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Each company tries to present its trading conditions as uniquely as possible in order to further attract as many customers as possible, as well as their funds. The hero of our article today, namely the company Richland, is a fairly new and unique way to effectively trade on the stock exchange and get the corresponding results. This platform is a trading advisor, the algorithm of actions of which is based on the use of artificial intelligence, which specializes in cryptocurrency assets.          Richland Contacts

On its website, the office did not provide almost any contact information, except for a huge number of links to its social networks, as well as instant messengers, with the help of which you can allegedly contact representatives Richland, but the main problem is that at least half of the available links are not active, that is, the office just provided some data for the sake of appearance in order to give the impression of a successful, as well as professional service.

Site review

The site of the aforementioned project looks like a rather second-rate platform that does not present itself with anything really useful for users. There are several sections on the platform that in general terms describe both the algorithm of the operation of this site and the presented Richland trading product, as well as the site has a brief description of the affiliate program, which is available to all users.

Richland Broker Conditions

Richland offers its users the following available features on the presented site:

  • guaranteed profit, regardless of the experience or trading skills of the company's clients;
  • fully automated workflow, from the purchase to the sale of assets;
  • client access to the most popular and profitable cryptocurrency exchange;
  • the most convenient telegram bot, which has translations into both English and Russian;
  • a professional and experienced team of specialists, which consists of the best traders and market analysts;
  • full round-the-clock support of Richland representatives, as well as the work of the presented site available at any time;
  • the presence of stop limits technology, which limits the risks of losing funds;
  • availability of strategies for short-term as well as medium-term investment;
  • for clients there is a referral system that will allow you to receive additional profit;
    — a constant analytical process of cryptocurrency exchanges, which is controlled by an AI bot.

 Exposing the Richland Company

The office, despite the presence of seemingly quite promising conditions for cooperation, in fact, does not represent anything really valuable that could at least bring profit to traders. The fact that the company Richland is a scammer and a scammer, repeatedly proves a number of rather significant facts:

Firstly, Richland reviews, in which users, describing their work with the presented project, mentioned a fairly extensive number of shortcomings that systematically manifest themselves in the process of cooperation, for example, Richland representatives constantly ignore clients, as well as the lack of any opportunity to withdraw their funds.

Secondly, it is worth mentioning the fact that Richland does not have any legal evidence of at least its existence, as well as the complete absence of a certificate, or a license, which must be present on all sites of this kind without fail. 

How to withdraw money from Richland

As we mentioned earlier, this site does not even consider the option that customers can benefit from their cooperation as a cash payment, that is Richland does not withdraw money, which again confirms the feedback about the office and its real intentions.      


Looking at previous reviews on the website, you can see quite a few similarities between this project and other similar services, which indicates the presence of a whole batch of such sites that are currently operating on the market. As regards activities Richland as such, this site absolutely does not help its clients in any way, as it promises earlier, to achieve the most effective results in cryptocurrency trading, but only take care of their own wallet, as well as its systematic replenishment, extorting more and more deposits from traders in order to ensure their further fraudulent existence. Therefore, talking about the quality and reliability of the presented platform, knowing about the rather significant shortcomings that we mentioned in this article, is simply stupid, as well as advising traders to cooperate with the presented project, because this platform does not give any positive guarantees due to its fraudulent intentions and goals. .   

Possibility withdraw money with "Richland" not confirmed.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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