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There is a dime a dozen in the brokerage market, everyone wants to show themselves as the best by luring as many users as possible to them. But not all brokers are the guys you should trust.

For example, although Finsa investment is trying to do everything to attract potential customers, it is not worth believing in this project.

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Technical part:

Finsa investment is a broker offering trading on the global financial markets. Works in accordance with international rules, has a bunch of licenses from different countries, a large number of trading products, completely separates customer funds from group funds.

Of course, where without a knowledge base for clients who do not understand anything at all in trading? There are lessons, training materials, and support in almost any language 24/5. Basically, not bad. But why should we be attracted to those projects where all of the above set should be by default?

Finsa Investment Limited reviews - finsainvestmentlimited com

They didn't cheat - and it's already good. A broker should be chosen because of its uniqueness, favorable conditions, and not because it promises not to deceive.

What trading conditions does Finsa investment have? The minimum deposit amount is 500 euros. Then there are accounts from 1000, 10,000, 25,000, 50,000 euros.

It is clear that not everyone has that kind of money. If 500 euros, well, or at least 1000, maybe there will be, then people take loans for larger amounts. And they don’t even understand that they will give their credit money to scammers.

No matter how beautifully we are told about Finsa investment awards, its legendary history and huge service life on the market (10 years), it is worth multiplying everything that has been said by zero. And now we will explain why it is not necessary to invest in such lousy projects.

Exposing Finsa Investment:

Why do people fall for Finsa investment? The pseudo-broker did a good job on his picture, uploaded information about the awards there, spoke about the safety of the money invested and promised mountains of gold in a short time.

Of course, you need to have a considerable degree of naivety in order to believe these information gypsies, but we will not go through here those who fell victim to these swindlers. It is better to tell the signs of his deception.

The first thing we advise you to pay attention to is a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. There is no license. But there are licenses from offshore territories.

Finsa Investment Limited reviews - finsainvestmentlimited com

This tells us that in any disputes and conflicts of interest, we will have to go to the courts of these territories, but no one will do this. Flying to Malaysia for legal proceedings will cost more than opening an account with a broker.

Fraudsters love to make money on such "halal" methods for Muslims. Well, what is a brokerage account in Islam? This is a separate topic for study, but scammers want to take money from everyone, and therefore they come up with everything kosher.

The scenario of divorce does not change. From year to year, from project to project, it is the same. First, the user registers in a personal account, then replenishes the account, in most cases using credit money, because there are more incomes on large amounts. Well, then they are told about the collapse of the markets, violation of the rules, blocking accounts.

Fraudsters do not bear responsibility, everything is blamed on external circumstances and the traders themselves. Only in fact, money has long been warming the soul of scammers, not at all working for the benefit of investors.

In legal documents, if you can call it that, they write about it without a twinge of conscience.

Reviews about Finsa Investment project:

A lot of negativity towards Finsa investment, and this is quite justified. Do not pay, steal money from accounts, block.


Finsa Investment is a scam!

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