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Money works here, start changing your life for the better right now - the first thing people who suffer from financial well-being read when they get to the official website Binance Capital. Below, a potential client is convinced of the reliability and profitability of investments, since the business case is made by a professional, a wide range of tools, work under the microscope of a regulator, lightning-fast execution of transactions - AI to help, and other benefits. It also invites you to read reviews about BinanceCapital by precious clients of the trading platform, famous personalities who recommend the Binance Capital investment platform. However, on third-party Internet resources, there is a lot of negativity towards the subject of discussion with the general question of how to withdraw money from BinanceCapital, which torments all complainants. Let's look at the reason for the conflict.

Information about the broker:

  • Official site -,
  • Mail -
  • Phone – +79680223259, 79627740124

Binance Capital - a solid broker or just another scam?

There are only 2 precious customers who left positive feedback about Binance Capital - a student and a retiree. Somewhat weak for a solid international investment platform with a name that mentions the largest centralized crypto exchange Binance. By the way, this is the first sign of a scam, since the connection is not documented, and the unfounded use of the name of a well-known brand in the name is an old trick of swindlers. Move on:

  1. Based on the legend published in the "About us" section , Binance Capital is part of the BinanceCapital LTD group of companies, which is successfully developing, serving small, medium, institutional investors from 170 countries. Cool! And that's all in 14 days. (actual as of 12/8/2021) – exactly the domain where the service is registered.
  2. In the same section, you can see the project leaders - there are photos of the head of the company, the head of the cryptocurrency fund, of course, the same organization, the CEO of Binance Capital. The Internet is silent about the first two - left-wing people without at least some background in the field of finance and investment. The latter is an individual entrepreneur from the Moscow region, who was engaged in the retail trade of food, alcohol, cigarettes (currently ). That is, the men drank bitter and decided to launch a profitable investment project, of course, exclusively for them - that just doesn’t come to mind during the COVID-19 period.
  3. The term "precious" in relation to clients is a Freudian slip. Indeed, how else to call simpletons who give $ 2,500 from the start - the minimum deposit in this office. Against this background, the positive assessments of the student and pensioner look even paler.
  4. Allegations that the person under investigation works under the microscope of regulators, the clients' deposits are insured, cause a smile. No license scans provided. Given that the management team are citizens of the Russian Federation (at least one of them), the service interface is in Russian, we can assume that the resource is interested in domestic investors. So there must be a license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, but it is not.
  5. Section "Contacts" modest. The telephone numbers of the Russian Federation, Cyprus, email are published, as well as the legal address of the main office - somewhere in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. However, Binance Capital does not appear at this address. Instead, a copyright office is registered here and

So, the reason for the inconsistency of opinions has been established: positive assessments are literary attempts directly by the owners of the scam, which cannot be taken for granted. You can leave this garbage dump with a clear conscience and continue searching for really reliable, or investment sites, of which there are many on the Web.

How does a broker breed?

The negative reviews about BinanceCapital, which, as it turned out, reflect the real picture, describe the following divorce scheme: after registering a personal account, it is the turn of aggressive marketing - the imposition of services through frequent phone calls. Unable to withstand such a strategy or wanting to get rich with Binance Capital, the victim replenishes the balance - the second stage of the divorce, which is focused on showing the goal of quick financial success. In reality, scammers simply draw new amounts on the client's account, since they do not have real access to international markets, telling how he / she, thanks to them, successfully placed money. When the victim tries to withdraw funds, he is convinced that it is necessary to conduct a mythical monitoring of the account - you need to additionally deposit 100-200 thousand rubles and provide the office specialist with access (remote) to the PC. The consequences are not only the loss of investments with fake profit, but also the resetting of all accounts that the victim has.

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The positive reviews about Binance Capital are false. The facts collected during the mini-investigation of the scam project - unsubstantiated guarantees of quick money, photos of no one as a guide, lack of licenses, deceit regarding the legal address of the main office, other indirect and direct evidence indicate that Binance Capital is another 100% scam. Be carefull!

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How to get money back from BinanceCapital?

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Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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