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Reliability, profitability, convenience, availability - presumably, the credo of a brokerage company Acam ltd, as soon as it highlights these benefits on the main page of the official website https://acamltd.com. The authors of negative reviews about Acam ltd have a different opinion - this is an absolutely unreliable trading platform, they write, it is available only until the moment of the first application for withdrawal of funds. As a result, ex-clients of the broker are keenly interested in how to withdraw money from Acam ltd, voicing financial losses with four or more zeros in hard currency. Let's take a closer look at the project.

Information about the broker:

  • Official website - https://acamltd.com
  • Mail -
  • Phone – +7 9311050547

Acam ltd - high level broker or scam?

Judging by the reviews of Acam ltd Limited and the information posted on the resource of the subject of discussion, the service offers portfolio investment in stocks, indices, raw materials, cryptocurrency, as well as Forex trading. Guaranteed profit must be provided by the curator - the financial expert of the company with many years of trading experience in international markets. Wonderful! Now for the facts:

  1. In the “About us” section https://acamltd.com/about-us, among other things, it is mentioned that the service was launched in 2016. As of the current moment (11/19/2021), the hero of the review is plus / minus 5 years old. IN from birth.
  2. The "Contacts" section offers communication through a feedback form, gives several left phone numbers, email and legal address, presumably, the headquarters located in London, and also publishes the company's registration number. Let's check: Acam ltd, according to Her Majesty's Companies House, since January 2005 . However, the legal address is not in London, but in Burnley. Assigning someone else's details to a person.
  3. Having typed in the Google search engine the address that the review hero insists on, we get the following result: this registration (1 Ropemaker Street, London, EC2Y 9AW, Floor 23) appears in the contacts of two proven scammers - And . Moreover, the latter is an exact copy of the person under investigation.
  4. The pseudo-broker does not have licenses. Although it is unlikely that the regulator of Foggy Albion (FCA) would allow the accused to work for 5 years without permits. There is also no license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and, judging by the support of the service in 2 languages - English, Russian, the interests of the supposedly trading platform extend at least to the Russian market. As a maximum - to the entire post-Soviet space.

So, the facts stated above are categorical - we close the fraudulent resource and continue the search. They are on the web. The search will simplify communication with real traders on special forums and chats. Or visiting portals that publish black and white lists of brokerage companies.

How broker Acamltd breeds

Again, according to real reviews about Acamltd, which are stupid to doubt after the facts collected, the scammer breeds as follows: after registering a personal account, a supposedly experienced financial expert is assigned to a potential victim - in fact, an extortionist. He creates fake trading activity, not forgetting to lead the victim to a constant additional replenishment of the deposit, drawing fake profits on the investor's account. The truth is revealed, unfortunately, belatedly, when a client tries to withdraw some amount from his balance - his account is simply blocked.

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The negative reviews about Acamltd reflect the true essence of the scam project. The objectivity of impartial assessments was fully proven in the course of a mini-investigation of a fraudulent service - all published information on the resource has no evidence, the accused lies on key issues, or gives out stolen data. The pseudo-broker is outside the legal field - he works illegally. In addition to everything, he belongs to a network of scammers. Be vigilant: Acam ltd are 100% financial scammers!   

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How to withdraw money from Acam ltd?

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Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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