Reviews about the franchise Can WantResult be trusted?

WantResult (Vontrezalt) is a company that has a certain system thanks to which a large number of customers can come to the site. The company itself offers us to buy a franchise. But empty before us or not. And the franchise is a divorce? Moreover, it costs, by the way, 400,000 rubles, and this is also at a discount. The company itself is trying with all its might to make itself very profitable. The topic that we are offered here is of course very interesting. However, this does not mean at all the fact that in reality things will go as smoothly as the admins from the company describe to us here. Let's figure it out.

Project legend

WantResult is a service for determining the contacts of your site visitors who did not leave a request. You pay a lot for each click, and as a result, each application from a client is really expensive, as a result, advertising brings a low return. There are a lot of descriptions on the site. However, to understand its essence, you really need to read very carefully what is written here. If you look closely, it becomes clear that we are offered to purchase software. What does this software provide?

It brings different customers to the site. Which in the future can become buyers and, of course, bring big profits. That is, simply put, thanks to this software, the conversion of leads to the site will greatly increase. And such a proposal may be of interest to many entrepreneurs and individual entrepreneurs. However, there is a fact that can be very confusing. Feedback from managers who have already worked with the company.

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You can also easily find reviews of franchise buyers and everything they think about it. However, it is simply not possible to find reviews about the software itself. But why is this happening? And where is the guarantee that the company itself is really selling a worthwhile project, and not an ordinary dummy? The site as a whole looks presentable. After all, we are dealing with a real company where people really work. It is obvious that investments in the site were quite serious. This means that the company also wants to recapture a lot of money. After all, one franchise will cost 400,000 rubles, and this is at a discount.

Contact details:
Feedback form

Project overview

From the contact details, we see here with you this phone number, as well as a feedback form where we can leave our phone number. And the Vontresalt manager will contact us. The company itself offers us to purchase a franchise. Why do it? So that we have our own business and we can act on behalf of the company itself. And our task will be to sell the software in question here. But in fact, there are a lot of pitfalls here.

Let's start with the fact that in order for you to sell software in your city, you will have to hire managers anyway. And of course none of them is going to work for free. You will have to pay them a salary. And if it is a large city, like Moscow, then it is at least 50,000 rubles. Representatives of the company will certainly help you. But their help will last only one month.

And then you go to full free swimming. And it’s not a fact that during this time you will really have time to fully understand this business. Yes, we have a real company that is officially registered. And she has no problems with the legal basis. However, this does not at all guarantee the fact that you will really be able to find customers who will actively buy your software and earn decent money on it.

Reviews and conclusion

Reviews about the franchise Can WantResult be trusted?

Reviews about the franchise Can WantResult be trusted?

There are quite a few reviews about WantResult. Because the company has been on the market for 5 years. Reviews are divided into two camps. But a lot of the reviews are mostly negative. Those users who managed to buy a franchise complain that they were not able to recoup their money for the purchase and get at least a small plus. People who worked in the company as managers claim very low salaries and pay them at the wrong time.

Vontresalt is an extremely dubious company. Which is better to ignore and definitely not buy a franchise here for 400,000 rubles. Because it is not a fact that you can earn something here. It is better not to get involved with similar projects on the Internet. Be very careful and try to avoid dishonest projects on the Internet.

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