S-Group is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

The modern consumer is spoiled by an abundance of offers, including those for making money on the Internet. That is why companies providing services in the financial market are trying their best to offer a potential client a unique and profitable product. There are also scammers who are constantly creating new enticements in order to create the impression of a reliable service provider and extract as much money as possible from naive investors. S-Group offers its clients investments in proven destinations, access to personalized financial advice and training. That's just who this team plays for - for scammers and crooks or for honest brokers, we have to find out in this review.

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S group. General information

Broker's main website:


Trustorg rating:

S-Group reviews scam
S-Group Trustorg

Site analysis

The website of the S-Group office is made in a pleasant "clean" design. However, its information content is no different from typical scams, such as Jubik and the like. In addition, when going to the page, we were informed that access to the resource was blocked by the decision of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation.

S-Group reviews scam

The site's independent evaluation service showed that the S-Group resource is not ranked and costs a little more than a couple of hundred rubles.

S-Group reviews scam
S-Group site cost estimate

The structure of the main page has the usual subsections for those who regularly read binarybets.ru reviews:

  • menu (about the company, contacts, login/registration and language selection buttons);
  • a slider with a unique selling proposition and a button to switch to the video presentation view mode;
  • “the value of possession”, it is also the benefits of cooperation with the office;
  • overview of tools and areas of work;
  • media center - training videos, presentations, news.

The footer indicates that the office is registered in the UK, and also has an identification code of legal entities of the international identifier LEI. The menu is also duplicated there, links to social networks and Telegram are given. Below, in small print, are links to documents about the Privacy Policy and AML, as well as a client-user agreement. These data will be discussed in more detail in the following chapters.

Expertise of legal information, S-Group licenses

Let's start with the UK Company Registration Certificate and the International Identifier Certificate that S-Group placed in the footer of their home page.

S-Group reviews scam
S-Group registration
S-Group reviews scam
S-Group registration

The documents are genuine. But this does not mean that the office has the right to provide services in the field of financial investment. To do this, you need a license from the British regulator, which, as it turned out, these guys do not have.

S-Group reviews scam
S-Group regulator licenses

In addition, we often saw such pieces of paper from scam brokerage firms. This means that getting them is not difficult, even if you are sitting somewhere in Rostov on a sofa in slippers.

And given that S-Group operate without the permission of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, they have no right to take money from clients from Russia and the CIS.

We were not able to find them at the specified legal address in Google maps. At these coordinates there is an office building with a huge number of offices and companies. This is one of the most common ways to "get lost", having an official registration, which is chosen by scammers. After all, the owners of such commercial space practice to “register” real-life and all kinds of online offices at the same address. The owner of a commercial facility receives, in fact, "rubber" square meters, from which you can have 10 times more profit. And scammers have the opportunity to escape from responsibility.

This is exactly what, apparently, the heroes of our review did. We did not find S-Group in the directory of enterprises based in this building.

S-Group reviews scam
S-Group google maps

The company does not provide other contacts, except for email and links to social networks. By the way, for a successful organization, the S-Group has a rather dead Facebook account. And when you go to Instagram, the browser shows an error.

S-Group reviews scam
S-Group social networks

Raises questions and the client-user agreement. The authors of the project prudently left it only in English. But we do some thorough reviews. Therefore, the main provisions were translated into Russian. And, as expected, the agreement contains such clauses that actually make it possible for counter to change the conditions and block user accounts at its discretion.

S-Group reviews scam
S-group agreement
S-Group reviews scam
S-group agreement

And the last one is the age of the project. After checking the domain by Whois, we found that it was purchased in 2020.

S-Group reviews scam
S-Group domain age

However, in the web archive, we found information that at that time another, by all indications, also a fraudulent project was registered on this domain (take, for example, the legend about the “long-term” formation of the company, which we found in the archive and the number of subscribers in the social network ).

S-Group reviews scam

The new project was created in the summer of 2021. Therefore, there can be no talk of any 26000+ active investors and other “achievements” given in the “about the company” section.

S-Group reviews scam

Features of the work of the S-Group company. Tools and conditions for traders

The main content of the S-Group website is devoted to all sorts of promises of a better life by joining a company that, together with its clients, creates an international financial ecosystem. The office describes the possibilities of trading, but does not give anything about how exactly the system works, and what profit users can count on.

We looked through the client-user agreement, which, as we said, is written only in English, and found out that in order to start working with S-Group, you need to choose a package of services, based on which profits (bonuses) are distributed between the client and the company.

  • 50/50%;
  • 60/40%;
  • 65/35%;
  • 70/30%;
  • 75/25%;
  • 80/15%;
  • 85/15%.

After depositing money into the trading account, the client begins to accrue interest. What is the increase in profit per day / week / month, it is impossible to find out without registration.

Although we did not find a direct mention in the client-user agreement, we dare to assume that the higher the deposit amount, the more interest is promised to the client and less to the company, respectively.

For servicing a client account, the office charges 5% from the withdrawal amount and 1% from investments.

Access to the withdrawal of profits, as we understand, is opened no earlier than in a month, and bonuses begin to accrue after 3 banking days.

If desired, the client can increase the level of his package by purchasing a higher one. Also, if a sufficient amount has been accumulated on the account, it can be reinvested in a more profitable package.

The request for withdrawal of bonuses is processed within 3 banking days.

The company invests client deposits in a variety of assets.

S-Group reviews scam

Thanks to an experienced team of experts and skillful risk management, you get a guaranteed profit. The only pity is that this does not happen. Any trading in financial markets involves risks. This is the warning that even the most inveterate scammers hang on their websites. What has changed in S-Group? Nothing. You just get pushed in, you know what's in a beautiful wrapper.

Real customer reviews of S-Group

During its existence, S-Group managed to pretty annoy their customers. This is evidenced by the large amount of negativity that pours on our virtues from deceived users who had the imprudence to invest their money in this project.

S-Group reviews scam
S-Group reviews

If you have become victims of S-Group scams, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

S-Group user deception scheme

The standard divorce scheme for such high-interest “investment projects” with sweet “doing nothing” is as follows:

  • search for victims through SPAM mailings, cold calls on purchased databases of phone numbers and email addresses, monitoring groups and sites on the topics of investment and earnings;
  • attracting the attention of the victim to the project with stories about successful success, ease of earning and high profits;
  • user registration on the site of a fraudulent project, depositing money into a trading account.

Further events can develop according to several scenarios. Your account may be blocked immediately. Or allow you to look at how interest is calculated, and then require you to pay a commission / insurance, or verify bank data by transferring the secret CVV code of the card. If you can follow the instructions, they will throw you into ignore or start feeding you breakfast, making excuses for technical failures and other nonsense. They will not forget to write off the balance of funds from your card along the way. Ultimately, your account will be blocked again "for violating the rules" or disappear from the Internet along with the project. One way or another, having invested your money in this office, you will not see them again.


On the website of the S-Group office, we found such signs of fraud.

  • lack of adequate contact details;
  • uninformative, primitive site;
  • lack of licenses from regulators, including the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • information about the time of existence and achievements of the company, misleading users;
  • a short period of the company's presence in the market;
  • the presence of negative reviews, the blocking of Roskomnadzor.

Based on all of the above, binarybets.ru concludes: S-Group is a financial pyramid that scams people for money with a large number of products and investment packages, as well as promises of high passive income. But all these offers are just fake. Only its creators earn in this bubble collection. The rest will receive crumbs, which are 100 times less than what was invested.

If you have become a victim of S-Group or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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