Swapex24 is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

"Trust the professionals!" - shouts this crypto-exchange site from the very first seconds after its opening. Who are we about? About Swapex24. Another scam or are they really cool specialists in their field? Let's understand how we usually do it at binarybets.ru. We will analyze the site, check the legal information and share our thoughts with you.

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Swapex24. General information

Broker's main website:


Trustorg rating:

Swapex24 reviews scam
Trust in the network

Site analysis

So, about the site. As it happens in the case of one-day exchangers, the layout is simple. One-page site with elementary pictures and color schemes. What sections are offered to us? Let's watch.

  1. The title page with a buggy animation and a call to trust the office, profitably exchanging cryptocurrency.
  2. An exchange application form where you will be asked to share your personal data.
  3. Next, they talk about the advantages of cryptocurrencies. Everything is safe and affordable.
  4. "Pros" of the broker. Small pictures and a brief description of the advantages.
  5. And, finally, a feedback form and a couple of contacts.

In general, a one-page "bang-bang", created with the aim of deceiving users.

The approximate cost of the site based on an independent assessment is 1 ruble. And just imagine that by spending such a funny amount, the owners of this site receive thousands of dollars.

Swapex24 reviews scam
Site rating

Expertise of legal information, Swapex24 licenses

Researching legal information about the dodgy organization is the most interesting part of our reviews. But, alas, Swapex24 gives almost no data.

In the "Contacts" section, we can only find email and Telegram. And you can also share your data, which will remain with the representatives of the office. The form will contain your full name, mailbox address and the text of the intended appeal. And what they will do with them is already a mystery, shrouded in darkness.

Swapex24 reviews scam

There is no more information. No fake addresses, no fake license numbers. Nothing. Just in case, we tried to check the license of Russia, without which it is impossible to carry out activities on the territory of the Russian Federation from the CIS countries. She, of course, doesn't either.

Swapex24 reviews scam
CBR data

By the way, the description of the company contains the following information: “All exchanges are carried out only on a website that is fully protected and excludes the possibility of hacking and leakage of your personal data.” It is strange that they are so confident in the security of their site, because judging by the domain assessment from the Whois site, it was created on October 5, 2021. It is impossible during this time to achieve complete confidence in its reliability, even the sites of global corporations are broken. What can we say about a one-day trip for one ruble.

Swapex24 reviews scam
Domain Age

Peculiarities of work of Swapex24 company. Conditions for traders, promises

If we talk about the peculiarities of the company's work, then they attract with brief promises of a profitable currency exchange and pseudo-guarantees of security.

They don’t promise you specific numbers, but let’s analyze what we have point by point:

  1. The point that exchanges are made only on the site, and, as we have already mentioned, it is allegedly “fully protected”.
  2. Assurances about the maximum exchange rate.
  3. Further, they promise interaction with any kind of wallets. Spoiler - judging by the reviews, then the money will not be withdrawn.
  4. Providing the latest and most profitable courses online 24/7 - but there are no current courses on the site!
  5. Adaptation of the resource for the mobile version.
  6. Promise of 24/7 technical support.

In fact, this is all empty information and water. Zero specifics.

Real customer reviews of Swapex24

On the net, you can find reviews of users who were not lucky enough to become Swapex24 customers. You can see them on the screenshots below.

Swapex24 reviews scam Swapex24 reviews scam

Swapex24 reviews scam
Swapex24 reviews

If you lost money and Swapex24 technical support ignores you, leave your stories under our article. Perhaps it is your review that will help someone avoid losing not only money, but also their mood for a long time.

Swapex24 User Fraud Scheme

This is far from a transparent exchanger with a low commission. The user is lured with promises of security, platform convenience and the ability to work with various currencies. Using this site, there is no way to withdraw money, which is clearly not included in the plans of users.

The domain was created quite recently, most likely, this is not the first and not the last "project" of its creators.


We have researched a lot of scams, and we already had a huge number of reviews of such companies on binarybets.ru.

Let's sum up the results of the study of Swapex24 activities:

  1. The most suspicious is the fact that there is no license, no agreement with the user, and in general any documentary evidence of work.
  2. No addresses or phone numbers provided. Contact in Telegram is ridiculous. After all, this is the most encrypted network, and your interlocutor can delete your correspondence at any time.
  3. The company does not write anything about itself, but it will try to “fish out” your personal information more than once.
  4. The domain is just over 60 days old at the time of this writing. So there can be no talk of any successful organization experience.

So, now knowing the information about this company, it is worth considering and weighing all the pros (there are none, by the way) and cons. You will not get anything good, except for losing money and ignoring your requests from technical support. And, as they say, forewarned is forearmed.

If at some point you have been scammed by Swapex24 or other one-day brokers and want to get your lost money back, leave your email address in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step and detailed list of actions that will definitely help you.

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