Scalper X3 reviews, Andrey Almazov

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Scalper X3 is the best indicator for scalping and intraday trading: up to 200% per month. That's what they promise us on this site. Not even on the site itself, but on a separate page.

The seller of this most powerful indicator is Trader21.RU, an extremely dubious office.

It positions itself as a site for an experienced trader, where they help beginners, but in reality we see an ordinary trash can where they sell some dumb trading products.

All these trading robots, the best indicators, super signals, and so on, which are based on artificial intelligence and other nonsense, are nothing more than fairy tales for beginners.

The bottom line is that, of course, you can make money in the financial markets.

But for this you need to trade yourself and use the services of trusted companies, including brokers, as intermediaries. And what we are offered on the site is just a scam for money.

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Scalper X3 is a dubious product

So, as mentioned above, Scalper X3 is the best indicator for scalping and intraday trading, with which we will earn up to 200% per month. All buyers of the Scalper X3 indicator will receive the Scalper X2 indicator as a gift for free.

Scalper X3 reviews, Andrey Almazov

For profitable and safe work with the Scalper X3 indicator, it is enough to have 100$ on a standard account and an adequate broker. The seller, in fact, recommends working with the RoboForex broker.

Also on the site there are technical characteristics of the Scalper X3 indicator. Which, by the way, do not tell us anything, because all these words and figures are simply taken from the ceiling.

The site, in fact, is nothing more than a wrapper for dubious products that are sold here. It is not very high quality, but bright, with a lot of beautiful and rainbow descriptions, according to which we will earn huge money using all sorts of different trading bots and indicators.

Scalper X3 reviews, Andrey Almazov

The age of the domain is solid, but in fact the project is not that old. It's overbought, which is to be expected.

But at the same time, it still works for a long time. This is due to the fact that the author of the project, Andrei Almazov, is not a fraudster in the truest sense of the word. He's really selling us real goods.

It's just a question of what quality these goods are. Of course, none.


We only know about Almazov that he is allegedly a successful trader and programmer, and is the owner of this project. He works, apparently, as a private person, so there are no legal documents here in principle.

Scalper X3 - do not buy!

What we are told about the Scalper X3 is nothing more than ordinary fairy tales. The real existence of this indicator is subject to fair doubts. After payment, the author sends us completely worthless information, which, moreover, is freely distributed on the network.

That is, we pay for free information - a favorite trick of such Internet businessmen.

The main task of the admin is, of course, not to teach us how to trade and use Scalper X3, but to force us to go to the website of the advertised broker (in this case, RoboForex), open an account there and start trading.

Scalper X3 reviews, Andrey Almazov

The benefit for the author is simple - we register using his referral link. That is, he sells us garbage, after which he also receives money from the broker for our torment. Cool, don't say anything.


Under no circumstances should you buy Scalper X3 from Andrey Almazov. This is a scam site where they blatantly lie to you. Just money down the drain.

Good news! There are working methods of earning money in my Telegram channel! Pick up a project that really works!

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