Home.Saxo is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Home.Saxo positions itself as a leader in financial and regulatory technology. It connects traders, investors and partners to the markets for currencies, stocks and other assets. Home.Saxo is an investment bank that has been operating for over 25 years. Its branches are located in different countries of the world. Experts say that the broker is among the best in Europe and the world, and its reliability is confirmed by licenses from foreign financial regulators. Let's check how much you can really trust this broker.

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Home.Saxo General information

Broker's main website:


Whois check:

Site analysis

Unlike many sites that we review on binarybets.ru, at least they tried to fill the resource of the monitored company with at least something other than glorifying themselves. Although, in fact, everything posted on the site is a common fraud. But first things first.

The Internet resource includes the following sections:

  • products;
  • platforms;
  • accounts;
  • inspiration;
  • about Us;
  • support.

A specialized service estimated this resource at 60 thousand rubles.

And even though the sites we usually review are valued at up to 100 rubles, the above figure is not high. Taking into account the period of existence of the office on the market, as well as the minimum deposit of 10 thousand USD, the cost of the resource should be an order of magnitude higher.

Confusing is the fact that many of the images on the site are used from stock. Take the front page, where the company proudly talks about its expert customer support.

There are some nuances in usability. Confuses also the clumsy translation into Russian in places, overlays of headings on the main text. In general, there is a lot of empty and rather even advertising information that does not make any sense at all.

At the beginning and in the "basement" of the site there are warnings about risks. In fact, it seems to be overkill, because it looks very intrusive. One gets the feeling that Home.Saxo initially disclaims responsibility.

Expertise of legal information, Home.Saxo licenses

The first thing that catches your eye is a warning that cooperation with Home.Saxo is regulated only by Danish law. This is not surprising, because he does not have a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, respectively, the rights of Russian-speaking traders are not protected.

The site was created back in 2016 (see the very first screenshot) and judging by the web archives, it has always belonged to Home.Saxo.

At the same time, it is difficult to say what this office was doing before the appearance of this resource all these years. And how they managed to create 80+ dollar billionaires in a relatively short time. In short, site statistics raise a lot of questions that cannot be answered.

In addition, the client agreement typical of fraudulent offices is also embarrassing, where all responsibility for your money is transferred to you.

But the most important insight awaits you further.

Unlike most of the scammers we reviewed on binarybets.ru, this broker, as they say, actually has a license from the Danish financial regulator. They also received licenses from other states, including the UK regulator.

And this is where the trick was hidden.

When checking the very first regulator on the list (the United Kingdom), we found that their registry does indeed have an organization with a similar name.

Home.Saxo Reviews Scam

Here are just our friends Home.Saxo (aka Saxo Bank), appear in the database of the British regulator as clones that cover up their fraudulent activities with data from open sources.

Home.Saxo Reviews Scam

Home.Saxo Reviews Scam
Regulator Data

So, having collected information about a third-party, reputable organization, Home.Saxo was able to create a large-scale scam with an entry threshold of $ 10,000, at which you get a minimum of opportunities and a maximum of problems for your hard-earned money.

Features of the Home.Saxo company. Tools and conditions for traders

Broker Home.Saxo offers work with cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, bonds, forex, futures, options. To increase the profitability of your investment portfolio, Home.Saxo offers to create portfolios and diversify risks with the help of experts. They also enable experienced traders to independently find and make effective trading decisions on your behalf. The main platform on which investors work is the broker's own development, it can be accessed both from a computer and from a phone.

The advantages that the broker highlights:

  • quick account setup;
  • powerful trading tools;
  • the best prices in the industry for spreads and commissions.

Home.Saxo offers several account types: Classic, Platinum. VIP, which differ in the amount of the deposit and the set of financial opportunities. The minimum rate with which you can start working with a broker varies from 10 thousand to 1 million US dollars.

The broker also provides additional services for support, analytics and support.

As you can see, this project is not suitable for beginners in trading. But it's for the best. Because, hiding behind the work with the world's most important exchanges, the Home.Saxo office stupidly robs its clients, who voluntarily sign a fraudulent client agreement and give a considerable amount for a dummy. Giving away that kind of money at the start of your career and getting buttered up would be an unbearable disappointment in the life of a novice investor.

Echo our opinion and the reviews we found, which can be read below.

Real customer testimonials Home.Saxo

Traders say that the big problem in working with a broker is high rates. So, when opening an account, you need to lay out at least 10 thousand dollars, and allowances are made for commissions for small transactions. Many also note horse spreads. Others argue that transactions are closed at the wrong time, and when withdrawing funds, the application may even be rejected under the pretext of fraudulent activities.

The firm collected 61% of negative feedback from its clients.

Home.Saxo Reviews Scam

The bulk of the reviews we found were provided by foreign colleagues who are indignant at ignoring technical support, lack of payments and other “charms” of cooperation with scammers. We also got a couple of "fi" from Russian-speaking traders.

Home.Saxo Reviews Scam Home.Saxo Reviews Scam

Home.Saxo Reviews Scam Home.Saxo Reviews Scam

Home.Saxo Reviews Scam Home.Saxo Reviews Scam

Home.Saxo Reviews Scam
Home Saxo Reviews

Leave a comment below this article if you have experienced Saxo being scammed or not performing well. This will help other traders not be left without their own funds.

Home.Saxo User Fraud Scheme

Home.Saxo, hiding behind the data of a reputable company and completely copying its official information, swindles unsuspecting customers into large sums. To get more or less adequate conditions for trading, with reasonable spreads and other important points for work, you will have to throw at least 200 thousand dollars into the project. At the same time, such an account is not limiting. And taking into account the fact that the work of the platform, to put it mildly, is not a cake, and the broker reserves the right to reject withdrawal requests and do other atrocities, most likely, even if you throw a million into this bubble collection, you will not see any profit there.


From everything we saw on the website of the Home.Saxo project: horse tariffs, negative reviews about the hacky work of the platform and technical support, the absence of a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and, of course, the presence of clones from the British regulator, we draw a simple, but the only possible conclusion. The Home.Saxo project is a scam slyly veiled as a reputable broker that earns millions on human trust and greed. Check the information provided by the counterparty. The clones are already among us. And even genetic engineering was not needed here. We have everything. All profit!

If you have any problems with the Home.Saxo broker, leave your e-mail at the beginning of the article, and we will send you a step-by-step action plan that will help you get your money back.

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