Robinhood Trade is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Broker Robinhood Trade positions itself as a well-known global company that has recently entered the CIS market. They do not focus on any one instrument for the trader's work, but provide an opportunity to independently choose an asset. Robinhood Trade guarantees access to global markets, 24/7 support, the best trading technologies. Today we will check if this is true.

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Robinhood Trade General Information

Broker's main website:

Whois check:

Robinhood Trade reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

A specialized service estimated the cost of the site at 96 rubles.

Robinhood Trade reviews scam
Site rating

This is not surprising, because it looks very simple and primitive, while it has a branched structure:

  • trading (informers, calendars, calculators, signals);
  • account types;
  • training (video lessons and courses);
  • about trading (news, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, determining the trend potential);
  • about the company (contacts, reviews, legal information).

The portal has many sections. Obviously, the broker is trying to create an image of a reliable company that understands the topic. This is confirmed by pages with lessons and courses. Only they do not go further than ordinary advertising texts calling for registration: a world-famous company, always in the first place is the needs of customers and the security of their accounts, the development and implementation of the latest technologies, you understand. Of course, there is no at least some detailed information about the history of creation, achievements, trading conditions

By the way, the site is clearly alive, because some sections are actively replenished. For example, the latest publications in the "News" and "Fundamental Analysis" sections appeared in early December.

Robinhood Trade reviews scam

Expertise of legal information, Robinhood Trade licenses

Let's start with the fact that the site was created only on October 26 this year. He was barely a month old, and in the reviews section we find a bunch of positive feedback, which were published for some reason in June. Strange, isn't it?

Unlike most of the scammers that we talk about on the website, Robinhood Trade has full contact information. Surprisingly, there is an address (the company is based in Estonia), 2 phone numbers (Moscow and UK), email, and a feedback form. Judging by customer reviews, it is simply impossible to get through to the broker, and the address is an office building, and it is very difficult to say whether this company is really located there.

Robinhood Trade reviews scam

We go further. Robinhood Trade indicated that the Internet resource is the property of GLASGO LTD and even wrote a registration number, but decided not to place the certificate itself. He was just modest. Based on the information on the site, it is located in the UK. We are looking for a certificate of registration on the official portal of the United Kingdom and find that such a company really exists, but now it is engaged in cargo transportation. In fact, scammers often do this: stupidly steal the data of other enterprises.

Robinhood Trade reviews scam

Curiously, the broker indicated that he entered the CIS market, but there is no information about this company on the website of the Central Bank of Russia, which gives licenses for activities in the Russian Federation.

Robinhood Trade reviews scam
CBR data

In principle, there is no longer any doubt that we have an ordinary scam, but we will still pay attention to the privacy policy. The guys did not hesitate at the very beginning to indicate that they have the right to change the provisions of the document at their discretion, so if you want to be in the know, then visit and update the page constantly. Of course, Robinhood Trade is not responsible for the safety of your data: if a leak occurs, then they have nothing to do with it.

Features of the Robinhood Trade company. Tools and conditions for traders

The broker claims that it will help anyone to earn money. And it doesn't matter what level of financial literacy he has. The company will also provide its clients with access to the best trading tools and functions. It will also give you the opportunity to choose your own assets. Among the advantages of Robinhood Trade:

  • innovative trading platform for high-quality trading;
  • fast deposit and withdrawal of funds;
  • a large selection of trading instruments, training, access to analytics;
  • round the clock support;
  • the account is under enhanced protection (doubtful after reading the privacy policy);
  • you can work from anywhere in the world and in a user-friendly language.

There is also a division into 5 types of accounts: Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond. The minimum deposit amount, leverage and support of analysts on each tariff plan is individual.

Real customer reviews of Robinhood Trade

Unfortunately, so far there are very few real reviews of customers who have encountered fraudulent activities of Robinhood Trade. At the same time, investors who nevertheless managed to take advantage of all the “advantages” of this office claim that it is simply impossible to withdraw money here: the account is either simply blocked without explanation, or some technical problems occur, due to which “float” from the account money.

Robinhood Trade reviews scam

Robinhood Trade reviews scam
Robinhood Trade Reviews

Leave a comment below this article if you have come across a Robinhood Trade scam. This will help other investors not to be foolishly left without their own funds.

Robinhood Trade User Fraud Scheme

To begin with, the scammers are clearly betting heavily on newbies, which has resulted in the creation of a lot of educational information, which, in fact, is freely available on Google and will not bring any benefit. Here you will definitely not be taught how to trade.

Of course, there is no information about trading conditions. Moreover, there is no important information about the spreads, commissions and even how you can withdraw the money earned. Fraudsters promise to compensate payment system fees, which is strange, and offer a bunch of additional services.

Cherry on the cake - you will not be able to withdraw money. Your account will either be blocked at the most favorable moment for you in terms of profit, or there will be mythical technical problems due to which you will lose your funds.


Robinhood Trade are scammers, if only because they use the legal information of an enterprise that has nothing to do with the financial industry. Moreover, swindlers claim that they work in the CIS, although they, of course, do not have a license from the Central Bank of Russia. The crooks do not even try to talk about the trading conditions or statistics of their project. Instead, the site is full of fake testimonials and generic marketing information to grab the attention of inexperienced customers.

Fell for the bait of the "black" broker Robinhood Trade? Then leave your e-mail at the beginning of the article, and we will send a step-by-step action plan that will help you get your money back.

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