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BCSbk positions itself on the main page of the official web resource a reliable cryptocurrency trading platform with minimal commissions. In reviews of BCSbk, the declared reliability and low tariff plan are not confirmed. On the other hand, netizens who are closely confronted with the activities of the crypto platform do not particularly choose words when describing their stories of cooperation with the hero of the review. The authors of the complaints are unanimous - this is a scam. And at present, they are only interested in how to withdraw money from BCS bk, which, according to the victims, the pseudo-broker took away in the most shameless way. Well, it remains to prove the objectivity of negative assessments, which we will do next.

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Information about the broker:

  • Official site - https://bcsbk.com
  • Mail -
  • Phone – 441616763509

Is BCSbk a Scam or a Trusted Crypto Trading Platform?

Of course, negative reviews about BCSbk are a wake-up call, but, nevertheless, not a sentence. The crypto industry is fiercely competitive. Rivals, at times, go to any tricks to drown a promising project. They also spread negativity on the Web in the form of complaints from alleged victims. Service analysis will dot the i's. Let's start:

  1. The website of the person under investigation is laid out clumsily, with errors, sections of the service copy each other. The main thing is that the resource is empty with respect to informativeness. It is filled with non-binding wordings - favorable conditions, reliable protection, regular and strict checks of the work of experts on the trading platform, etc. What are the specific conditions, security tools? Where are the faces of the project, including the specialists mentioned? These and many other questions remain unanswered.
  2. Section "About the Company" copies the presentation page of the service - almost the same content is posted without specific numbers, dates, names, and other details. Let's check the age of the website using WHOIS. The last domain update took place on August 12, 2021. Consequently, (current as of 10/18/2021).
  3. Speaking about themselves, the developers mentioned that the main investor of the trading platform is the company from Foggy Albion "BCS ASSETS LTD". In the client agreement this organization is marked not just as an investor, but as a beneficiary of the service. This firm is indeed, operating since 2011 and providing intermediary financial services. However, there is no evidence of a connection between LLC and the hero of the review. And, given that the data of Her Majesty's Companies House is freely available, it begs the obvious conclusion - the contacts were simply stolen.
  4. There are no regulators or licenses. Although the beneficiary company or its subsidiary is under investigation, they must be accredited by the FCA (UK regulator). However, on the official service of the financial supervisory authority, they .
  5. Section "Contacts" also does not inspire confidence - a dubious phone number, email, feedback form are offered for communication. The designated legal address is the data stolen from the LLC mentioned above.

In general, it was possible not to delve into the wilds of the BKSbk investigation. It is enough to visit the website of any decent, honest broker - by the way, there are quite a few on the Web, and compare both services. The difference will be screaming.

BCS BK deception principle

Some of the BCS bk reviews reveal the accused's divorce scheme. Victims mostly get through social networks. They are recruited using fake accounts of allegedly successful traders who got rich with the help of BCSbc. As soon as the user authorizes his personal account, they begin to slowly draw money from him against the backdrop of successful, but fake trading. Loss of interest in the victim, blocking the user's account occurs immediately after the request for withdrawal of funds.

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What does BCSbk lack in order to claim the title of an honest cryptocurrency trading platform? In total - an informative website, licenses, preferably from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, real contacts, including information about the real beneficiary company, other details that are integral to any normal broker. The authors of real reviews about BCSbk are absolutely right in their judgments regarding the activities of this office. Be vigilant: BKSbk is a 100% scam!   

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Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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