Review of Orion Finance – is it worth investing?

Mixed reviews about Orion Finance in RuNet drew attention to the editorial detectives' project and motivated them to check the Internet service. The hero of the note positions himself on the official website as the world's first platform that, thanks to Blockchain technology, has made the digital economy simple, comfortable, and profitable. The project products are staking, farming, liquidity pools, cryptocurrency trading. The strategy is high income with minimal risk. The authors of effective trading systems are the best financial analysts, headed by the ideological inspirer Brian McCrory (CEO of the project), as well as AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms. Simply put, it is proposed to invest in a project and receive a passive high income. It's tempting. Blockchain technologies are in trend. But how accurate is the published information? Let's check.

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Orion Finance - a financial pyramid or a promising project?

Analysis of Orion Finance reviews alone is not enough to say whether they are 100% scammers or a really attractive investment project. Financial pyramids with a competent marketing policy, dividend payments are almost impossible to identify at the first stages of operation. But not in the case of the hero of the review. Let's get to the breakdown:

  1. More than half of the information published on a one-page resource is cutting-edge, attractive, promising, but unproven formulations. Developers sell their product - it's logical. The legend attached to this water tells about an experienced team that has been in the IT segment since the 2000s and has been directly involved in Blockchain technologies since 2013. The project is led by someone Brian McCrory, who, according to history, simplified the most complex technology for the user, giving access to the entire digital economy. Pretty! However, the mythical McCrory in the search engines Yandex, Google is in conjunction with Orion Finance - no one knew about him before. The team is generally faceless - it is proposed to simply believe in its existence.
  2. The prisoner is young - (actual as of 10/20/2021) . It's not a crime. In addition, this fact is not hushed up - the article published on the landing page on 10/18/2021 talks about the successful completion of the initial stage of the platform. However, against the background of anonymity, the young age of the project only reinforces doubts about its honesty and transparency. Did a team of experienced IT professionals work for 8 years to launch an innovative product on the Web? The question arises about the competence of experts. In fact, there is no team and McCrory. And all the products of the service are an invention of the actual authors of Orion Finance.
  3. The project does not publish any legal documents - the regulator is not indicated, scans of licenses are not shown. But the Central Bank of the Russian Federation identified the accused as .
  4. The legal structure of the person under investigation consists of 4 companies located in Estonia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malta. There are no addresses, phone numbers, email of organizations. With the same success, it was possible to indicate not 4, but 40 companies for solidity.
  5. The ecosystem allegedly has two native digital assets - the stablecoin ORUSD and the altcoin ORD. The first, being the basis of the virtual architecture economy, is pegged to the North American dollar and provides an opportunity for investors to increase their capital. The second one will appear in the fourth quarter of 2021, will have a dynamic (market) price and will give ORD owners access to all the functionality of the innovation platform. Another myth is in the registry such cryptocurrencies do not appear. In fact, it is proposed to buy air.
  6. The profit calculator integrated into the landing page promises high interest rates and implies the purchase of ORUSD for USDT, a real stablecoin backed by the US national currency. That is, it is proposed to invest with Orion for nothing, but, of course, more than profitable: by investing (exchanging) 100 USDT, the client of the service receives 219% per annum or 0.6% per day. The larger the contribution, the higher the dividends. How can you make such a profit out of nothing? Traditional trading is out of the question as stablecoins do not have volatility. How and where the money of investors is scrolled by the project team is unknown - the mechanism of high profitability is kept secret. Or, more realistically, it simply does not exist.

We summarize: the collected facts are enough not to register on the platform to enter your personal account, but to continue the search. There are such trading platforms in Runet. They can be found in our . Or find out by talking to existing traders, investors on forums, in online chats.

Why not contact the Orion Finance project?

Positive feedback about Orion Finance, the mechanism of financial pyramids, motivates you to invest in the project until it dies. At this stage of platform development - why not. The main thing is to have time to exit in time, because when the amount of payments exceeds the amount of the reserve formed at the expense of the clients' investments, the built structure will develop like a house of cards. Moreover, there is, in fact, no one to make claims - it is not clear who really stands behind the office. The announcement of the international presentation of the brand, which is supposed to take place in Dubai on November 10, 2021, is a countdown to the collapse of the structure. Judge for yourself, in the 3 weeks remaining before the event, the project will expand its client base to the maximum, increase the flow of investments - after all, in addition to high dividends, chic prizes are promised: Porsche 718 Cayman, cash rewards and 5 Apple products. Why continue spending money on the organization? Even if the significant date is celebrated on an announced scale, this indicates only one thing - the life expectancy of the Orion HYIP project will increase from several months to a maximum of one and a half years.

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Based on the collected facts, editorial detectives tend to believe negative reviews about Orion Finance, as the project raises more questions than answers. In addition to the absolutely opaque mechanism for increasing investors' capital, the office is completely anonymous. McCrory came out of nowhere like a genie out of a bottle. His team is ghosts. Where the company is actually located is unclear. In addition to everything, the project works illegally. Therefore, we affirm that this is another scam on the foundation of today's popular high technologies. Be carefull!    

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