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Earn a lot of money and make your life better by receiving thousands of rubles every day, offers us a project under the cute name Jubik. The investment company offers you to activate your account by making a symbolic deposit and earn on full automatic, being distracted from your usual business only to withdraw your dividends. What kind of fairy tale is this, as well as who Jubik really are, we understand in this review.

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Jubik. General information

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Jubik reviews scam
Jubik online trust

Site analysis

The Jubik resource is a primitive one-pager with a claim to a full-fledged site. However, only two sections are given in its menu - marketing and company news. The rest of the information is given on the main page in blocks:

  • menu bar, with login / registration buttons, as well as an email address and a VKontakte group;
  • a hat with a unique selling proposition - earn thousands of rubles every day;
  • Getting Started Guide;
  • benefits, statistics, target action button "registration";
  • another call to start earning without risks and restrictions, having finally broken through your financial ceiling.

In the footer, the office duplicates the menu and contact details (if they can be called such). In the same place, Jubik refers to payment systems through which you can deposit and withdraw money.

This is where the efforts of the developers stop. And we will try to extract at least a drop of truth from all this pampering.

Expertise of legal information, Jubik licenses

We must say right away that the office does not provide any legally significant information about itself. Whether it's licenses or certificates of registration, address, phone, feedback form, or at least IP-telephony.

All that we see as contact information is a link to the page of the VKontakte group.

By the way, scrolling through the main page of the site, we got a strong sense of deja vu. After all, we already wrote about a similar project last time. And for sure, in the footer of the site we see the same faces - the project administrator Dvitriy Voronov, growing like mushrooms and disappearing at a speed of ... you know what.

Jubik reviews scam

The only difference between this sharashka and other similar ones is that its creators did not even bother to fill in any of the pages with a fraudulent contract in which they would refuse responsibility for the lost money of their clients.

In any case, even without a fake contract, the office will not answer the bills. This is a completely illegal, anonymous project, which is not mentioned by any regulator, including the domestic one.

Jubik reviews scam
Jubik CBR

And the last one is the age of the domain. Judging by the Whois data and the web archive, the project has indeed been around for about a year.

Jubik reviews scam
Jubik domain age

We often write in our reviews that you should not throw money into companies that are less than a year old. In the case of Jubik, since we have already found out that this is a primitive financial pyramid, the opposite law applies: the longer the pyramid exists, the closer its end. This means that you, much more than those who came here at the very beginning, risk being left with a nose.

Although, apparently, “Pinocchio” is everything here. Even if we assume that the project pays for what is written on its website, it turns out that for the entire time the project has existed, each of its participants has earned an average of 64 rubles. How did we get it? We simply divided the amount of payments by the number of active customers. These data are given by the Jubik admin himself on the main page. We just plugged in elementary arithmetic.

Jubik reviews scam

Features of the work of the company Jubik. Tools and conditions for traders

Jubik offers 4 simple steps to become successful.

  1. Registration in the system.
  2. Activation by making a minimum deposit from the selected package.
  3. Dividend earnings.
  4. Withdraw money at any convenient time.

To get started, you need to deposit only 50 rubles. At the same time, you do not even have to invite partners. Although there is an affiliate program here, which implies additional bonuses for attracted users in the amount of 10% from their deposit.

The marketing plan depends on the chosen initial deposit. The office offers three:

  • 50 rub. with a total profit of 11,120 rubles;
  • 250, with the amount of dividends in the amount of 55,600 rubles;
  • 500 with a profit of 111,200 rubles.

The system of earnings without referrals is based on the overflow of funds from those who are higher in the affiliate chain.

Additionally, you can participate in competitions about which information is published in the VK group, as well as attract an unlimited number of partners.

The affordable entry threshold and the imaginary simplicity of earning are the main trump card in the hands of the creators of this scam. Users pour their money into them, as if from a cornucopia. And at the same time they write laudatory odes, in the hope of making money. The whole system is built in such a way that if you speak badly about it, you automatically lose the opportunity to earn. Therefore, everyone is patiently silent in anticipation of a better life, which they were promised at the very beginning.

Real customer reviews Jubik

Over the year of its existence, the office, of course, was able to acquire a large number of false fans who continue to lure gullible users into this hole.

But there are those who, in the end, figured out who they were dealing with and, like us, are trying to dissuade others from getting involved with these crooks.

Jubik reviews scam
Jubik Reviews
Jubik reviews scam
Jubik Reviews

If you still did not have time to read this review before you donated money to the Jubik project, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Jubik User Fraud Scheme

After reading some of the reviews, we concluded that the Jubik rogue divorce scheme is no different from other similar projects.

  1. You are found through targeted advertising on social networks, in SPAM mailing lists, with the help of cold calls or a huge network of partners, which are growing every day.
  2. You are offered a simple scheme for earning money on a full machine with a meager initial investment and just horse profit.
  3. After you deposit your money into the system, you turn into a waiter who patiently waits for fabulous sums to fall on him. However, that moment never comes. Instead comes disappointment. You are trying to withdraw the earned money. But, as luck would have it, there was a failure in the system, or you need to pay for insurance in the amount of the earned amount, or verify the data by giving strangers the secret CVV code from your bank card.

If you start to appear and demand your money, you will be vilely and brutally banned. You won't get profit there. But the loss of money, albeit not large, as well as time and nerves, is guaranteed to you.


As you might guess, Jubik is a financial pyramid, followers of Sergei Mavrodi and his MMM JSC from the dashing 90s. There are all signs of a scam:

  • lack of registration, legal address, contact details, licenses of regulators;
  • obviously unprofitable system of earnings;
  • misleading information;
  • primitive, non-unique site;
  • the presence of negative reviews.

Remember, friends. The pyramid cannot give you more money than exists in it. She feeds only her creators. And everyone else is left behind. So from us Jubik receives a dislike and a wish for a speedy departure to the trash.

If you have become a victim of Jubik or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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