EXXOR INVESTMENT IS A SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

EXXOR INVESTMENT broker promises a stable long-term income thanks to investments in cryptocurrency. The company undertakes to share unique crypto trading technologies and provide assistance from experienced experts. A guarantee of quality is the use of ultra-fast lines of information exchange with servers and a database of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. What is this office really like and what can it give you? Let's find out.

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EXXOR INVESTMENT. General information

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

Domain Age

Resource Analysis

Visitors to the site can immediately appreciate its simplicity. The design is typical, it has already managed to set the teeth on edge. Symbols of money and bitcoins are scattered everywhere, so that the visitor understands how promising the company is. The content of the blocks is also standard - a lot of water, little specifics. Therefore, a specialized service appreciated the efforts of scammers.

Site rating

The scam site consists of the following sections:

  • Homepage;
  • about Us;
  • partners;
  • questions;
  • technical support service.

Clicks on these sections will not give anything, you will still find yourself on the main and only page of the resource. What is most alarming is the unfounded promises. No broker can guarantee a profit, but scammers often do not hesitate to do this. So the hero of our article pours water with pleasure, promising a happy end to the client. Website adapted poorly. One has only to try to reduce the scale and all the blocks will go, this is especially clearly seen in the section with tariffs for investors.

I would like to draw attention to the following fact - EXXOR INVESTMENT, according to the text on their web page, has been successfully developing in the field of investment for 3 years, helping investors earn. But in the first screenshot posted at the beginning of the article, we see that the domain was created in 2021. What three years of existence can we talk about? This is a clear deception in order to create a positive image, because the trust of traders can be earned not by a beginner, but by an experienced broker.

Expertise of legal information, EXXOR INVESTMENT licenses

At least some information about the founders or vaunted experts helping traders cannot be found on the site. Moreover, there is no office or phone number of the company on the site. The only contact left was an email address. And this is convenient for scammers, because no one will look for them or call them.

But, leaving your data during registration, you run the risk of being processed, after which you yourself agree to transfer money to an unknown office. On their website EXXOR INVESTMENT they indicate the license of the regulator, but on verification it turns out that this is a complete fraud.


If you search for data about the specified document, it turns out that it belongs to another company - CRYPTO TRADE LTD. However, the license was canceled in 2020. There is also no EXXOR INVESTMENT office at the address we found in this certificate. What did the scammers want? Probably the fact that no one will study this information.

We also checked the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

CBR data

It turned out that her scammers did not bother to get it, which means that they do not have the right to work with clients from the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. We have repeatedly written about such cases on binarybets.ru

The legend of EXXOR INVESTMENT. Conditions for traders

The scammers on the site generously pour promises and list their advantages:

  • personalization of each client;
  • confidentiality of financial transactions;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • providing detailed information about transactions;
  • investment offers are adapted for investors from all over the world, they do not require special knowledge;
  • the best experts in the field of crypto trading manage your investments;
  • uses the latest advances in cryptocurrency trading to make a profit.

It seems that there is information, but you won’t learn anything concrete from it. This is just a set of clichés designed to interest the site visitor.


And here are the tariff options offered by EXXOR INVESTMENT to its clients:

  • virtual plan, 100-999$ must be deposited into the account;
  • dynamic plan, the deposit is 1000-4999$;
  • amazing (5000-7999$);
  • choice of investors (from 8000$ and without restrictions).

In any case, the company guarantees profit and the absence of investment risks.


Real customer reviews EXXOR INVESTMENT

There are few reviews about this scammer in the Runet, but they still exist. And with their help, you can understand what to expect from EXXOR INVESTMENT.



If you believed in the promises of EXXOR INVESTMENT, share your story in a comment below this article. Your feedback can save other people from losing money.


EXXOR INVESTMENT did not invent anything new, the swindler's work scheme is standard. Without spending any effort or money to create a site, scammers immediately begin to advertise it. People who got to the web resource are led by a guarantee of profit and beautiful words about a stable long-term income. Although having studied the information about the company and having a little insight into the essence of investing, they would understand that they are being led by the nose. But, without understanding, the victims transfer money to the account of a pseudo-broker, and then they are simply drained. The depositor will no longer see his money.


We found the following signs of fraud on the EXXOR INVESTMENT website:

  • a cheap site with a standard design and dubious content;
  • fake regulator license;
  • lack of permission to work with clients from the Russian Federation and the CIS;
  • discrepancy between information about the age of the company and the year of creation of the domain;
  • false promises of big profits that mislead users;
  • negative reviews found on the Internet.

Given all the above facts, we do not recommend contacting this broker.

If you fell into the trap set by the EXXOR INVESTMENT scammer or other scam brokers and dream of invested funds, enter your mail in the form at the beginning of the review. We will send a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to be taken to this address.

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