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Frankly inspiring reviews about Sincere Systems Group, found in Runet and motivating to buy products of an international investment company - this is how the hero of the review positions himself on the official website , raise doubts about the objectivity of opinions. The fact is that there is much more negativity towards Sincere Systems (literal translation of Sincere Systems) than positive assessments of the activities of an investment company from the United Kingdom. Users accuse the project of fraud, are keenly interested in how to withdraw money from Sincere Systems Group (or S Group), and warn potential clients of the office to bypass the service by the tenth road. Naturally, conflicting opinions about an Internet resource specializing in private sector investments could not pass by editorial detectives. We offer you to get acquainted with the results of the analysis of the service.

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Sincere Systems Group – Pyramid or Reliable Blockchain Platform?

Positive feedback about Sincere Systems in this case is a source of additional information, since important technical details of the investment platform (minimum deposit, profit mechanisms, etc.) are available after logging into the Sincere Systems personal account. So, let's get acquainted with the service. This is a landing page - a one-page resource, and of poor quality. Most users will immediately encounter a language problem - the service is in English and you cannot do without a translator built into the browser. Nevertheless, the developers managed to integrate the language selection menu into the registration form - there is a Russian version here. According to legend, the object of discussion is a Blockchain platform designed to provide a full range of services in the financial sector. Namely: trading on Forex with AI (artificial intelligence), passive income - the placement of capital in shares of start-ups and fast-growing business structures. After watching two short videos, it turned out that the company has been on the market for 10 years.

Now, based on the grains of information published on the landing page of the person under investigation, positive assessments, which, apparently, were written directly by the owners of the office, whoever they are, we will prove that Sincere Systems is not even a financial pyramid, but a primitive scam built on popular in the community of users of the Network, but not related to the under investigation Blockchain technologies:

  1. Let's start with the fact that the legend is not true. In reality, the office sells a mythical trading robot that allegedly brings 16% monthly profits by making financial transactions in various markets, and also offers earnings on a referral program - these facts are reflected in both negative and positive ratings.
  2. Now about 10 years of experience. In Her Majesty's Registration Chamber, indeed. Moreover, indicated in the client agreement Details (legal address, registration number) fully match. However, the company was registered on October 17, 2019. This means that the service is only 2 years old (relevant as of 11/11/2021) - there can be no talk of 10 years of experience.
  3. Let's continue to investigate the registration data of the company. Allegedly, a solid investment company consists of 1 employee (he is also the director of the office) - a certain native of Ukraine . Well, the puzzles are finally starting to fit! What experience as a financier, player on international trading platforms, knowledge of Blockchain technologies can a former entrepreneur have ? The question is rhetorical.
  4. There are no legal documents on the landing page. Although, being in the jurisdiction of the UK and being engaged in investment activities - that is, finance, The office must be licensed by the FCA regulator.
  5. Of all the contacts, only a dubious email address, which, for some reason, is indicated in the same user agreement - try to find it. The account registration form has a pop-up chat window where you can ask a question. But this is a one-way connection - you can wait forever for an answer, especially if the question is related, for example, to withdrawing money.
  6. In conclusion, about the real products of the office. Gprofitability guarantees of the trading robot are overstated - 16% is promised monthlywhen professional traders are happy with 20 - 30% per annum. A referral program with attractive rates is, in fact, MLM, which is a priori incompatible with financial activities.

The collected facts confirm the objectivity of the warnings of the victims to bypass this garbage heap by the tenth road. It is advisable to direct efforts to search for those that are really on the Web and where customer losses are the result of too risky play or lack of experience, knowledge of the traders themselves, and not the machinations of reputable companies.

Why not contact Sincere Systems?

Judging by the number of negative reviews about Sincere Systems Group, the objectivity of which has been proven above, the service has already scammed. No wonder - works for 2 years, and visits the site . Simple arithmetic comes into play here: according to information from reviews, the minimum threshold for entering the scam is $ 100. According to the law of probability, say, 10% visitors will buy a product in the hope of getting rich without doing anything at the same time. We get the amount of $ 1300, although in reality the final result can be safely divided by 10. Where does the money for dividend payments come from? How do the authors of laudatory odes about the Sincere Systems Group get their percentages? Moreover, they voice their investment sizes, which are several times higher than the minimum deposit. Actually, this is another proof that the creators of the resource are scammers who scribble positive opinions about themselves.

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Even a convinced skeptic, after the evidence presented, cannot but believe in the veracity of the negative reviews about Sincere Systems, a fraudulent resource with Ukrainian roots. And what, the guys have fun - access to the European Union without visas. I registered a desk in Foggy Albion and sit in Kyiv, consider free loot. What is not an occupation? Be vigilant, among other things, the service requires verification - the transfer of passport data, photos in accordance with the KYC policy. If you ignore the warning, you can wake up one fine morning and, for example, find out that you have purchased expensive household appliances on credit.

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