MWC Trading LTD - another black DC

MWC Trading LTD - another black DC

Resellers do not always, or rather, extremely rarely, turn out to be transparently operating companies focused on their client. Brokerage sites are created on the network for the sake of deceiving the gullible population almost daily, and the main goal of such scams is the brazen robbery of network users.

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A typical example of a newly minted brokerage scam created for the sake of deception and scam is MWC Trading LTD, which has given itself the title of a global exchange trader with optimal conditions for cooperation. If we compare the promises of this office with the real aspects of its work, then we can clearly understand that MWC Trading LTD is a scam that brazenly swindles finances from the population. Having contacted these guys, it is clearly not worth waiting for payments and quality service, because they are typical swindlers who brazenly appropriate other people's finances.

How does a stockbroker work and what does he offer users?

Having opened the official website of the company in question, it is immediately possible to note that it works in Russian and English, and this is already a sign of focus on local traders, because it is easiest for them to be robbed by typical scammers. Continuing the review of MVS Trading LTD, it is possible to obtain data that the office promises traders a quick, solid income, regardless of their level of professionalism.

MWC Trading LTD - another black DC

The company distributes welcome bonuses to users, the size is 25-75%, and the office is also ready to provide the most accurate and high-quality charts for clients. The stock trader undertakes to execute transactions as quickly as possible, says that trading is guaranteed to be comfortable and productive on the innovative terminal of an intermediary company.

Also, traders are offered to receive expert analytical materials, there is a high-quality training program on the office’s website, which is guaranteed to be suitable for novice traders, and users will also be able to enlist the support of personal managers, receiving expert advice from them. The exchanger offers high-quality technical support to clients in any situation, he is ready to present a fairly wide list of available assets.

MWC Trading LTD - another black DC

At least users on the site will have to invest one hundred dollars, the company presented 5 trading profiles to the attention of customers, the leverage is 1:400, there are several ways to replenish an account and withdraw money. Users are offered to register on MWC Trading LTD in a few clicks, among the available trading assets there are stocks, raw materials, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, currency pairs, and indices.

Depending on the selected trading account, the client will be able to make a certain number of safe transactions, there are still 250 trading instruments, the option of working with fixed and floating spreads.

Yes, the representatives of the scam talk about themselves very beautifully, but it’s clearly not worth believing their attractive fairy tales, since there is very little specificity on the site itself, and users on the network leave negative reviews about MWC Trading LTD.

Why You Shouldn't Contact Broker MWC Trading LTD

Carefully examining and studying the presented intermediary company, checking important data about its work, it is worth emphasizing that MWC Trading LTD scammers working according to a typical kitchen standard will not pay anyone, because they only intend to rob. The main signs that it is not worth having something in common with this office are the following facts:

MWC Trading LTD - another black DC

  • the registration number and name were stolen from another company that has existed for 10 years, but the current heroes began working at the end of January of the current year;
  • the office offers to replenish the account in bitcoins and distributes bonuses on impossible conditions, but then users would not be able to successfully withdraw money from MWC Trading LTD;
  • there is no data at all about the owner of the company, a minimum of information is told about the terminal;
  • even the text of the User Agreement is missing on the office’s website, which does not even let users understand what they will have to deal with;
  • the company operates without a license from the financial regulator and is a complete illegal immigrant, which does not allow it to trust its money;

MWC Trading LTD - another black DC

  • the website of the office is cheap and unremarkable, the trading conditions are described according to the kitchen principle, which makes it clear that they are going to steal other people's finances here.

This office hides all important information from customers in order to rob and deceive them on an individual basis, so by contacting representatives of this scam, it will obviously not work.

Fraudsters are trying to create a picture of successful work in order to skillfully rob gullible people, and when their victims begin to come to their senses, it turns out that it is impossible to get through to the broker, he does not answer letters at all, and he did not even deign to leave the office address on the website, respectively, and look for someone to blame. their troubles nowhere.

Information about the scam site

A complete and most careful review of the official website of MWC Trading LTD about this intermediary scam allowed us to find out the following data:

MWC Trading LTD - another black DC

  • resource address in RuNet -;
  • the launch time of the brokerage scam - the resource began work in 2022 on January 31
  • who is the owner of the site - information about the owner of the scam is not available;
  • contact information and feedback with the client audience - for feedback from clients, the office presented the e-mail [email protected], [email protected], there is also a standard contact form, telephone number +442080976143, company registration number 07401887.

The office decided not to present to the attention of users current data about its location, all important information about the project is reliably hidden, because scammers want to live in peace with the stolen money so that they are not pestered by deceived customers.

MWC Trading LTD - another black DC

Reviews of the scam MWC Trading LTD

The search for reviews about MWC Trading LTD made it clear that users write only negative comments about the presented office, because it is engaged in deception and banal scam.

MWC Trading LTD - another black DC

The creators of the illegal scam hide behind other people's data and beautiful promises in order to brazenly steal money, it is worth staying as far away from these crooks as possible.

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