Grand FX is an offshore misunderstanding, not a broker

Carefully! Grand FX is suspected of fraud!

Nothing good can be expected from offshore brokers, which is a vivid example of another intermediary office called Grand FX. This project is trying to impersonate a proven stock trader with favorable terms of cooperation, but a full check of the office proves that it is dangerous to work with it and deposit money on a fraudulent site.

Checking the work of this office and reviews about it on the network left by real people, we can conclude that Grand FX is a scam, so it is not advisable to replenish the deposit on this site. This office, which has a primitive website, simply breeds gullible people, so its work cannot be regarded as worthy of client attention.

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Customer service on the site - description of trade offers

Having opened the official website of the brokerage office and examined its data, you can immediately understand that the resource is cheap, unremarkable, looks like a typical scam. Although the design and content of the site of this office is far from the best, the review of Grand FX shows that the following offers and promises to the attention of customers are presented here:

Grand FX is an offshore misunderstanding, not a broker

  • the company provides many trading opportunities and the best innovative tools;
  • the company's customers will be able to access more than 200 global markets;
  • tools for technical and fundamental analysis on the site are provided by the company for free;
  • execution of transactions by the company as quickly as possible, commissions on the site are zero;
  • the company protects users from negative balance, and the initial deposit amount on the site is only $100;
  • the broker is one of the largest intermediary companies in the world;
  • the company is fully focused on the needs of traders;
  • you can work on the site with indices, stocks, goods, as well as raw materials, currency pairs, cryptocurrency;
  • clients can use 7 precious metals, more than 10 commodities, more than 40 currency pairs, 30 cryptocurrencies, 10 indices, 30 stocks;
  • the company's trading terminals are compatible with devices running different operating systems; in addition, users can engage in mobile trading;

Grand FX is an offshore misunderstanding, not a broker

  • users will have access to the most traded assets around the clock and seven days a week;
  • the company serves clients from 94 countries of the world, planning to expand its capabilities;
  • the site has training, a high-quality support service that quickly answers all questions of traders;
  • broker's clients will be able to participate in the company's profitable affiliate program;
  • on the site you can conduct independent trading, give assets for management, work with a smart portfolio;
  • the company's margin requirements are flexible, leverage is 1:500;
  • spreads on the site are tight, access to financial markets is direct;
  • the tools on the site are only professional, since the broker has been providing services to clients for many years, understanding what they need.

The company has written so much about its undeniable benefits, but has not even been honored to provide details on trading profiles, which already makes you wary. A few real reviews about Grand FX, which have recently begun to appear on the network, also characterize the work of the office not from the best side, so I had to check the broker more deeply and carefully in order to put together the full puzzle of where the main tricks of the office are hidden.

Deception and fraud are the main guidelines for the work of Grand FX

After checking the brokerage company in detail, the basic facts about its work and documents, it can be confirmed that Grand FX are scammers who blatantly deceive the common people. Real facts indicate fraud on the part of the company and its dishonest intentions, and among them it is worth highlighting the following:

Grand FX is an offshore misunderstanding, not a broker

  • the textual content of the company's resource and its design are generally very poor, and specialized services estimate the cost of the site at 0 rubles;
  • in the educational section of the office there are no materials for training, apparently, it was added only for show and suggestion to beginners that everything is solid here;
  • the referral program has no benefits, it was created by scammers solely for the purpose of luring newcomers into a financial trap;
  • the transition to the official website of the office is accompanied by a warning that such an action may threaten the user's safety;
  • there is no detailed disclosure of the trading conditions of the site, everything was described in general phrases, which is so in the style of typical scams;
  • the office website has only Russian and English versions, but users are told stories about cooperation with traders and investors almost all over the world;
  • the resource of the office has been working for only a couple of months, but users are told fables about a long work experience;
  • access to the site of this office is actively blocked by Roskomndzor, since it is suspected of fraud;

Grand FX is an offshore misunderstanding, not a broker

  • the phone number indicated by the office in the contacts section is not real, as is the office address;
  • there are no legal details in the agreement of the office and it is full of dirty tricks;
  • The office does not even have one license, so it conducts its activities completely illegally.

All these facts are confirmation that the office is deceiving and, in general, has no right to provide services, therefore, it is not worth working on its website.

Up-to-date data on the official website of the scam

Having considered this project in full, in the course of a detailed review of the official website of Grand FX, the data turned out to be as follows:

Grand FX is an offshore misunderstanding, not a broker

  • the address of the resource on the Internet -;
  • information about the time of domain name registration - the site launched on November 29, 2021;
  • information about the owner of the brokerage project – site registration is private;
  • contacts of the office and data for feedback with clients - on the company's website you can find a feedback form, address of the office of the office, phone +135 773 321 4442, e-mail [email protected]

In fact, all contacts of this office are fictitious, because they are not going to conduct real dialogues with users here.

User reviews on cooperation with Grand FX

The first reviews about Grand FX are just beginning to appear on the network, and their negative attitude immediately indicates that the office is engaged in fraud.

Grand FX is an offshore misunderstanding, not a broker

This fraudulent project was created on the knee for the sake of pumping funds out of the gullible population, therefore, it is categorically not worth working with this scam.

Used sources

To write this review, information was used from the official website of the company in question, additional data was obtained from the sites brokertribunal com, rating-market com, forex-scam org, scaud info.

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