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Powerful, fast, simple and safe - this is how the SWISTRUST brokerage company positions its service. The firm offers CFD trading on top stocks, pairs, commodities and indices. You can start earning in just a few simple steps. A platform adapted for any device and a huge number of privileges is available for you. Well, why not a holiday? It just seems to us that we have already seen all this. Let's try to prove otherwise.

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SWISTRUST. General information

Broker's main website:


Platform site:


Whois score:

SWISTRUST reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

The SWISTRUST site is a primitive resource, familiar to us from many previous reviews on binarybets.ru, built on a standard template. The office did not bother either with unique pictures that would somehow acquaint clients with their activities, or meaningful text content. The efforts of the developers were estimated at a very modest amount.

SWISTRUST reviews scam
Site rating

The main page is represented by the following blocks:

  • a line (drop-down list) of the menu, including such sections as an overview of accounts and platforms, trading information, about the company, registration/login buttons and language selection;
  • a slider with the main trading offer and a “trade now” button that redirects users to the registration section;
  • presentation of trading instruments;
  • an overview of the trading platform with buttons for downloading the web version, as well as software for trading on a PC or smartphone;
  • Benefits;
  • registration form;
  • economic and corporate news;
  • awards.

The footer includes contact information, a legal disclaimer, and a risk warning. At the very bottom, there is a button to call the online technical support chat and a running line with the main quotes.

Expertise of legal information, SWISTRUST licenses

The footer of the SWISTRUST website provides information that SWISTRUST is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

SWISTRUST reviews scam

And this is not at all surprising. After all, this republic does not impose special requirements on its beneficiaries. So, any rogue can get a residence permit in it. The main condition is not to nightmare the local population with their “services”.

At the same time, a warning was published on the website of the main regulator of the republic that the Office does not issue any licenses to brokers and others like them.

SWISTRUST reviews scam

This means that the activities of our friends are not controlled by anyone, including the Russian regulator, without whose license the comrades from SWISTRUST do not have the right to take money from Russian-speaking clients at all.

SWISTRUST reviews scam
CBR data

In the "about us" section, the office publishes a lot of information about the team of professionals, many years of experience and successful success. Substitute the name of any scammer gang here and you get a masterpiece. So it doesn't make sense to take it seriously. After all, all promising phrases about reliable cooperation dissipate like smoke, one has only to check the age of the domain in an independent service. The SWISTRUST project has existed since August 2021 (see the very first screen of the article). In such a short time, even the most decent and legal company will not be able to achieve high results. After all, you can trust her only after she proves her trustworthiness for at least 1 year.

But the terms of use of the service are still worth reading. It is there that our friends inform their clients that the responsibility for all the “jambs” lies on their shoulders, as well as that you trade at your own peril and risk.

SWISTRUST reviews scam SWISTRUST reviews scam

The icing on the cake is the awards that SWISTRUST are proud to present on the home page. All these beautiful images were taken from stock. It is easy to check this using the browser's image search function.

SWISTRUST reviews scam SWISTRUST reviews scam SWISTRUST reviews scam

Features of the work of the company SWISTRUST. Tools and conditions for traders

SWISTRUST clients can use over 200 trading instruments to trade major asset classes. In addition to the trading platform adapted for all devices, you get such goodies as:

  • automatic processing of transactions within 1 day;
  • the ability to trade any assets from one account;
  • a wide range of advisors and analytical tools;
  • a wide range of add-ons, including strategy generators and software for automated trading.

The company also offers opportunities for additional earnings through various programs. That's just, recommending to work with such offices to your friends or complete strangers, you are unlikely to earn anything, except for a bad reputation and doubts about your adequacy. Our thoughts are confirmed by the reviews that we managed to find in Runet.

Real customer testimonials from SWISTRUST

Despite the fact that the SWISTRUST office has existed since the summer, there are not so many reviews of its activities left by real users on the network.

SWISTRUST reviews scam

If you fell for the tricks of SWISTRUST, share your opinion in the comments below this article. Perhaps someone will read your review and not make a rash act ..

SWISTRUST User Fraud Scheme

SWISTRUST was not particularly inventive in developing a fraudulent scheme. Everything happens according to the standard algorithm.

The office is looking for potential victims on thematic sites and social networking groups. There, using personal correspondence, he rubs himself into confidence and makes his “best offer”.

Having hung fragrant noodles, scammers encourage the victim to make the first deposit, making which she finds herself in a vicious circle. Successful transactions and a positive balance are drawn for users. But in order to withdraw at least something, new investments will be needed. This can go on indefinitely until the client wakes up and realizes that he was scammed.


On the SWISTRUST website, we found the following signs of fraud:

  • non-unique, non-informative, primitive site;
  • lack of licenses, registration, adequate contact details;
  • use of deliberately false information that misleads customers (for example, about awards received, the age of the project);
  • the use of a fraudulent contract that puts the client in a disadvantageous, unprofitable position;
  • the presence of negative reviews.

The conclusion from all this suggests itself - do not contact anonymous offices, even if they offer you mountains of gold. All this is a sure way to lose money and completely disappointed in trading in the financial market.

If you have been deceived by SWISTRUST or other scammers, and you do not know how to get out of this situation and get your money back, fill out the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step plan that will help you emerge victorious from this situation.

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