Crypto-grantltd is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

To build a bright future by trading in the financial markets, the investment company Crypto-grantltd offers us. They assure that they took into account the personal ambitions and needs of investors in the development of an integrated platform that meets all expectations with a decent profit from transactions. Therefore, we consider it our duty to check these guys for lice so that you can clearly see if they can actually live up to your expectations.

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Crypto-grantltd. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

Crypto-grantltd reviews scam
Crypto-grantltd domain age

Site analysis

The site of the Crypto-grantltd office is heavy, like a mammoth, absolutely uninformative and primitive in design. If you read reviews of, then you have probably seen similar resources dozens of times already. Appreciated this masterpiece and independent service.

Crypto-grantltd reviews scam
Crypto-grantltd website valuation

The main page includes the following blocks:

  • menu bar (overview of investment plans, about the company, FAQ, contacts, login/registration);
  • a beautiful picture with skyscrapers and a “watch video presentation” button;
  • the Crypto-grantltd team;
  • the benefits of cooperation;
  • “fork” of investment plans”;
  • a call to start making a profit right now;
  • certificate of company registration in the Republic of Ireland;
  • license;
  • achievement counter, statistics;
  • work instructions.

By default, the site is translated into English. But for speakers of other languages, the Google translator option is kindly provided, which produces a machine-made, often completely delusional translation. As usual, the office presented the main official information in the most reliable place - the footer of the site. All this is done so as not to once again attract the attention of inquisitive customers who, no, no, and even check what is not needed.

So, in the "basement" we see the company's registration address in Ireland, an email box, a couple of phrases about the company itself and a duplicated main menu, which, in fact, is already on the main page. To cast aside all doubts that we are facing a typical scammer, let's check the legally significant, official information that we managed to get on the Crypto-grantltd resource

Expertise of legal information, Crypto-grantltd licenses

Let's start with our favorite - search by photos that the Crypto-grantltd office passes off as photos of its employees.

Crypto-grantltd reviews scam
Crypto-grantltd team

So, their CEO and founder is a dude who appears in the search on a variety of advertising pictures, ranging from student cards of a foreign university, ending with public speaking courses and a Zoom video conference room. Thus, the photo was simply pulled out of free stocks.

Crypto-grantltd reviews scam

The same story with the director of the company, as well as the marketing manager.

Crypto-grantltd reviews scam Crypto-grantltd reviews scam

The first photo was taken from the stock, and the second belongs to some doctor.

This could already complete our review. But we want to smile a little more, so we'll show you some more fun moments.

So, for example, the certificate of registration, which our friends are so proud of, is presented on a tiny scale in one of the blocks of the main page. This was done on purpose so that no one could see anything. We have opened the image in a new tab. There we found out the registration number of the monitored office. However, in the state registry database, this certificate belongs to a completely different company.

Crypto-grantltd reviews scam
Crypto-grantltd registration

We suspect that with the second document - the license of the regulator, which is presented on the site in an even smaller size, the same story. An anonymous company that does not have real legal data cannot obtain a license for such serious business as investment services. We did not find any visually similar document in the search. So, most likely, it is drawn, like a certificate.

Naturally, these crooks do not have a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which gives the right to work with investors from the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

Crypto-grantltd reviews scam
Crypto-grantltd registries of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

And the last - the time of the presence of the office on the market. In the statistics section, the broker provides information that he has been working for almost a year and was able to reach millions of turnovers on accounts.

Crypto-grantltd reviews scam
Crypto-grantltd statistics

But when checking the age of the domain (see the very first screenshot), we found out that the project was launched in August 2021, so all the numbers given in the counter on the office’s website are just fiction.

Features of the company Crypto-grantltd. Tools and conditions for traders

To start making money on investments, Crypto-grant offers just three steps.

  1. Account registration.
  2. Choosing a trading plan
  3. Getting interest.

Thus, you just need to invest money in the system and after that, at the end of the trading cycle, withdraw interest.

There are three types of accounts to choose from. The minimum entry threshold is $100. The maximum is unlimited. But the more you invest, the more interest you get. The trading cycle lasts 7 days, during which you will be charged from 2% to 3% daily.

Crypto-grantltd reviews scam
Crypto-grantltd investment plans

By connecting simple arithmetic, we come to the conclusion that in a week you will be able to receive at least 14 times more than you invested. Naturally, this is nonsense. No one will ever pay you that kind of money. Otherwise, the company would have completely gone bankrupt before it had time to start.

Such lures are designed for beginners and financially illiterate people who are looking for the "loot" button on the Internet, not wanting to develop and learn.

Real testimonials from Crypto-grantltd clients

We were unable to find a large number of reviews of Crypto-grant activities. This once again confirms our words that the broker appeared recently. But even what we saw is enough not to mess with these scammers for any price.

Crypto-grantltd reviews scam
Crypto-grantltd reviews

If you have become victims of Crypto-grantltd scams, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Crypto-grantltd User Fraud Scheme

Since we have before us a scam with completely fake data, from photos of employees to registration, then they will have a standard divorce scheme. Such offices look for their victims by making cold calls or spam mailings with “great offers”. The base of telephone numbers or e-mail these monsters buy from the same unscrupulous offices.

Those who are interested in the project are offered to register “only today and now” and open a deposit for some goodies. Since time is limited, the user does not have time to check where he is going to get into trouble, or does not know how to do it at all.

The client is shown animations of how the balance on his account increases. But as soon as it comes to the withdrawal, they can put unrealistic conditions on it (for example, send bank data, or pay a commission equal to the amount being withdrawn). Another option is to block the account for “violating the rules”, which, by the way, are not listed anywhere on the Crypto-grantltd website. Or just plain ignorant. One way or another - giving money to scammers, such as Crypto-grantltd or S group, be aware that their whole essence is aimed at leaving you penniless.


On the Crypto-grantltd website, we found the following signs of fraud:

  • fake certificate of registration and license of the regulator;
  • lack of a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • non-unique, non-informative site;
  • lack of adequate contact details;
  • the presence of negative reviews.

Summarizing all of the above, sadly reports that everyone who invested their money in this project will be left with nothing. The project is completely fake. Therefore, there can be no question of any profit here.

If you have become a victim of Crypto-grantltd or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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