Reviews about GloMarket - scammers?


As practice shows, the life of offices founded by scammers is limited. With the appearance on the network of a large number of negative reviews about GloMarket, scammers have to rebrand.

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Is it worth investing in GloMarket?

GloMarket - another fraudulent project, when studying which it becomes clear that this is one of the typical offices with a similar legend:

  • 160,000 open accounts.
  • Over 200 financial instruments.
  • Trading turnover during the day - 110,000,000 dollars.
  • Duration of work in the market - 4 years.

These are the statistics that all scammers offer to the attention of their victims. However, no evidence of GloMarket's success could be found. After numerous tests, it became clear that the office website was founded in 2021, which explains the lack of feedback and reviews.

According to legend, the office of the office is located in Switzerland. But the indicated coordinates do not match: the address was invented, just like the phone number indicated on the site.

The only means of communication with company representatives is the email address. When deciding to write an appeal, you should pay attention that the purpose of this mail is not to communicate with deceived customers, but to collect contact information.

The official website of GloMarket completely imitates other fraudulent platforms. A distinctive feature of GloMarket is the information about the availability of three licenses at once, which is impossible for one legal entity. It can be concluded that the founders of this project are experienced scammers who have been using the same scheme for a long time.

Direction of activity

Considering the GloMarket service as a working platform, you should pay attention to the lack of a practice account. Fraudsters know for sure that after a short period of time a flurry of negativity will fall upon them, and therefore they try to take possession of other people's money as quickly as possible. Clients are offered several types of accounts:

  • Mini. The minimum deposit is $150 and all orders are subject to immediate execution.
  • Silver. Starting deposit - $1,000, leverage 500x, which is 50 times higher than other intermediaries. It is proposed to insure the deposit, as well as use the service of trading metal or digital currency.
  • Gold is an account that costs $10,000 to open. The company offers deposit protection and 24/7 support.

According to the legend, the office offers clients to trade not only currency, but also metals, stocks, and indices. At the same time, the platform on which transactions are carried out is kept secret.

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The essence of the scam

The founders of the GloMarket project have been operating according to the same scheme for a long time. As a basis, they use a fairly successful algorithm:

  • Find potential customers on forums and social networks.
  • They talk about the success of cooperation with GloMarket.
  • They imitate the trading process, luring money from gullible users.
  • They refuse to make payments, accusing traders of committing fraudulent activities.

All attempts to achieve justice not only do not lead to success, but can also become a source of trouble.

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GloMarket is a fresh office founded by experienced scammers who deceived a huge number of people. Experts do not recommend cooperating with this platform. In the event that one of the traders has become a victim of fraudulent activities, you should not keep it a secret: a story about a bad experience can warn another person from making a mistake.

How to withdraw money from GloMarket?

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Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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