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AZAforex is a forex broker who naturally tries to convince us that he is exactly what we need to do nothing and earn good money.

Of course, this is not true. In general, any forex broker requires a thorough check, as among such companies, 90% are scammers. And if we talk specifically about AZAforex, then there is no doubt about it - this is a sharashka office without intelligible documents, which imitates trading, but in fact it is draining the deposits of its few clients. I mean, it's a scammer.

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AZAforex - project overview

AZAforex is a brokerage company for trading Forex, cryptocurrencies, CFDs on precious metals, CFDs on energy, CFDs on stocks, CFDs on indices and binary options. It was founded in 2016 and provides brokerage services to traders and companies from all over the world.

The company offers its clients trading without any restrictions and broker intervention, tight spreads, high leverage, decent bonuses, no delays, no requotes, no freeze levels, no slippage, split second execution even during the news.

Local analysts share their years of experience so that we can become professional traders in no time. AZAforex is registered offshore and is not a tax agent, does not share information about its clients at any request of government authorities of any country in the world.

Reviews about AZAforex — broker review -




There is a lot of contact information, but these are all not very convenient ways of communication, especially for Russian-speaking users. For clients from such countries, which the broker focuses on, only electronic boxes are provided.

Customer reviews and complaints

Despite the fact that the AZAforex broker has allegedly been operating for five years, there are not so many reviews on it. Moreover, they are all fresh, there are no old ones, as if the company has actually been operating for a year, maximum two.

In addition, the reviews are mostly negative. They accuse AZAforex of not being a broker, but an ordinary offshore kitchen.

Reviews about AZAforex — broker review -

The website of AZAforex is frankly nightmarish. It can be seen that they tried to make it of high quality, but nothing decisively happened. The admins have nothing to write about, so they turned each paragraph of the text into a menu item in order to artificially increase its volume.

There is only English, all the rest are added through the built-in online translator.

Legal information is essentially non-existent. We only know that AZAforex is a reference offshore company, as it is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Actually, here they admit this, and they pretend that this is an advantage. Actually, it's a huge disadvantage.

Reviews about AZAforex — broker review -

AZAforex is a scam for money

It is also reported that the services provided by the AZAforex forex broker do not require licensing, so financial commissions do not regulate the company's activities. This is generally arrogance.

The trading conditions are ridiculous, the leverage is huge, the minimum deposit is from $1. In general, they take everyone who has at least some money. A penny to a penny - here's a ruble for scammers.

Do not contact AZAforex under any circumstances. This is not a forex broker, this is a dull kitchen that does not actually trade anywhere, but only imitates the provision of trading services. No license, only offshore registration. Divorce.

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