Nova Commercial Finance review - a young and banal scam? Reviews.

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Nova Commercial Finance offers traders and investors to increase their capital, but is a real scam, as we are told by the numerous negative reviews of the company's former clients. New customers are very welcome here and are ready to provide all the conditions for trading in the financial market.


The project developers assure that the profitability of users on the site is at least two hundred percent of the initial deposit. Can these words be trusted? In this review, we will prove to you that a broker called Nova Commercial Finance is a scammer who should not be trusted with a dime. Recognizing this primitive fraudulent project as a false brokerage organization is not difficult. In the review, we will explain to the reader why this office does not deserve any trust.

Overview of the portal of scammers on the Internet.

Review of Nova Commercial Finance - a young and banal scam? Reviews.

It's a stretch to call this site a portal. But new traders and investors are led even to such a primitive site on the Internet, all this is due to ignorance of how a real broker works. A very simple interface, unpretentious design and the absence of any important information about trading on the financial market - all this shows us that we are facing another scammer on the Internet.

Review of Nova Commercial Finance - a young and banal scam? Reviews.

We checked the cost of the scam portal on the Internet, and as it turned out, its price is seven rubles. This immediately shows the level of this garbage. Established brokers spend much more impressive funds to create their resource on the Internet, as this is the face of the company. This alone is enough to understand who we are dealing with.

As such, information about who we are dealing with on a fraudulent portal is simply zero. Fraudsters from limited themselves to listing trading conditions and numerous bonuses, which, by the way, are prohibited by all financial market regulators. It is clear that is a bogus broker, as we are told by numerous negative reviews from former clients. There is no information on the analysts' reports on the site of the scammers, nor the latest news of the global financial market. Swindlers at the beginning of trading say that they will teach new traders and investors everything, but as such there is no training program here. This is just another tricky move by scammers to attract the attention of naive traders and investors.

The deceitful broker is trying with all his might to attract the attention of new clients with promises of enormous profitability of the project. They demonstrate supposedly their development - a financial calculator on which a trader or investor can calculate their profit in cooperation with an organization. For example, a deceitful broker promises to increase capital by 7 times after 3 months of cooperation. These are simply exorbitant numbers, which are several times higher than the rates of any bank. Only scammers can promise such returns in an unstable financial market.

On the fraudulent portal, they are in full swing promoting the remote control utility. This program is allegedly used for good purposes, namely, with its help, the project developers help their clients. But in fact, this software is used to gain access to your computer. Fraudsters using this program can mess with your personal computer. For example, they will be able to go to the bank online and steal the money you have in your account. They can steal any passwords and any information. Be careful of scammers who ask you to install additional software on your computer.

Trading conditions of a fraudulent project.

Detailed trading conditions are not described here. But the information published on the company's portal is enough to say that this dump has nothing to do with England. The minimum deposit here is $200. This only tells us that at least you will lose 200 US dollars on this platform. Spreads here are from 1.5 pips. Leverage 1:200. This is just a huge value of leverage, which exceeds the norm of 1:30 several times.

Review of Nova Commercial Finance - a young and banal scam? Reviews.

There is no presentation section on the fraudulent portal. There is no information about the company itself. There is no information about the creators of this project. The swindlers preferred to remain in the shadow of their fame as a real scammer. Do not trust anonymous platforms on the Internet. The domain name of the scam company was registered just a month ago, namely in mid-March 2022. This speaks for itself. You should not trust such young companies that literally multiply like mushrooms after rain. The company in question has the same personal account and registration form as many similar one-day companies. We can list a whole list of such companies, but we will not do this in order not to waste time.

Contact information of the lying broker.

It is worth listing the main contacts of the organization on the Internet:

  • Feedback form. But here it is worth noting the fact that in order to use the feedback form, you must leave all the information about yourself, which is absolutely not worth doing on the portal of scammers. It is not clear how scammers can use your personal data for personal gain.
  • Fictitious phone number with Russian code.
  • E-mail address.

The User Agreement says that the services are provided by an organization registered in the UK, and the address of the scammers is indicated. But we can say with confidence that there is no brokerage organization, and never has been. The scammers have nothing to do with England.

Real reviews about the company of scammers.

There are no positive reviews about the work of the scam company on the Internet. We have not found any such review. Although there are plenty of negative reviews about the company's work, users tell how they were scammed on the platform. Also, in their reviews, the company's clients state that the deceitful broker uses standard deception schemes and simply does not withdraw funds from its platform.

Conclusion about the project.

In the review, we checked the activities and proved the fraud of the company on the Internet, and the negative reviews of former users also speak about the fact that we have a real scammer. A false project was created and managed by experienced swindlers.

Review of Nova Commercial Finance - a young and banal scam? Reviews.

Review of Nova Commercial Finance - a young and banal scam? Reviews.

Review of Nova Commercial Finance - a young and banal scam? Reviews.

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