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Fraud can be found not only among brokerage sites, but also in other industries, such as refunds and legal assistance to users affected by scammers. In this article, we will consider just one of the vivid examples of those scammers who pretend to be reliable and professional law firms, and also try to sell their services under a beautiful sauce, guaranteeing a full refund of funds that were brazenly stolen from users. We are talking about a project called LEGAL FUNDING LIMITED, which began to function as a full-fledged cashback service not so long ago, but has already managed to collect quite a lot of negative reactions and responses in its direction due to a number of reasons, which we will talk about today.      


  • Registered Headquarters Address: 1st Floor Healthaid House, Marlborough Hill, Middlesex, United Kingdom, HA1 1UD
  • Email: mail@​
  • Clients can also contact the office staff using the feedback form. LEGAL FUNDING LIMITED


Overview of funding-limited.comThe site of this service is the most common one-page site, with stock photos of a building and a minimum of useful information. The office posted several general mentions of its activities, and also briefly described in which areas it works. She did not provide anything really important for traders in terms of conditions and other provisions on cooperation.   


What functions and opportunities does this platform provide for its users?

Firstly, the company guarantees 100% a refund, the opportunity to apply for a free online consultation with the best lawyers at any time, and also get a huge amount of goodies during the maintenance of activities.

Secondly, with regard to technical issues, the site promises to provide a chargeback in the shortest possible time, more than 34 qualified legal employees work in its staff, and the service itself is registered in the UK.

The office submits all these facts in the hope that they will be able to somehow attract the attention of naive and gullible users, and so much so that they want to cooperate with LEGAL FUNDING LIMITED.


Despite all the attempts of this service to present its project in the best light, it does not work out very well, because there are simply a huge number of shortcomings of the office, which clearly and without unnecessary provisions make it clear that the company LEGAL FUNDING LIMITED scammer and scammer, whose activities are aimed solely at their own enrichment, but not at all to help their users in returning funds.

First, speaking about the obvious signs of fraud on the part of this project, it is worth mentioning the reputation of the office, namely company reviews LEGAL FUNDING LIMITED, in which there are a number of dissatisfaction from customers related to the qualifications of employees, as well as the effectiveness of their work.

Secondly, it is important to mention the absence of any documents regarding the legality of this project, and in addition, also the fake place of registration, which indicates on its website LEGAL FUNDING LIMITED. LEGAL FUNDING LIMITED



How to withdraw money from LEGAL FUNDING LIMITED

This topic in the activity of the office is key, since the return of funds is its main task, but it does not cope with it as well as it claims to, because in all the responses left, users have never mentioned the satisfactory result of the work of the counter, but as well as all of its employees. Considering all these provisions, the conclusion is that the company  LEGAL FUNDING LIMITED does not withdraw money, that is, it does not fully fulfill all its obligations as a successful and progressive chargeback service.


Taking into account all the provisions we have previously mentioned, as well as on the site, we can confidently state that the presented service is absolutely not suitable for an adequate return of funds, because instead of the result that users expect, they will only once again spend their money and will not achieve justice, which the office talks about so beautifully.     


Possibility withdraw money with "LEGAL FUNDING LIMITED" not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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