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Today's hero of our review is the Liongate broker. It offers its clients trading on the popular markets for stocks, bonds, futures, cryptocurrencies and commodities. The company seems to be a popular and successful project, which stands along with the largest financial institutions. However, in reality, the monitored site has many similarities with the usual “scam brokers”. We will conduct a detailed analysis of Liongates and find out the whole truth.

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Lionates. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

Liongate reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

The Liongates site is a second-rate web resource, made according to a primitive template. Despite all the assurances of the company about professionalism and customer care, its site does not have the most presentable appearance. You can rivet a similar project in the first available constructor in a couple of hours. On the Internet you can find dozens of sites with a similar design. And if we add the lack of adaptation to search engines to all the listed shortcomings, it immediately becomes clear why the resource of the presented office was estimated at only 17 rubles.

Liongate reviews scam
Site rating

Site navigation is carried out using three simple menu sections: markets, about the company, contacts. The platform also supports work in seven different languages, including Russian.

All information presented on the Liongate site does not carry absolutely any useful semantic load. The broker only describes his advantages and achievements, talks about great prospects in cooperation with him. But there is no really useful data regarding trading, instruments or methods of depositing and withdrawing funds on the site. In addition, the web resource of these comrades tends to freeze, and it is not uncommon to give errors when moving from one page to another.

Expertise of legal information, Liongate licenses

In the "About" section, Liongates reveal that they entered the market in 2018 and therefore have four years of experience behind them. It also provides statistics containing the achievements of the project.

Liongate reviews scam

There is only one problem with this whole story. For some reason, there is no mention of such a successful broker with more than 200 thousand clients on the Internet. Attempts to check the age of the site of these comrades turned out to be a failure (screenshot at the beginning of the review). With the help of special software, they hid their real data. There is nothing surprising. The earliest references to the presented office date back to November of this year, and even then they are presented by various kinds of reviews. So all this impressive statistics is a common fraudulent ploy. This is a common practice among many “scammers”, which you can read about on our website The real age of this friend is only a couple of months.

Liongates contact details are represented by a phone number with a UK code, an email address and a company registration address. Also, users have the opportunity to request a call back from technical support. As for the legal address, our broker simply indicated the location of a random building that rents out premises. We were not provided with more detailed information, for example, the office number itself. Of course, it is simply impossible to verify the reality of the existence of the office in this way. This is also one of the common tricks of scammers.

Liongate reviews scam
Google Maps

No information about the registration of the company or the availability of licenses from Liongate regulators is provided. Since the broker indicated the United Kingdom as the legal address, we will try to check its registration in this country. There are several organizations with a similar name in the official registries of the United Kingdom, but they have nothing in common with the hero of our review.

Liongate reviews scam

In the UK, financial corporations are monitored by the FCA. In the list of licensees, we again found a company with the same name, but its data does not match those provided by our friends. Probably, the scammers named their platform with an already existing name in order to inspire more trust in inexperienced users.

Liongate reviews scam

Not a single broker can conduct its activities on the territory of the Russian Federation without the permission of the Central Bank. Since the site Liongate supports work in our native language, the Russians are also its potential customers. A simple check of the registries showed that the represented organization cannot legally operate on the territory of Russia.

Liongate reviews scam
CBR data

Features of Liongate's work. Tools and conditions for traders

Since the company provides not the most detailed and useful information, it is quite difficult to say anything specific about the trading conditions provided to clients. All that can be squeezed out of the data available on the site is summarized by the following list:

  • round-the-clock support from the best traders, as well as market analysts;
  • fully automated trading platform, equipped with all the necessary functionality and a fairly simple interface;
  • a huge number of bonus programs suitable for both beginners and just active traders;
  • availability of trading charts that will help users track the development of investment assets;
  • round-the-clock access to trade;
  • leverage from 1:1 to 1:500;
  • high-quality protection against possible negative balances;
  • high-speed processing of client requests;
  • complete absence of requotes and slippage;
  • an accelerated registration process that can be completed in just 5 minutes.

All customers are offered a choice of 3 tariff plans: Silver, Gold, Platinum. The minimum input capital varies from $100 to $10,000. The higher the initial amount of the account, the more opportunities are offered to the user.

Liongate reviews scam

Real customer testimonials from Liongate

As we have already found out, the broker started working just a few months ago. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that information about him on external sources is practically absent. Yes, and those insignificant information is mainly represented by negative reviews. There are also very few reviews from real Liongate customers, but they all accurately convey the real terms of cooperation with our friend.

Liongate reviews scam
Liongate Reviews

If you lost your money as a result of Liongates illegal activities, tell us about it in the comments at the end of the review. Thanks to you, other users will be able to avoid the tricks of scammers.

Scheme to defraud Liongate users

Liongates is an ordinary pseudo-broker who uses the standard divorce scheme for such organizations. On thematic forums, on social networks, with the help of contextual advertising, scammers are looking for users who are interested in making money on the Internet. After a potential victim is found, scammers begin to process it in various ways: calls, intrusive offers in instant messengers, etc. As soon as the scammers see that an inexperienced “businessman” has fallen for their bait, they slip their site to him.

The client replenishes the deposit and starts trading according to the recommendations of "experienced" traders. Only now all operations take place within the platform and have nothing to do with real financial markets.

The program in the first 7-14 days gives excellent results. This is the motivation for additional replenishment of the account, but at one moment the entire balance of the user is instantly merged. Any attempts to get in touch with scammers end with an iron ignore. It’s also impossible to complain anywhere, since we are dealing with an anonymous “garbage dump”. This is how the creators of Liongates earn.


Liongate provides clients with false facts about its activities. The office has no official registration and license. There is no direct connection with the creators of the project. Before us is the usual "scam", which, in its functioning algorithm, does not differ from hundreds of other fraudulent platforms.

If you have been scammed by scammers from Liongates or any other financial organization, we are ready to assist you in getting your money back. Fill out the contact form at the beginning of the article and a step-by-step instruction will be sent to you.

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