Review-reviews of the fraudulent broker Uniworc Ltd: how the company deceives

Attention! The company is suspected of fraud

Thousands of people want to make money on binary options, and various scammers actively use this. Broker Uniwork LTD is one of them. You will definitely not succeed with this company. Even if you manage to trade in profit on, the intermediary will still not allow you to withdraw money. We bring to your attention a review of the Uniwork fraudulent broker. Let's find out if there are reviews about the activities of this company.

Site review Uniwork Ltd

Like any scam broker, you will find a huge amount of empty promises on the official website In particular, Uniwork offers regular dividends of 1.5% per day. Such profitability is more typical for HYIP projects than for a normal broker. Also, the intermediary offers a bonus of 400 USD and even a "dizzying career" in the company. 

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There are 10 items in the main menu of

  • "Home";
  • "About Us";
  • "Investor";
  • "Partner";
  • "Documentation";
  • "News";
  • FAQ;
  • "Contacts";
  • "Language";
  • "Register Login".

Fraudulent brokers often place a huge number of account creation buttons. Uniwork Ltd is no exception. Instead of details of its promotions and special offers, the company offers to register everywhere.

Review-reviews of the fraudulent broker Uniworc Ltd: how the company deceives

Another offer to register is located directly on the main page. Uniwork offers another promotion with the opportunity to receive 100 USD. The attackers do everything possible to convince the user to open an account and deposit as much as possible into the balance. The trader will be able to get acquainted with all the promotions and special conditions directly in the account.

Review-reviews of the fraudulent broker Uniworc Ltd: how the company deceives

Also on, clients are offered trust management of capital. Of course, the description of this service is traditional for any scammers. Uniwork tells what great specialists it has, a team of the best professional analysts and its own software. There is nothing specific in the description of Uniwork Ltd services. The company does not talk about assets for investment, automated programs and robots. Therefore, it looks like a beautiful wrapper.

Review-reviews of the fraudulent broker Uniworc Ltd: how the company deceives

Uniwork also lists its “advantages” on its website. Here again we see only loud promises. In particular, the broker offers investors a return of 21% per month. The numbers look unrealistic. To dispel doubts, the company indicates that it has a certain strategy that allegedly allows you to receive "stable and predictable profits." Of course, the intermediary does not plan to share details with traders.  

Overview of Uniwork Ltd documents

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a broker is a license. This document is not available on There is only a block with documentation, but not a single mention of permits for financial activities. But Uniworc Ltd actively uses a standard fraudulent trick - to issue a registration certificate for a license. 

The company is registered in the UK, but does not even provide information about the legal address. The site has only the first page of the certificate, which does not indicate where the organization's office is located. There is no such information on the official website. Therefore, it is not known on what rights Uniwork operates, where the organization is located, etc.

In chapter "The documents" presents risk warning, terms and conditions, privacy policy. However, Uniworc Ltd, like any other scammer, does not adhere to their provisions. The intermediary changes them unilaterally, so there is nothing for users to refer to. 

So, we have learned that does not have a license. A binary options broker hides where its office is located, and also arbitrarily changes the provisions of its own documents. These facts confirm that Uniwork is another fraudulent broker that steals user funds.

How long has the company existed?

Uniwork does not indicate the date of registration on the official website. It is not surprising, since the broker appeared quite recently. We learned this after checking the age of the domain in the WHOIS database. 

Review-reviews of the fraudulent broker Uniworc Ltd: how the company deceives


As we can see from the database, the Uniworc Ltd domain was registered in February 2019. It was created, after which it was in “sleep mode”. Then in October 2019 it was updated and now it contains the official website of the broker. Most likely, the intermediary became the heir of one of the fraudulent companies, which has collected a large number of negative reviews.

Another interesting detail about is that the site's IP address is in the Belize domain zone. This is an offshore jurisdiction that does not allow determining the ultimate beneficiary of the company. Why is UK-registered operating in the Belize domain zone?

Overview of Uniwork investment tariff plans 

Uniworc Ltd has two tariff plans - "Standard" and VIP. However, the company apparently recognized the second type as unprofitable, and now it is not available. There is only a tariff for users who cannot invest a serious amount. This is the main audience that scammers are trying to attract. 

Let's review the investment tariff "Standard":

  • amount - from 50 to 25,000 USD;
  • assets - cryptocurrencies and currency pairs;
  • total income - 220%;
  • total profit - 120%;
  • profitability - up to 1.5% per day;
  • investment period - 180-270 days.

The main question is: what accounts for such a high profitability? "Uniwork", of course, does not explain how it is possible to get brilliant results. Considering that the real profitability of investment programs rarely exceeds 10% per annum, we can conclude that these figures are nothing more than a trap for investors.

Overview of reviews about “Uniwork”

There are no reviews for the binary options broker. It has only existed since October 2019, so it has not yet had time to receive a large number of negative comments addressed to it.

How does Uniwork Ltd breed?

The fraudulent broker uses several divorce schemes. The first one is investment program. Uniwork offers users passive income, but you won't actually see your money. The "specialists" of the company do everything to ensure that the investment capital remains on At the end of the program, you will notice that the money is gone.

If you are trading on the Uniworc Ltd website, you will not be able to withdraw your earnings. Attempts to contact technical support lead to nothing. At first, traders are promised a quick solution to problems and a withdrawal “in a few hours”, and then they simply ignore it.

Uniwork are definitely scammers. The company has existed since 2019, there are no reviews about its activities. There is no license information on the reseller's website. Also, the broker unilaterally changes the terms of the documents that are in the relevant section. 

And the intermediary site was created in the domain zone of Belize, an offshore jurisdiction with a bad reputation. Uniworc Ltd does not even publish the legal address of the company.

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The results of the review of the binary options broker "Uniwork"

Uniwork Ltd has no advantages. These are scammers who do everything to ensure that users say goodbye to their deposit or investment as soon as possible. But the company has a lot of cons. 

  • lack of a license for financial activities;
  • site domain registration in the Belize zone;
  • the minimum period of existence of the company (from October 2019);
  • no payments to users;
  • changing the conditions of documents unilaterally.

Uniwork Ltd are scammers with whom you will not be able to make money when working with binary options. The company does not withdraw funds from traders and does everything possible to ensure that users lose their deposit as soon as possible. We categorically do not recommend working with this company. If you are planning to start working with binary options, it is better to find a more reliable intermediary.

Author: Ivan Andrienko

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