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TargetGlobalInvestments is a European brokerage platform with a whole range of efficient trading opportunities. The project itself is not very popular, it raises some doubts about reliability, there are not so many reviews about the company yet. The site was made in haste, a lot of errors, the template is out of scope. Real brokers bring everything to perfection before providing their services.

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What does TargetGlobalInvestments offer?

If you look at the offers of this platform, it turns out that it does not stand out from the competition. Template offers for trading various assets, a wide range of accounts, with individual terms of service.

Clients are trying to convince that this is the most reliable broker. The platform is in successful demand among professional traders. It is possible to receive free signals. Additionally, it is proposed to transfer money to trust management. Thus, to receive a guaranteed income.

Is it worth partnering with Target Global Investments?

This question should be considered in detail, since answering it is possible only after checking the site itself. At first, the site itself raises serious doubts, since it is frankly “crooked”. Made in a couple of days, no time and money was devoted to its revision, or at least correcting the “jambs”.

Site statistics are not true. The project itself appeared in October 2021. But the site administration simply indicates the fabulous statistics of registered accounts, financial turnover. The project is not very popular on the Internet. Therefore, the company could not achieve such success. It's just fake data to mislead people.

Target Global Investments - Broker Reviews

Several legal addresses are indicated, there is even an office in St. Petersburg. Moreover, if you start checking them, it turns out that there is no Target Global Investments office there. Another lie.

According to legal documents. There is no information about where the company is registered. If you look closely, there are no licenses for the legitimate activities of a brokerage company. Thus, you have the usual brokerage kitchen, which does not provide access to real markets.

Is it possible to earn?

This project should not be considered for a real way to earn money. You will trade in a regular simulator (demo account), and not in real markets. The administration will simply begin to draw balance indicators, change quotes at any time. Also pay attention to the contract, in which the founders of the project completely refuse guarantees, financial compensation.

Target Global Investments - Broker Reviews

There are very few reviews, but even from them you can understand that no one returned their money. Deceived customers complain that they were promised a guaranteed earning opportunity. As a result, everyone lost their money and cannot return them. Even professional traders do not recommend getting involved with this brokerage kitchen.

Pros and cons

Unfortunately, there are no positives for this project at all. After several checks, inspection of the site revealed only minuses:

  1. Unfinished site (made in a hurry).
  2. Complete anonymity of management and staff.
  3. The deposit goes to suspicious accounts, not to the official company.
  4. There are no legal data, licenses for brokerage activities.
  5. Project legend, statistics created to deceive new customers.
  6. There are already negative reviews about the fact that customers are blatantly deceived for a lot of money.

Therefore, it is best to look for another broker, because if you invest in a dummy, then no one will return anything.

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