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Both heroes of the review are innovative trading platforms, as they position themselves on official websites and, which are united by a common beneficiary. This is a Binarius LIMITED company registered in Cyprus. In addition to the statement of advancement, both platforms guarantee up to 91% profit on each transaction, a comfortable working interface, high speed of contract execution, a wide choice of payment systems and prompt withdrawal of funds. The evidence is positive feedback about Legal Trading and freelance tradingpublished on Discussion Object Services. However, real estimates, which are found in considerable numbers on third-party (independent) resources, indicate the opposite. The victims call both services scams and ask for help on how to withdraw money from Legal Trading (Freelance Trading), voicing five-figure losses in hard currency.

Freelance Trading - scam or No?

The positive reviews of Freelance Trading or its clone Legal Trading posted on the websites of the suspects do not inspire confidence. The likelihood that someone will post reviews on their resource with accusations of fraud is zero. Therefore, we will conduct a mini-investigation of twin brothers:

  1. Let's start with the beneficiary company − Binarius LIMITED. I would like to note that the organization, whoever and whatever it is, in general, does not matter, it is very prolific. She owns such well-known scams as Everest Crypto Club, QuamTrade. This is already valuable information - what else can Binarius LIMITED release, except for another fraudulent trading platform under the guise of a respectable broker.
  2. Already at the first stage of the investigation, you should leave the Legal or Freelance Trading service, continuing to search for those that are really on the Web and are not engaged in outright draining of deposits of their own clients, blocking traders' accounts without explanation. But let's continue. And let's move on to age, as in the section "About the Company" a remarkable legend has been posted, which claims that, for example, Freelance Trading has been providing professional services since 2010. In fact, declares 11 years of experience (current as of 10/29/2021). Artifice! Actually the website .
  3. Legal documents (licenses), as well as a clear address - the Cypriot registration of a fictitious company does not count, there are no services. Although, based on the fact that is located in the Russian Federation, and the legend unequivocally says about the development of the investment market with the help of fast trading in Russia - this is what the comrades have been doing for the last 4 years, the company must be accredited by the Central Bank. She is not.

This is where the investigation of Legal and Freelance Trading can be completed with disappointing results, which prove the inconsistency of the positive ratings published on the services of the accused.

Divorce Formula Legal Trading

Judging by the real reviews about Legal Trading and its twin brother, scammers work according to the standard divorce scheme: the user registers an account, deposits funds, and, of course, proceeds to successful trading. A withdrawal request activates an unexpected deposit drain or account blocking. However, this is not all the trouble that may haunt the victim. The fact is that crooks require mandatory verification - the transfer of passport data, photos, otherwise it will allegedly be impossible to withdraw money. Do not try to authorize your personal account in this office and verify yourself, unless, of course, you want to repay a bank loan that suddenly came from somewhere.

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During the investigation, the main thing was proved: positive reviews about Legal Trading and Freelance are a weak attempt by scammers to win over potential clients. Why weak? Because the simplest analysis of the services showed that these are 100% scams. This is evidenced by the following facts: the beneficiary company turned out to be a forge of scam projects, accreditation, no licenses, no real contacts, age, as well as all information is a lie. On top of that, the victim’s confidential data, which she voluntarily leaks to unknown people with the supposedly mandatory KYC, can, and most likely will be used to enrich scammers. Be carefull!

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How to get money back from Freelance Trading and Legal Trading?

If you were deceived in Freelance Trading or Legal Trading, there is a chance to get back up to 100% of your amount by contacting our partners for help - specialists in the return of international payments from dubious projects - pseudo-brokers, financial pyramids and even casinos. Leave your details in the form below and specialists will contact you to resolve the issue.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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