MERLION IS A SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Risk management, with a simultaneous increase in profits, is offered to us by the wonderful investment company MERLION. Let's dissect this office together and find out where the ticket they offer will actually lead.

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MERLION. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

MERLION reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

The MERLION website is built on a typical template, not much different from other similar sites that we reviewed at The structure, the content and even the pictures cause deja vu. Not without reason, all this creativity was evaluated by an independent service in the appropriate figure.

MERLION reviews scam
Site rating

The structure of the main page is traditionally divided into the following blocks:

  • a scrolling line with prices for the main assets;
  • menu (account overview, platform presentation, trading information, about the company, login and registration buttons);
  • a header with the main offer, the company's slogan and the target action button "start trading";
  • company benefits;
  • presentation of the MT4 platform for PC or mobile devices;
  • review of the offered currency pairs and other assets;
  • instructions for starting trading;
  • registration form;
  • financial table of price changes for the most popular assets;
  • block with broker awards for 2020 and 2021;
  • company statistics.

In general, we did not see anything new for us. The footer contains a risk notice and disclaimer. The menu and links to the main documents are also duplicated there. It is worth dwelling on this and some other information in more detail.

Expertise of legal information, MERLION licenses

Let's start right away with the client agreement, which has the status of a public offer, with the provisions of which you automatically agree when starting trading with this broker.

The only pity is that few of the clients, especially beginners, get a grasp of these long sheets, which are most often published exclusively in a foreign language or have a clumsy translation.

We, even with a cursory glance, found traditional clauses that involve the removal of responsibility for your money from the company and shifting it onto your shoulders. There is also information that in order to withdraw money you will need to provide a complete list of documents, including scanned copies of credit cards.

MERLION reviews scam MERLION reviews scam

MERLION reviews scam
Terms and Conditions

Quite a risky occupation - to give your personal data into the hands of a company that did not even bother to write contact details and information about management, licenses.

In the "contacts" section, we see a feedback form and e-mail, where you will also be asked to leave your coordinates, to which spam with the next "profitable offers" can subsequently be sent.

MERLION reviews scam

Naturally, a company that is not registered anywhere cannot have any licenses. We could not find any mention of this on the MERLION website, even fake document numbers.

A search in the database of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation also left us with nothing.

MERLION reviews scam
CBR data

Another last point that finally eliminates at least some chances to consider MERLION as a decent office is the time of their presence on the market. The company gives mind-blowing statistics, indicating that it has become a service provider for 100,000+ traders around the world and has made millions of turnovers.

MERLION reviews scam

Also, these crooks publish a rather nice section with awards, which are pictures taken from stocks.

MERLION reviews scam

MERLION reviews scam

But all this dissipates like stardust when the age of the MERLION domain is checked. The project was launched at the end of November, which means that they cannot have any thousands of audiences, fabulous turnovers and awards for 2020 (see the very first screen)

All this was invented to lure naive beginners into the network, who do not yet know what real brokers look like, giving them the opportunity to earn real bills.

Features of the work of the MERLION company. Tools and conditions for traders

MERLION offers its clients the most favorable terms of cooperation:

  • well-known trading platforms adapted for all types of devices;
  • experienced support team;
  • reliable protection of funds and customer data;
  • 0% commissions;
  • a wide range of tools for work;
  • unforgettable trading experience;
  • cooperation with a professional team that is constantly working on the development of the project.

To get started, you need to send an application for registration, replenish your deposit account and enter your personal account (trading terminal).

The minimum threshold for entering the market together with the MERLION broker is 500 USD. The average deposit starts from $5,000. The maximum package of services and goodies costs from 30 thousand USD.

MERLION reviews scam
Account types

Our friends have not forgotten about the affiliate program either.

MERLION reviews scam
affiliate program

But judging by the rather strict and confusing regulations for receiving bonuses for referred clients, the program was created with one goal - to ensure a constant increase in new "hamsters" and the spread of pseudo-positive comments about the activities of this office on the network. By the way, the real reviews about MERLION, which we managed to find in Runet, do not shine with optimism.

Real feedback from MERLION clients

Due to the fact that the MERLION company, in fact, appeared less than a month ago (at the time of this writing), it turned out to be difficult to find a large number of real reviews about their work. However, what we managed to find clearly confirmed the results of our analysis and strengthened our opinion that we are facing the most typical scam.

MERLION reviews scam

MERLION reviews scam
MERLION reviews

If you have been deceived by MERLION aerists, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Scheme of deceiving MERLION users

What is actually hidden under the mask of a reliable investment project MERLION? In reality, there can be anything, but not earnings. On the face of the lack of registration, or "registration" in offshore, which they preferred to hide, as well as false information about the time of the project, awards. What can you expect from such a service provider? Exceptional loss of money and disappointment.

The divorce scheme of such offices is the same - at first they gently tell you about high earnings, safety and ease of work. But after you deposit real money into your account, problems begin. Under the guise of a popular trading platform, these scammers most likely draw fake deals on your blue screens and subsequently either demand to pay insurance for the withdrawal of a large amount of earned money (which usually reaches the size of the withdrawal), or, hiding behind their fraudulent agreement, they say, “sorry, bro, we're sorry about your deposit being leaked, but we warned you."

One way or another, you will not see your own, much less earned money there.


The following signs of fraudulent organizations were found on the website of the MERLION office:

  • lack of adequate contact details, licenses, registration, management information;
  • the use of false information about the time the company has existed on the market, awards, job benefits;
  • fraudulent clauses of the contract that put the customer in a loss-making position;
  • the presence of negative reviews;
  • primitive site with low information content.

If after all this you decide to link the fate of your capital with these crooks, we can only wish you good luck. But you won't find it there.

If you have already had the imprudence to contact MERLION and lost your money, fill out the form at the beginning of the article. We will send a step-by-step algorithm of actions to your mail, which can help you recover your lost investments.

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