CrowdCom — managing investment company,

				CrowdCom — managing investment company,

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Today's review will be devoted to a rather interesting at first glance organization called CrowdCom, which positions itself as a management investment company and offers individuals and legal entities to invest in the real sector of economic activity. At the same time, they promise to receive a yield that is several times higher than the possibilities of bank deposits.

  • In practice, participation in real business is offered, based on various methods and ways of obtaining benefits. These are, for example, areas such as motor transport, including leasing, investments in commercial and residential real estate in the form of subleasing space divided into apartments or small offices. There are also options with production, agriculture, ready-made businesses with various activities.
  • The minimum possible investment amount is quite small and starts from fifty thousand rubles and more. By disclosing the mechanisms, it can be concluded that it is theoretically possible for companies to obtain profitability in this way. You can get acquainted with all the conditions offered by it in more detail to form your own opinion on the website

What profitability is possible in СrowdСom?

The company promises quite substantial amounts for various options, which range from 22 to 36 and even in some areas up to 60 percent per annum. Payments begin to go literally in a month. They promise to provide various guarantee obligations, however, upon reviewing their content, it becomes clear that investments are quite risky even if the company fulfills all its obligations.

Moreover, not only the percentage yield can suffer, but also the principal amount of investments made. It is proposed to register shares or even property rights with large invested amounts, personal guarantee, registration of pledges, contracts and receivables for the investor himself.

Registration and Licensing Check

In this regard, everything turns out to be very sad, no data on the registration of a legal entity is found on the above site. There are no details of the organization at all, there is no data on whether it has a license for the specified type of activity to attract investment from citizens. The company's website was created quite recently, at the beginning of the summer of 2021, for a period of only one year, and the registrar is an unknown individual who left absolutely no information about himself.

In addition, there is no data on who exactly is the head and founders of this organization, financial statements have not been published. In general, we can say that the organization is very dark and incomprehensible, if it exists at all, since there is no data in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities about a company with that name.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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