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The broker offers from the pages of its official website receive guaranteed high profits by investing in cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets, including stocks, high-tech startups, companies. The case is certainly promising, if not for the negative reviews about Lionetix, in which the victims of the activities of this dubious office call the hero of the review a scam. The complainants are convinced that they contacted a scammer, they are interested in how to withdraw money from Lionetix, they voice impressive financial losses. Of course, after reading this, you can immediately leave the website. But there is always a slight chance that all the negative is the order of envious competitors. Well, let's confirm or refute the objectivist of public opinion.

Information about the broker:

  • Official website -
  • Mail -
  • Phone – +441616763452

Will Lionetix help you go broke or earn money for a comfortable old age?

To identify reviews about Lionetix, we will conduct a small investigation - we will study the information published on the web resource of the person under investigation:

  1. The main page is of no interest - abstract formulations about obviously profitable investments in digital financial instruments. Section "About the company" done in the same way. As a result, the showcase of the service and the tab with the legend did not answer the main questions: what specific digital products, startups, companies are offered to invest in, the dividend accrual mechanism, who are these 160 experts, how long is Lyonetics on the market, the minimum cost of a business case, and other important details . Verbiage and empty promises of fabulous profits are a sure sign of a scam.
  2. In the footer of the service, the beneficiary is indicated - a certain company MONETRIX sp. z.oo, contact phone, email. For some reason, a solid, completely transparent broker, and this is exactly how the person under investigation positions himself, did not bother to create an appropriate section with all the details. However, back to the beneficiary: this is a Polish LLC with a Warsaw residence permit, specializing in . The president of the board is a certain Alexander Grishin (a true Pole, judging by his first and last name). The authorized capital is only 5 thousand zlotys. At the same time, the defendant assures on the main page that he manages assets in the amount of 7.4 billion rubles.
  3. The Russian-language interface, designations in the national currency of the Russian Federation, the surname, name of the president of the LLC are facts indicating the interest of the service in attracting domestic investors. In this case, where is the license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation? It does not exist, as well as any other document allowing and regulating the declared activity. Although why MONETRIX sp. z oo to be accredited by the financial regulator if the office deals with software? The question is rhetorical.

Actually, even the real age of the supposedly trading platform did not have to be established in order to leave the scam project with peace of mind and find a really worthy brokerage company - on the Web. In addition, after Roskomnadzor began to clean the Runet every month, banishing dubious, obviously fraudulent resources, it became pointless to establish the real age of this or that scam - they often change domains.

divorce scheme

Important! The divorce scheme described in the negative reviews about Lionetix does not offer anything new, but users, judging by the number of complaints, continue to peck at it: as soon as a potential victim registers a personal account in this garbage dump, they begin to actively process it by phone in order to replenish the deposit. Surrendered and replenished the account waiting for an exciting game called "Give money to a swindler." Investors are told what assets their investments went into, dizzying sums are drawn on their balance sheets, the last savings are fished out to this music, promising a serious game with huge profits. Phantasmagoria ends with an application for withdrawal of funds - the victim's account is blocked.

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The investigation showed: negative reviews about Lionetix - for all 100% objective assessments. The service is a low-grade resource that does not contain useful information, filled with empty promises of a financially carefree future. The legal side of the issue is that the site operates illegally (there is no accreditation in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation). The situation with the details of the company is twofold: either they are stolen and the real owners are in the shadows, or Alexander Grishin himself decided to pinch his compatriots, without interrupting the provision of specialized services. In general, be vigilant: Lionetics is a 100% fraudulent resource.       

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How to get money back from Lionetix?

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Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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