Smart Trade - reviews and review of the trading bot -

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SMART TRADE is a new site for a very old scam that has been around for at least three years. It is an automatic bot for making money on investments on the stock exchange.

This is a very primitive divorce, but it surprises with its vitality. The fact is that many beginners believe in a freebie, in addition, referrals and characters simply paid by the admin flood the Internet with their positive reviews, creating the impression that the project is really reliable and safe. When people lose money, they understand that this is not so, but does it make it easier for them?

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Pros and cons of SMART TRADE No Pseudo earnings Fake bot Fraud and scam

SMART TRADE - project overview

The SMART TRADE bot without a subscription fee makes it possible to make a profit with a minimum of effort: just select the amount of investment to start, the bot will buy when the price falls and sell when it rises.

Use the SMART TRADE trading bot for free, it takes % only if there is income on the platform. We are required to go through a simple registration, then consult with a manager, select an exchange and a trading pair, create a virtual wallet, set up a bot, run it and, accordingly, make a profit.

The bot will take 10 percent of our profits. But there is some clumsy condition - after the bot receives the first profit, the account balance will become negative and you will have 3 days of free use to get acquainted with the work of the bot, evaluate the result and, if desired, replenish the account balance and continue using the services of the service. Actually, this is where the trick lies.

Smart Trade - reviews and review of the trading bot -

+ 7 800 933-40-40

Basically, there is no contact information. The phone will not answer you. There is no email. There is another address in Moscow, but it is not clear what we should find there. Is there a bot in there? The company that created it? And what is it called? And where are her legal documents?

Customer reviews and complaints

It should be noted that the current version of the scam is only a few weeks old. Therefore, there is nothing strange that there are no reviews for this site yet. But they are available for all previous SMART TRADE projects. As mentioned above, there are both negative and positive comments, who writes the second - we have already explained.

Smart Trade - reviews and review of the trading bot -

There is nothing interesting in the SMART TRADE project. It is aimed strictly at beginners, and this is evident not only from the cheap site, but also from the nonsense that is being carried here.

Allegedly, this bot will earn automatically on investments on exchanges.

There are no specifics, of course. What kind of bot is this, which exchanges, how does it work, what algorithms does it use.

In addition, few beginners understand that automated trading is nonsense. Artificial intelligence does not exist, and any bot is just an assistant. If he trades himself, then you will merge your deposit into two accounts.

SMART TRADE is a dangerous money scam

Free use is a gimmick. Since SMART TRADE does not actually trade anywhere, scammers will draw you a huge profit, and then demand money for further use. Moreover, you will not be allowed to withdraw what you supposedly have already earned without first replenishing your account.

But even after replenishment, you will not receive anything. Because in fact there is no income, and scammers from SMART TRADE simply go over your ears.

Do not contact SMART TRADE under any circumstances. This is a very cheap, but, nevertheless, very dangerous scam. Cooperation with this project is guaranteed to result in serious financial losses for you. There is no trade here, as, in fact, a bot.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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