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Dominanta is supposedly a group of companies that builds residential and commercial real estate, primarily in Israel. It's all nonsense.

In fact, Dominanta is a low-quality pseudo-investment project. Highly profitable HYIP, which sets itself the goal of its own enrichment at our expense. There is nothing interesting here. In principle, such projects cannot be paid. Yes, they can pay, but they can pay, and your money in small installments, but not pay. In any case, you will remain in a serious minus, and scammers only need this.

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Dominanta - project overview

Since 2010, Dominanta has been building residential areas with developed infrastructure, business blocks with class A office space, retail, service, sports and entertainment facilities, and has been creating urban public spaces and recreational areas in Israel since 2010.

They say that this is a very cool group of companies that has a lot of achievements, many clients and many different advantages.

Thanks to all this, Dominanta offers us truly royal investment conditions. We will receive from two percent per day. And, for example, in six days you can get 157%. There are also individual conditions for the rapid transformation into a member of the Forbes list. In general, they promise a traditional freebie.

Dominanta group of companies - reviews and review -


What can be said about contact information? For example, the fact that it is exactly the same as it should be for a pseudo-investment project. It seems to be, but in reality it is not. The indicated address in Israel is frankly fictitious; you will predictably not find any company with that name on it.

Customer reviews and complaints

Reviews about Dominanta are predictably bad. Many immediately realized that this is a very low-quality HYIP, that is, a project that will not pay by default. He is bombarded with a low level of performance, lack of documents, poor-quality marketing and many other problems typical of scammers.

Dominanta group of companies - reviews and review -

Allegedly, the “group of companies” Dominanta is placed on a template and crooked site. The information part is quite good, in the sense that the scammers lie very convincingly.

But, of course, no company with that name exists in nature.

What they tell you here is nothing more than a legend of another hype. The project has no legal documents, the Israeli origin is completely fictitious.

In addition, we are raving about working since 2010, as well as about some eighteen years of experience, but in fact this project is only a few weeks old.

Dominanta - cheap money scam

Breeding here will be quite a standard method. They promise free interest, they can even pay several times. But then the payments stop abruptly, and, as a result, you won’t even be able to recoup part of your contribution, let alone get at least some profit.

You also need to take into account that projects such as Dominanta are initially created by a scam. If you think that if you can stick to the top of the pyramid, you will be able to make a profit, then you are deeply mistaken. Only admins will earn money, all the rest are nothing more than suppliers of free money.

Dominanta group of companies - reviews and review -

It is not recommended to contact Dominanta. This is not a group of companies, this is a low-quality and predictable hype with clear signs of a pyramid scheme and scam. Fraud and money scam.

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