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Today we will talk about a bank called Hermes Bank, which offers banking solutions in accordance with international principles and standards. The main principles of the bank are trusting relationships between clients. The employees do not intend to stop there, they create innovative options for offering quality services and products with the help of experienced employees providing advanced services in the markets. At first glance, the information is convincing, but it is necessary to find out whether there is confirmation of this that everything proposed by the bank will be fulfilled exactly? It is worth double-checking, delving into the information that we managed to get for you from the bowels of the Internet.         

Hermes Bank Contacts

Investors are indicated several ways to contact the bank, namely: its headquarters is located at Meridian Place, Choc Estate, BW Box 332, Castries, Saint Lucia or you can call +44 121 740 0128 and +1 758 451 2265, and write an e-mail with a problem Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address..


Website review hermesbank.comThe information begins with offers that all interested customers can count on. Safe, convenient, instant and reliable banking services, taking into account the requirements of the clients themselves. The bank's infrastructure is endowed with advanced technologies that provide customers with only favorable security standards. All services rendered to them are carried out remotely, which is beneficial for fraudulent clients. The bank itself was built on the principle of a dummy, this is a project designed to launder money that is obtained illegally. There are also ordinary customers who have nothing to do with fraud, which means the situation becomes more complicated. Employees talk about experience and the latest technologies, but we have to disagree with this, since in reality the bank began to offer its services only from 05/06/2021, therefore, all the offers with merits that they attributed to themselves are fictitious employees. Hermes Bank

Hermes Bank Broker Conditions

There is no information about the conditions that customers must agree to when working with the bank. It is not clear what they will benefit from this, zero information. Regarding such lawlessness that nothing is clear about the activities of the bank and began to seep into the Internet Hermes Bank reviews categorical character.

Exposure of Hermes Bank

The bank does not have a license, the details of the bank are hidden as much as possible, therefore the money will not immediately arrive at its destination. The bank is a classic offshore option. He received registration in the same offshore zone, this is well known when studying reviews on the website, where it is written that it is very dangerous to cooperate with those who have signs of fraud and offshore registration. There are a considerable number of such fraudulent organizations in that zone, among which there are pseudo-brokers, pseudo-legal offices that promise to return your money from the same scammers. Our bank is no exception, so we remind you that the bank Hermes Bank does not withdraw money.

How to withdraw money from Hermes Bank

Client savings go to scammers who will not help you, even if they know where your payment went. This is good for scammers. Sometimes fake lawyers send letters where they recommend opening an account with our hero, who will receive all the accruals for a refund. Nothing like this will happen, another bait to embezzle money. As soon as you agree with this, transfer the money, the scammers will immediately block you. Our hero is not your assistant in this matter, since he himself is in the share.      


Bank not recommended Hermes bank scam for cooperation, he is unreliable. All payments should be made through trusted banks, and not offshore dumps like our hero.

Possibility withdraw money with Hermes Bank not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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