LihoyRost is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Classic brokers and various investment platforms attract fewer and fewer users. The modern client prefers more unusual and unique methods of earning. One of these projects came to our review. LihoyRost seems to be a successful and promising platform that, with the help of financial matrices, provides good earnings to everyone. Today we will try to figure out what this company really is.

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Lihoy Rost. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

LihoyRost reviews scam
LihoyRost online trust

Site analysis

The first thoughts that come to mind after browsing the LihoyRost website are much simpler. The design of the web resource is boring and of the same type. There are hundreds of similar templates on any constructors. The efforts of the creators of this project were estimated at a well-deserved 17 rubles.

LihoyRost reviews scam
LihoyRost site cost estimate

The site consists of 5 simple pages:

  • home;
  • matrices;
  • live queue;
  • bonus liability;
  • news.

The main page traditionally for such projects begins with the “Start earning” icon. Below are some statistics. Immediately below it is again a call to get to work. And at the very bottom you can see 2 windows in which new registrations and customer income are displayed. That's all. Agree - very informative.

The next 3 pages are earning schemes. There is nothing special to talk about them either, since users are provided with a minimum of information.

The last news block is a collection of short posts that inform about upcoming promotions and innovations. From all the information presented on the website of the organization, it is difficult to even get a clear idea of its activities.

Expertise of legal information, LihoyRost licenses

First of all, we note that the project started just a month ago, and its creators do not hide this. Now let's once again open the main page of the organization's website and see the statistics presented there. Where did the service, which has been operating for only a month and which is very little mentioned on the network, come from, 55,000 activations, more than 13,000 registered customers who have already earned over 10 million rubles. Most likely, these figures have nothing to do with the real course of affairs and are greatly inflated to give weight to a dubious company.

LihoyRost as a whole does not provide any useful information about their activities. Legal information is out of the question. From the contact data, we can only see the technical support mail, the public on VKontakte and the project administrator page from the same social network.

The community is a small group of 700 members. All posts either talk about the discovery of new earning schemes, or in every possible way assure users of the honest work of the project.

Administrator Dmitry Voronov is not a real person. He does not have a normal profile picture, personal posts and any information about himself. He hides his data for a reason. Dmitry managed to light up as the administrator of several financial pyramids, which, after they threw a bunch of people for money, quickly folded.

We would also like to pay special attention to the footer of the LihoyRost website. In its left corner is a small "Terms of Use" icon. This block contains the main provisions of cooperation between clients and the company. Some clauses of this agreement officially allow the owners of the service not to fulfill their duties and literally swindle people for money.

LihoyRost reviews scam
LihoyRost reviews scam

Features of the LihoyRost company. Tools and conditions for traders

LihoyRost is represented as an online community where people from all over the world can become members. The company's clients get rich according to the principle: first you help, then they help you. The service on its website does not provide almost any information. Without registering, learn about the methods of depositing and withdrawing funds, supported payment systems, etc. will not work.

The only information available regarding working conditions is 3 financial schemes with different conditions

  1. Matrices. There are 6 different matrices available. The input capital varies from 300 to 60750 rubles. To receive income, it is necessary to fill in the matrix with the number of people specified in the conditions.

LihoyRost reviews scam

  1. Live queue. There are 6 tables with different conditions. The input capital varies from 150 to 24300 rubles. It is not necessary to invite referrals. The filling of tables is general, from top to bottom and from left to right. There is no link to a sponsor. All participants receive partners in turn. Each client pays a subscription fee of 150 rubles once a week.

LihoyRost reviews scam

  1. Bonus liability. Represents the same matrices with absolutely identical conditions. However, a system of bonuses for passive participants is expected. In what it is expressed is not specified anywhere.

LihoyRost reviews scam

LihoyRost also maintains a news section on their website. Small posts about various contests and the opening of new earning schemes on the project are posted here.

LihoyRost reviews scam

Real customer reviews LihoyRost

LihoyRost are actively working to create the image of a successful and honest platform. The creators of the project buy a lot of positive reviews and testimonials to mislead potential victims. A large influx of laudatory mentions of the service comes from the customers themselves. The device of the pyramid involves a kind of referral system. Each friend you refer will increase your income. Recognizing fake reviews is very easy. They praise the company's activities to the maximum, reveal its advantages in detail and often copy each other.

LihoyRost reviews scam

But if you are not too lazy and look for information from real users, you can quickly make sure that no matter how many people you bring, no matter how much money you invest, you will not earn anything.

LihoyRost reviews scam
LihoyRost Reviews

If scammers from LihoyRost scammed you for money, tell us about it in the comments below this article. Thus, you will not only once again confirm our words, but also help other people avoid the same fate.

LihoyRost user fraud scheme

LihoyRost presents a classic financial pyramid - a fraudulent project that imitates profitable investments. Funds are regularly transferred to the accounts of scammers due to the constant influx of new participants. Clients deposit money, and then, in order to earn money, they attract new people, thereby increasing the pyramid. In theory, the top of such a pyramid can really earn money. The lower classes are left with nothing, naively donating their savings.

Such schemes of deception first appeared in the distant 90s. And if someone suddenly tells you that at that time he hit the jackpot, perhaps this will be true. But this is no reason to repeat the exploits of others. Modern financial pyramids work according to other rules and do not allow anyone to earn money, except for their creators.

The life cycle of such projects is very short.

  1. Aggressive advertising.
  2. Collecting money from naive investors.
  3. Closing.

The organizers quickly disappear with the money of the deceived investors, in order to open a new “case” with a different name.


Behind the loud promises and the beautiful wrapper of LihoyRost, there is an ordinary financial pyramid that scams its customers for money. The organization provides absolutely no practical evidence of its transparency and reliability. You should not trust such projects without first checking their activities for fraud.

If you have experienced the fraudulent activities of LihoyRost, Axiance or other black offices, and want to get your hard-earned money back, we are ready to help you. Leave your contact details at the beginning of the article. We will send you step by step instructions.

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