, they will offer to invest more money, guaranteeing more income. Also, swindlers can ask to pay non-existent commissions and their various services, or even drive them into debt and then threaten them with the law. The main feature of such offices is an individual approach to clients, because their origins are experienced psychologists.


During the analysis of the activities of the World All Trade broker, the following signs of fraud were identified:

  • lack of full-fledged permits for the provision of financial services;
  • providing users with false information;
  • using a license from a fake regulator;
  • lack of adequate contact details;
  • the presence of negative reviews and reviews;
  • company documentation and agreements have no legal basis;
  • the company has existed for a little more than 5 months, which does not fit in with thousands of partners around the world.

The result of this whole story is quite obvious: World All Trade is a stock trader, who can hardly even be called a broker. This is an ordinary office, the raison d'etre of which is to lure as much investment as possible from gullible novice traders, and then abruptly disappear from the market in order to appear under a different name in the future and trade in a similar charlatan practice.

If you have been scammed by World All Trade, GlobalOption, or other black brokers, and you have a rightful desire to return the lost funds - fill out the contact form at the beginning of our review. Our specialists will contact you as soon as possible, advise you and issue a step-by-step action plan.

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