TON10 is a scam using the name of Pavel Durov

A considerable number of people want to easily earn big money, and scammers play on this, creating a scam. Scams have appeared on the network, the feature of which is promises of big profits in a short time and without the need to make an effort. A divorce called TON10 is also built on this. Today, this project is known as a scam, but it all started quite well.

TON is a blockchain based on Telegram, which Pavel Durov promised to open, but something went wrong, the project never launched. The scammers immediately picked up Durov's idea and use it to their advantage - to extort money. Not surprisingly, a big name attracts customers, it's a sin not to take advantage of this opportunity. In the article, we will analyze the essence of divorce and show what algorithm scammers use.

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Loud promises behind which there is nothing

To begin with, let's go to the site of the scam, which often changes its location, but at the time of preparation of this material, it is located at This is a one-page site, in the very center of which there is a video. It is allegedly recorded on YouTube, but this is not true, there is no video on the video hosting, scammers were afraid to post it in the public domain, because it is crammed full of lies.

TON10 is a scam using the name of Pavel Durov

The video is colorful, it is designed for those who are looking for easy money. It advertises TON, presenting this resource as a powerful base for creating digital money, which in the future will become the whole Internet. The same video is about the Gram cryptocurrency, which will soon become the new world currency.

Listeners are strongly invested in the idea that they are trying to block Telegram in order to prevent the promotion of TON, the main task of which, as they say in the video, is to make the Internet as transparent and decentralized as possible. Among other things, TON is designed to open access to automatic trading algorithms on exchanges and provide everyone with the opportunity to create their own effective algorithms. At the moment, only banks and hedge funds have such an opportunity, and it is they who are trying to block public access to TON.

In the same video, crooks cling to the personality of not only Pavel Durov, but also his brother Nikolai, who allegedly called TON the best automatic trading system. It also mentions the name of the organizer of the TON10 project, Vladimir Shuvalov, who allegedly left Russia in 2001 together with Pavel and Nikolai Durov. Moreover, Nikolai himself entrusted him with testing the first version of the algorithm mentioned above. On this wave, a set of first users is announced, who will have access to automatic earnings even before its official release.

This is the story that scammers came up with and they catch gullible seekers of easy money on it. The crooks promise an income of four million rubles a month, you can make a profit without effort, you just need to register on the project and get a special program at your disposal. Earnings are automatic, you do not need to do anything. Money can be withdrawn every week, withdrawal is available to any bank card.

TON10 is a scam using the name of Pavel Durov

Well, isn't it a miracle? Indeed, why not take advantage of such an appetizing app! There are those who have already taken advantage, and those who are just going to try their luck with TON10. Our task is to show how scammers swindle for money, thereby reducing the number of victims of their activities. But already at this stage it is worth noting that such a large income offered by the creators of TON10 cannot be a reality. In any case, getting that kind of money without doing anything is not easy enough, unless the inheritance falls from the sky. But there are those who believe in miracles, and then end up with nothing.

The essence of divorce TON10

Upon entering the scam site, potential victims are offered to go through a registration procedure that requires a phone number and email address. When the procedure is completed, the victim is offered to listen to another video in which a friend in a suit again tells tales about the TON10 project and its incredible possibilities. He is listened to by smartly dressed people, which also serves as a bait for potential victims. In fact, this video is staged, there is not a word of truth in it. And the project itself is pure scam, which you should not even mess with. Of course, he has nothing to do with Pavel and Nikolai Durov, but he is in the same team with “black” brokers.

The fact is that through interest in automatic algorithmic trading, crooks are slowly luring victims into the clutches of dishonest brokers, in particular, to the platform of the well-known brokerage scam on the network. This is where the fairy tales about earning money without investments end, scammers manipulate victims for a minimum account replenishment, and they succeed, because the amount of the initial deposit is small, only $ 300, and they promise much more profit, as much as four million rubles. Breeders, as a rule, are not limited to this replenishment. They continue to pump out money, using divorce brokerage schemes. But first, the scammers offer to watch a free training video, from which it will allegedly become clear how to earn the promised four million. Of course, there is not a word of truth in the video, this is another ploy to impress potential victims and get them to fork out.

TON10 is a scam using the name of Pavel Durov

Trading on the platform ends with a traditional drain of the deposit and an unchanged offer to recoup. Thus, scammers spin victims to re-deposit accounts. A scheme with profitable transactions is also used to pump out money. If the victim stutters about the withdrawal, he is persuaded to stay, they start the hurdy-gurdy again about the upcoming rise of the Gram digital currency and the possibilities of automatic trading.

It is useful for all seekers of easy income to know that it is impossible to earn money on the TON10 project, but a nervous breakdown is welcome. The swindlers manipulate the victims, encouraging them to give their hard-earned money and take out loans, pumping out money continues at the withdrawal stage, then they demand to pay a fabulous commission, insurance or something else. In any case, a meeting with scammers will end in financial losses, big for some, not so much for others. But they can be avoided if you ignore the tales of intruders about passive income in the amount of four million rubles a month.

TON10 is a scam using the name of Pavel Durov

final word

The scam called TON10 has nothing to do with the brainchild of Pavel Durov. Nikolai Durov is also not involved in this project, and Vladimir Shuvalov, who is discussed in the video, is a fictional character, the existence of which the Durov brothers do not know anything. A bright video with loud promises is a trick to lure potential victims. Four million rubles also act as an appetizing bait. In fact, not a single person received such an amount on this project, but many consider losses, which is confirmed by the reviews presented above.

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