Kana Capitals SCAM reviews withdraw money

Kana Capitals SCAM reviews withdraw money

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Allegedly, Kana Capitals is well-known in this field of the industry that all clients, without exception, will be able to start trading on the online trading platform. Everything is fair at the office, clients trade stock indices, energy resources, precious metals and CFDs. Employees use the latest technology to serve customers according to their needs. How this project is a leader and whether anyone else is familiar with it and what trust rating can be in cooperation with it, this has yet to be double-checked, but it’s better not to hesitate to start studying reviews of similar organizations on the 1top.pro website. There are a lot of such unreliable offices on the market, they manage to deftly turn frauds, depriving customers of savings. Our hero is no exception. We will tell you about his work in more detail, so that you have a visual representation and can understand how much it is worth investing in it or it is better to abstain.                                     

Contacts of Kana Capitals

Project location at C/o Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center, Beechmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, phone number +971 58 828 8957, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view..  

Site review kanacapitals.com

The story invented by the project workers is stunning at first sight, but when the moment comes to real cooperation and replenishment of money, you understand that nothing like it shines for you and this is very well traced by the mass of negativity, namely Kana Capitals reviews, which, in fact, helped to distinguish another liar who lies beautifully in the broker. All other information is also too positive, do not see this joke, otherwise you will fall for money and a lot.                                         
 Broker conditions Kana Capitals 

The broker provides clients with the services of an introducing broker. Spread 0.01, MT5 terminal, replenishment and withdrawal of money is carried out without commissions, the office provides at least 8 options for making transactions. There are also quite a few trading instruments, which are 165, 24x6 support, clients can work on the site as metals, indices, stocks, contracts for difference, as well as currencies. 3 accounts with a deposit from $100 (standard, ECN, PRO). Leverage 1:500, micro lots, free education, demo account. The liquidity of the project is planned thanks to the first level suppliers. Real-time analytics, up-to-date news feed.          

 Exposing Kana Capitals

Victims of scammers very often become customers who are faced with this type of earnings for the first time. Employees claim that they have solid experience, although they have been on the market for less than two months. The project did not acquire a license, which means that the activity is illegal, illegal, in a word, so do not be surprised that the company Kana Capitals scam. From the data obtained, as we mentioned earlier, no positive and successful cooperation is planned, there are no original documents, and the registration is listed as offshore, and this is immediately clear that the project is a scam. The contacts provided are very often used by fraudulent structures. The scammers’ references to the allegedly existing FCA license have not been confirmed. It has no legal right to provide services to traders in Russia, there is no license from the Central Bank, and this once again proves the entire insolvency of the office, leads to a loss of money. Employees refuse to bear responsibility, they can easily restrict access to certain functionality, services, and these are financial losses ... This is not a global broker, it has been working for a couple of months, not decades.      

How to withdraw money from Kana Capitals

Before depositing money, customers are not shown the terminal, this is just what scammers do, manipulate charts, enriching their treasury at the expense of the naive population. So it turns out that the company Kana Capitals does not withdraw money.                           


There is no really useful and relevant information to talk about the leadership of this project, there are all signs of a scam and not easy at that, stay away, otherwise they will instantly be drawn into their next traps, depriving you of your savings.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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