MK-IT FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

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As you know from previous reviews on the website, there are simply a huge number of cheap and fraudulent companies operating on the market, which are trying by all means to attract more naive traders to their equally low-quality and absolutely unprofessional sites, who could, without any or obstacles to invest their funds straight into the pockets of swindlers who are behind the management of such sites. In this review, we will talk about an office called MK-IT, which is one of the huge number of one-day companies that have an identical algorithm of actions, a platform and even trading conditions that are repeated over and over again in a paraphrased form for each similar project, including MK -IT.           Company contacts MK-IT

On its web resource, the presented site leaves the following data, using which they can directly contact its representatives:

  • support email address Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.

At this point, the entire promising list of the company ends, since MK-IT did not provide any more data, which once again confirmed its non-professionalism, as well as incompetence.

Website review

As we mentioned earlier, all sites of such projects are quite identical, so to say anything about the uniqueness and quality of the presented site, which is one-page, and also does not have any detailed data regarding cooperation with it, is simply stupid. As for the design of this platform, it is represented by several scrolling slides interconnected, where literally in three or four sentences the actions of this platform are described, which once again confirms the fact that MK-IT scammer and scammer.   

MK-IT FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

Broker conditions MK-IT

Hoping for the presentation of the most specific and detailed services in the case of this site is rather stupid, especially knowing that it is part of a huge fraudulent structure called one-day offices and all their subspecies. From the available information, the following, rather limited list of services can be compiled:

  • the presence of a sufficiently large selection of trading assets that are currently at the peak of popularity;
  • convenient and maximally thought-out platform with automated control, which will speed up the trading process as much as possible and increase efficiency;
  • two trading formats, both traditional - standard, and the format of trust management;
  • a fairly flexible financial component of MK-IT, which provides customers with access to the most popular and used payment systems;
  • qualified support from experienced and professional specialists in 12/5 mode;
  • assistance with developing your own trading strategy;
  • the presence of a multi-level referral system.

It is quite clearly visible in this list that the broker did not even try to dilute it with any details due to their banal absence.

 Exposing MK-IT

Since, as we have already found out, this site is not really a successful and noteworthy project, it is also worth mentioning the reputation of MK-IT, which consists of a huge number of negative reviews, as proof of this. Data MK-IT reviews, which can be found on absolutely any feedback platform, do not mention the professionalism of the presented site, both its incompetence and its representatives, as well as the complete absence of real initiative in helping traders improve their financial condition, which directly indicates fraud by MK-IT . 

How to withdraw money from MK-IT

We think it would be fairly obvious that MK-IT does not withdraw money, because given its real intentions, as well as the absence of any desire to lose its funds, the office simply does not even consider such an option, which is quite logical, because there is no other source of income, due to the lack of real access to the markets.     


Summing up with regards to the MK-IT office, I would like to mention once again that there are simply a huge number of such platforms on the market and all the facts that were mentioned in this review can be applied to the activities of thousands of such platforms. As for the activities of MK-IT, it is the most common second-rate scam project, the activities of which are far from ideal, and even more so cannot be equated with really noteworthy projects, therefore, we, which is quite reasonable, do not recommend cooperation with MK-IT Can.   

Possibility withdraw money with "MK IT" not confirmed.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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